Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights takes over Beauty Expo Australia 2019

Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights takes over Beauty Expo Australia 2019

Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights hosted a stall at the 2019 Beauty Expo Australia, at the ICC Sydney on the weekend of the 24th-25th August, and we’d love to share our experiences with you.

We had a fabulous time at the Beauty Expo 2019, and so enjoyed networking and meeting other exhibitors, and we premiered the biggest ring light in the world - the 47”
Aurora Max!

spectrum aurora max ring light


As well as revealing the Aurora Max to everyone, we showcased our new Spectrum Aurora ring light range:

We also set up an AMAZING Photo Booth for visitors to our stall, which had a golden balloon arch, props, and featured the Aurora Max! (see if you can spot yourself in our album here).

As well as the fun we had with our Photo Booth, we had a brilliant time getting great deals on makeup from our fellow exhibitors, like MODELROCK lashes, Inglot, and more.

Two lucky winners also scored in our giveaway by winning an ultimate content creator kit, which included:


  • 1x Spectrum Aurora Mini Pearl II 14" Ring Light Kit 
  • 2x Spectrum Soft Box Lights 
  • 1x Spectrum Backdrop Stand 
  • 1x Spectrum Aurora Firefly Phone Light
  • 1x Spectrum Half Paper Rolls (2 Colours)
  • 1x Spectrum Smartphone Bracket 
  • 1x Spectrum iPad Holder
  • 1x Spectrum Camera Ball Mount 
  • 1x Spectrum Desk Stand

Reasons Why You Should Attend a Beauty Expo

1. Great Deals on Makeup and Supplies for Your Beauty Business

makeup palettes beauty expo australia 2019

Not only do you get to see everything beauty-related in one place, but it’s also your chance to find out about new products and services, grab some inspiration and fresh ideas. There’s also the opportunity to learn new skills in the many workshops and education sessions on offer.

spectrum aurora gold  luxe ii ring light on display

You can also pick up some great bargains on makeup and supplies for your business - such as grabbing some great lighting from our stall, like the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe II Ring Light, which is the flagship of our range. This ring light features a dimmable control for both colour temperature and brightness, as well as an adjustable gooseneck for ultimate position control.

Our other ring lights are the Spectrum Diamond Luxe II Ring Light, which features adjustable colour temperature so that you can go from a warm light to natural daylight to suit your client’s skin tone. The Spectrum Aurora Mini Pearl II Ring Light is the ultimate portable ring light, and also has an adjustable colour temperature dial.

2. Partake in Beauty Competitions

face 2 face makeup competition at beauty expo australia

If you’re looking for some exposure for your talents, entering some of the beauty competitions is a great way to showcase your skills.

The Sydney Beauty Expo had two competitions running - one for makeup, and one for nails.

The Face2Face Makeup Awards featured an impressive industry judging panel, and fabulous prizes. This type of competition is a great way to launch your career, or take it to the next level. 

nailympia nail competition beauty expo australia

Nailympia Australasia
was the competition for nail artistry, and again boasted a panel of top-class industry insiders as judges, and more great prizes. This prestigious competition provides a fantastic platform to get yourself recognized, and there is a range of categories for all skill levels.

3. Network and Have Fun with Other Like-Minded Attendees

Beauty Expo Australia and other beauty expos give you a great opportunity to expand your professional network, and perhaps make some new friends!

There are a huge range of large and small businesses all under one roof, including suppliers and manufacturers from global brands, so it’s a valuable chance to make new connections. You never know - great things may happen in years to come because of a collaboration or new industry connection that you made.

4. Ring Lighting for Your Business

ring light for your business

Many beauty professionals swear by ring lighting to give the best results in their work, and it’s easy to see why.


Ring lighting gives a soft, even and flattering light due to the circular shape, and it makes skin blemishes and fine lines even out to give a better appearance in photographs.


They are great for close, detailed work, especially ring lights with bendable goosenecks, like the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe II Ring Light. The gooseneck allows you to position your light exactly how you want it, and it is very easily adjusted.

Ring lights with dimmable brightness and adjustable colour temperature, like the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe II Ring Light, Spectrum Diamond Luxe II Ring Light, and the Spectrum Mini Pearl II Ring Light are very handy for working in different lighting conditions, as well as being good for clients who can be light-sensitive.

The adjustable colour temperature from bright daylight through to warm light will suit every skin tone, and allow you to see exactly how your makeup, nails or lashes will look before your client steps out into the daylight themselves.

Investing in good ring lighting will pay for itself many times over in the course of your business. If you’re still not sure why you should use one, have a look at some of the ways they can be used:

5. Before/After Photographs

ring light before and after

As a beauty professional, you probably have several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram etc. You know how important it is to have great before and after photographs of your clients to showcase your skills. 


Professional, clean, clear lighting is important in creating a quality photograph that will catch the eye and make people stop scrolling. Ring lighting was originally designed for photography, and the unique circular shape casts a very photogenic light on your subjects. It also gives them an amazing circular ‘catchlight’ reflection in the iris of their eyes.

You can use your mobile phone or a camera with a ring light - simply point the lens through the centre of the ring light to get a clear shot. Make sure that the ring light is fairly close to your subject, and level with their face for the best results.

6. Video Lighting 

ring light for videos

If you have a YouTube channel to showcase your beauty business, you can also use a ring light to illuminate your video tutorials, like many of the top beauty vloggers do.


women taking selfies in front of ring light

We had a fab time at the Beauty Expo Australia 2019, and met lots of great people. Watch the vlog of our weekend by playing the video below. We hope to see you at the next one - don’t forget to pop over and say hi!


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