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Flat Lay Backdrops

Tired of using the same backgrounds for your Instagram photos? Check out our range of budget friendly flat lay backdrops perfect for Instagram, food and product photography. These backdrops almost look real enough to fool anyone (even your OCD friend). 

What are Flat Lay Backdrops? 🤔

 You use flat lay backdrops when you take photos of products or items that are arranged on a flat surface. The shot is taken directly from above the subject you want to photograph. That’s why many people call it a bird’s eye view shot! You can do this using a tripod and flat lay extension arm.

Using flat lay backdrops is a fantastic technique to get superbly crisp product shots or feature your latest food or craft creation on Instagram and other social media channels.

Create Scroll-Stopping Content 📸

It’s not easy creating buzz around your latest Instagram photos when they all have the same background. To spice things up by using a unique background for each new shot you take! 

You can choose from a big range of coloured flat lay backdrops or choose textured backdrops to add another dimension to your shots. Popular choices include effects such as tiled, marbled, concrete, whitewashed wood, and many other designs.

Pro Tip: Take your Instagram photo game to the next level – use engaging flat lay backdrops to add greater depth, mood, and interest to your shots. See our Top 10 tips to get the best results using a flat lay backdrop.

Flat lay backdrops are ideal for taking photos of your products, food and craft creations. Get started today!

For inspiration or behind the scene shots using our Spectrum flat lay backdrops, check out our Instagram @spectrumphotovideo and you’ll see why over 10,000 customers think Spectrum flat lay backdrops are perfect for product or food photography ✨

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