Spectrum Lighting Kits

LED Continuous Lighting Kits and LED Panels

Spectrum has the largest range of professional lighting accessories for photo and video production in Australia. From LED and softbox lighting to photography tents and tables, there is something to suit your photography or videography needs!

LED Lighting

The Spectrum LED Continuous Lighting Kits and LED Panels are excellent tools for photo and video production. Commonly used by vloggers, bloggers, influencers and small businesses, these impressive lighting solutions are the perfect companion to your Aurora Ring Light. If you are interested in buying your first studio lighting kit or looking to upgrade your existing setup, LED lighting has become one of the most cost-effective and beneficial options on the market.

The biggest advantage of an LED panel is that it offers continuous lighting. This will enable you to transition from photo to video seamlessly and without setting up any additional equipment. Enjoy working with a simpler setup and leave your expensive camera flashes at home!

Studios can quickly become uncomfortable and unbearably hot because of the heat given off by conventional lights. LED continuous lighting runs cool, ensuring you remain comfortable before, during and after your shoot. They can also be tucked into a corner or used in consecutive shoots, as they require little to no cool-down period after use.

The Spectrum LED range uses considerably less electricity than conventional lighting alternatives, meaning they are better for the environment and your pocket! They require very little maintenance and provide over 25,000 hours of lamp life. Achieving professional-grade results has never been easier or more affordable with the Spectrum range of LED continuous lighting!

Softbox Lighting

The Spectrum range of Softbox Lighting Kits are the most versatile accessory and must have items in your studio. Placed over a light source such as an LED panel, this incredible tool gives a beautiful soft light that prevents glare and spots on your photos and videos. It is one of the simplest light modifiers but one of the most used in professional photo studios around the world. Suitable for amateur and professional photographers, the Spectrum professional softbox studio lighting kit contains all the equipment you’ll need to create professional looking results in your next shoot!

Photography Tents and Tables

Perfect for taking professional looking product photos and videos for your online store and social media channels, our extensive range of photography tents and tables make an ideal all-in-one portable photo studio! Featuring built in LED continuous lighting and fluorescent bulbs for better looking results, our photography tents are designed to be easily stored or transported between shoots. Their portable design allows for quick and easy access, giving you the freedom and flexibility to shoot wherever and whenever you like! Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your product photography skills or a highly-skilled professional, our photography tents, tables and accessories will take your product images to the next level!

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