For Content Creators

Here at Spectrum, we are dedicated to supporting small business owners, freelancers and digital content creators by providing professional lighting and equipment for all skill levels. We also offer bespoke advice that will help take your visual and video content on social media to the next level. Shop our range of professional-level lighting options suited for different niches


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What Spectrum Brings for Content Creators

To answer it simply - the perfect and powerful lights, lighting equipment and other accessories.  Especially if you are shooting content in dark interiors that have poor light, excess light or any other environment, we have got everything you need to capture stunning images and shoot videos—indoors and outdoors. Capturing a single product, the entire product catalogue, short ads and the likes, we have got Aussie-owned and designed lighting equipment for content creators.  

The Perfect Lighting Gear for Social Media Influencers

A picture is worth a thousand words. And if it comes to your brand, how you present your brand on social media will make or break its future—like literally. For social media content creators, every little detail matters and at Spectrum. Our curated collection of lighting equipment supports the use of smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and even professional cameras to help you create the best content for your social media marketing and brand promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Lights that Inspire and Infuse New Life in your Brand Marketing

Spectrum holds the pulse of creative professionals and the overwhelming demands of the industry. The bright and flicker-free continuous lighting enhances the quality of the images and video content to grab more eyeballs and bring more business to your clients. Whether you're a beginner or a pro digital content creator, there’s something for everyone with Spectrum. Discover the range of professional lights and lighting accessories available for the Australian market and worldwide! 

For inspiration or before and after shots using our ring light, check out our Instagram @spectrum.aurora and you’ll see why over 10,000 customers chose Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights as their preferred professional ring lighting ✨

Enjoy fast shipping from SPECTRUM across Australia and internationally, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. You can visit our Sydney showroom which is only a 10 minute drive from the CBD 🇦🇺

Got a query? Our friendly support team have either a background in photography or videography so you are sure to receive real-world advice from an expert. You can email us at, Live chat us or call us on 1300 449 767 during business hours. We’re all ears! 🤗