Diffusers, Filters & Reflectors

Diffusers, Filters & Reflectors

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of diffusers, filters, and reflectors designed to elevate your photography to new heights. These essential accessories empower photographers to master the art of light manipulation and creative control. Whether you're a novice, enthusiast, or a seasoned professional, you'll discover how these tools can transform your photography.


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Spectrum 'Xpress V-Flat' Replacement Backdrop (Diffusion Sheet)Spectrum 'Xpress V-Flat' Replacement Backdrop (Diffusion Sheet)
80cm 5 in 1 Reflector With Stand and Boom Arm Kit80cm 5 in 1 Reflector With Stand and Boom Arm Kit
Multi Large 5-in-1 Photography Reflector Diffuser Disc (43"/110cm)Multi Large 5-in-1 Photography Reflector Diffuser Disc (43"/110cm)
Save 45%
Multi Large 5-in-1 Photography Reflector Diffuser Disc (43"/110cm) Sale priceAUD $38.49 Regular priceAUD $69.99
Spectrum Product Photography Light Diffusion Cone - SmartphoneSpectrum Product Photography Light Diffusion Cone - Smartphone
Medium White Photography Light Diffuser Sheet (3.6m x 1.5m)footer
Save 29%
Medium White Photography Light Diffuser Sheet (3.6m x 1.5m) Sale priceAUD $49.99 Regular priceAUD $69.99
Reflector Cover for 150cm x 200cm Collapsible Reflector/backdrop (Cover Only)Reflector Cover for 150cm x 200cm Collapsible Reflector/backdrop (Cover Only)
Multi 110cm Collapsible Disc 7-in-1 Photography Studio Light Diffuser ReflectorMulti 110cm Collapsible Disc 7-in-1 Photography Studio Light Diffuser Reflector
Collapsible Multi Disc 7-in-1 Studio Light Reflector (90x120cm)Collapsible Multi Disc 7-in-1 Studio Light Reflector (90x120cm)
Save 45%
Collapsible Multi Disc 7-in-1 Studio Light Reflector (90x120cm) Sale priceAUD $38.49 Regular priceAUD $69.99
Light Up Your Creativity

Why Invest in Diffusers, Filters, and Reflectors?

  1. Control Light Like a Pro: Diffusers gently soften and disperse light, creating a flattering, natural look. Filters enable you to manage exposure, reduce glare, and enhance colours. Reflectors add or subtract light to sculpt your subjects with precision.

  2. Achieve Professional Quality: If you're aiming for professional results, these accessories are indispensable. They bring the finesse and consistency demanded by experts, enabling you to craft images of stunning quality.

  3. Unleash Your Creativity: These tools are your creative allies, allowing you to manipulate light and mood. Experiment with different effects, from ethereal to dramatic, to match your artistic vision.

  4. Adapt to Multiple Genres: Regardless of your photography niche, these accessories are versatile. Portrait, landscape, product, or studio photography, they have a place in every photographer's kit.

  5. Image Enhancement: Filters, especially, significantly improve image quality. UV filters protect your lens, polarisers enrich colours and reduce reflections, while ND filters open the door to long exposures and stunning motion effects.

  6. Efficiency and Consistency: Streamline your photography process by relying on these tools for consistent results. You'll save time on post-processing, ensuring your images look perfect right from the camera.

  7. Perfect Portraits: Portrait photographers love the flattering, even lighting created by diffusers and reflectors. These tools are indispensable for achieving professional-grade portraits that leave your subjects looking their best.

  8. Outdoor Adventures: Landscape and nature photographers can control and enhance natural light using filters. Capture breathtaking landscapes with improved colour accuracy and exposure control.

  9. Long-lasting Investment: High-quality diffusers, filters, and reflectors are built to last, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. They are sturdy, reliable, and will remain part of your photography gear for years to come.

Who Benefits from These Accessories?

  1. Amateur Enthusiasts: Beginners can experiment with these tools to quickly advance their skills and add a professional touch to their work.

  2. Portrait Specialists: For those who focus on capturing people, diffusers and reflectors are essential for sculpting ideal lighting.

  3. Landscape Aficionados: Nature photographers appreciate filters for their ability to enhance and control light when shooting outdoor scenes.

  4. Studio Professionals: In controlled environments, diffusers and reflectors offer the flexibility to create the desired lighting effects, from soft and even to dramatic and sculpted.

Pro Tips for Using Diffusers, Filters, and Reflectors:

  1. Master Lighting: Understanding lighting is the foundation of great photography. These accessories help you create the right mood and ambiance in your shots.

  2. Choose with Purpose: Select accessories that align with your photography style and needs. Softboxes, reflector/diffuser combos, polarisers, and ND filters are some of the popular options.

  3. Experiment Fearlessly: Don't shy away from trying various techniques. Photography is an evolving art, and experimentation is key to growth.

  4. Select the Right Size: Ensure your accessories match your subject's size. Larger diffusers create softer light, and bigger reflectors provide a broader fill.

  5. Balance Natural and Artificial Light: Combining natural and artificial light sources can yield striking results. These tools help achieve a perfect balance.

  6. Maintenance Matters: Keep your accessories clean and well-maintained for longer lifespan. Invest in lint-free cloths, lens cleaning kits, and protective cases.

Browse our diverse selection of premium diffusers, filters, and reflectors, and unlock your creative potential. These tools are your gateway to capturing extraordinary images, making the ordinary extraordinary. Invest in your photography today and embark on a journey to create breathtaking visuals. Happy shooting!