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Backdrop Stands & Accessories

You would never use toothpaste without a toothbrush. This rings true to backdrops and it's supporting accessories - safety always comes first in content creation! Browse our range of backdrop stands and accessories to suit paper, vinyl or cotton backdrops. They're available in light-weight or heavy-duty options. 

Forget about hanging a sheet from hooks fixed to the ceiling to get that cute newborn baby shot or shooting videos standing in front of a "sort-of white" background wall. Our range of flexible backdrop stands is affordable and suitable for all purposes. 

They are easily portable and a quick to set up and take down. Great for product photography or use for green screen videos. We offer photo backdrop stand options suitable for both casual users and professionals. 

What is a Good Size for a Photography Backdrop Stand? 🤔


 If you’re shooting ¾-length portraits of a model, then a backdrop of about 7 feet is ideal. It’s perfect for portraits or headshots, but you’ll probably need a longer backdrop for full-body shots. You could go for a backdrop that is around 12-foot long, and create an infinity sweep for the perfect full body photography or video. Here are the types of backdrop stands:

 Sizes:  Choose from backdrop stands 1.2m X 3m to 2.8m X 3m in size that can hold from 3kg up to 8kg.

Style: Single or triple backdrop studio stands

 Type: Flexible, heavy-duty (20kg) backdrop stands that are easy to assemble and take down. 

Photography Backdrop Stand Accessories 🙌


We also offer various clamp options including spring clamps and peg clamps to securely hold your backdrops in place for the perfect shot! 

Need to mount your lights? Check out our superb range of portable lighting tripods, stands and accessories that will give you superb results! 

If you need a backdrop stand in Australia to make your next photo or video shoot more professional, choose from the Spectrum range of high-quality stands and accessories – and take your photography or videography to the next level! Order today!

PRO TIP: Find out how to get the best results with your seamless paper backdrop here.

For inspiration or behind the scene shots using our Spectrum backdrop stand accessories, check out our Instagram @spectrumphotovideo and you’ll see why over 10,000 customers think Spectrum backdrop stand accessories are the Yin to Spectrum backdrop's Yang ☯️

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