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Upgrade your photography setup with our popular premium seamless paper backdrops and beauty LED lights now available for pre-order!

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Hello, we're Spectrum. Here bringing you everything you need for content creation. Catering for beginner to professional creators. From LED lighting, ring lights, backdrops & photography props; we have the gear to share your brand story!

Enhance Your Engagement & Impact

From makeup tutorials and vlogs to product reviews and interviews, our best-selling 18-inch "Diamond Luxe III" ring light adapts effortlessly to all your content needs.

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Battery Compatible

Take your Diamond ring light wherever the work takes you!

Adjustable Colour Temperature & Brightness

The dimmable control allows you to adjust the brightness to your desired output and effect.  The colour temperature ranges between 3000-5500k mimics warm and natural daylight.

Flexible Gooseneck

It allows the light to emit towards the ground perfect for lash application, brow application, flat lay photography, manicures, tattoo artists and more.

Fuel Your Passion for Visual Storytelling

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Connect, engage and succeed! Foster genuine connections through real-time interaction with your audience. Our live streaming solutions empower you to present a professional image, engage with viewers, answer questions, and gain valuable insights instantly.

22" Ring Light LED Portable - Platinum Pro II22" Ring Light LED Portable - Platinum Pro II
'Instant Studio' Mountable Pull Down Backdrop Screen- Chroma Key Green'Instant Studio' Mountable Pull Down Backdrop Screen- Chroma Key Green

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