How to Create Backdrops for Video Production

How to Create Backdrops for Video Production


Whether you’re thinking about diving into vlogging or creating stunning content for your brand, it might be time to review your video setup to ensure you present a professional and engaging aesthetic that will appeal to your audience.


One important aspect of videography that is often overlooked is the video backdrop. Your video backdrop will have a huge impact on how your story is told and the mood you want to create. Backdrops provide a smooth, uncluttered background to your videos which can eliminate distraction and complement the message you are trying to convey.


Creating a video backdrop doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few ways to create your own backdrop that are both affordable and professional.


Use Your Natural Surroundings

natural surroundings as backdrops for video production


If you have an office, studio, bedroom or permanent space where you’ll be recording content, a natural video backdrop may be just what you need. The simplest and most cost efficient solution for your backdrop is to use your natural surroundings. A tidy bookshelf, table and chairs, a plain or carefully decorated wall or a collage are all fantastic backdrops for video production recordings. Alternatively you might want to shoot your video outdoors. Beautiful city scapes and beach locales provide excellent backdrops for video production particularly travel vlogs, which try and capture the essence of the location in which they’re filmed.


Curtains or Fabric

Are there curtains in the room already? Try drawing them closed and using pins or clips to prevent any light from slipping through the gaps. Not ideal, but it can definitely work if you’re looking to save a few bucks. Alternatively, fabric backdrops are great for small spaces and easy to set up and break down. Beware, though, of textured fabric which can look very out of date. Choose your fabric carefully and ensure it resonates with the mood you are trying to create. Be sure the curtain or fabric is pulled tight and smooth for a professional and clean look in your videos.


Add a Layer of Paint

DIY backdrops for video production


If you have a plain wall that you want to spruce up before shooting your next video, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. A plain wall has endless possibilities and with a little time and effort, a dash of paint can transform your wall into a fabulous backdrop. After a quick trip to Bunnings and a $50 hole in your wallet, you’re all ready to go!


Not into painting? Another budget friendly alternative is peel n stick wallpaper. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s becoming increasingly more popular meaning the options for colours and designs are plentiful.   


However, if you’re regularly needing to change your backdrop, consider another alternative. Painting and changing wallpaper can be quite time consuming and costly if done often. 


Card Stock or Foam

A large piece of card stock or foam can work perfectly as a backdrop. A small foam board from a craft store can cost between $5-$10 and can be covered with fabric or peel n stick wallpaper if desired. Card stock and foam are both super lightweight and portable. If you regularly shoot in different locations and require a backdrop whilst on the road, a sheet of cardstock or foam in the boot of your car is your ultimate companion. The only downside is that both materials are extremely delicate, so you’ll want to take caution when handling them.


Paper Backdrops

paper backdrops for video production

Paper backdrops for video production have some great advantages. They are versatile for almost any shooting space and offer endless colours and designs. Do you want a white background for you next video? Just roll down some white paper. What about a green screen? Roll down some green paper.


Spectrum paper backdrops are high quality, seamless, studio-grade backdrops suitable for all film scenarios. Used by videographers, film makers, influencers and media agencies, they are available in over 34 colours in full length 2.7m x 10m or half-length 1.35m x 10m, which are great if you’re working in a small space. They are among the most cost-effective studio backdrop options available.


This setup requires some extra gear which comes at a cost, but if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks you won’t be disappointed. Spectrum backdrop stands are a huge 3.0m x 3.1m in size and are easily adjustable to create the perfect backdrops for video production. Match with heavy duty clamps to keep the paper secure and you’re ready to shoot!


Ensure you store paper backdrop rolls vertically in a dry place to minimise wrinkles and misshaping. The benefit of using paper is that it is easily recyclable! We definitely recommend recycling your end sheets instead of trashing them.


Cotton Backdrops

cotton backdrops for video production

If you’re looking for a more durable alternative, consider Spectrum cotton muslin backdrops. Muslin is a reusable fabric that can easily withstand normal wear and tear. Every Spectrum piece is finished along the edges of the material to prevent them from tearing. They are easy to store and transport and there is no need to fold muslin in between uses. Simply stuff it into a bag and away you go!


Muslin is non-reflective meaning light sources won’t distract from the subjects being filmed. Its non-reflective properties makes it useful in creating green and blue screens for video production. It can be draped or hung to hide props or unnecessary distractions and can be easily dyed as it holds onto colours exceptionally well.


It’s best to have a stand for your cotton muslins like the Spectrum backdrop stand but with a bit of creativity, you can improvise a way to hold them up in a pinch.


Furthermore, muslin backdrops for video production can be washed and reused with warm water and gentle soap.


If you’re considering a long-term backdrop solution and require a one that is more durable and portable than paper, a cotton muslin backdrop is definitely a worthy investment. If treated properly, muslins will last for many years. Imagine all the amazing video content you can make in that time!


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