Photography Backdrops

Enhance the production value of your next shoot with the Spectrum range of photography backdrops and accessories. We offer the largest range of professional, studio-grade paper and cotton muslin backdrops that will vastly improve your image and video content. Create a professional and engaging aesthetic that will appeal to your target audience with Spectrum photography backdrops Australia!

What is a Photography Backdrop?

Backdrops provide a smooth, uncluttered background to your photos and videos. Not only do they provide an engaging aesthetic, they eliminate distraction and influence how your story is told. They have the ability to set the mood of your image or video and help minimise post-processing, saving you precious time and effort. Whether you are shooting people or products, the backdrop behind your subject can make or break you image or video content.

Spectrum Paper Backdrops

Spectrum paper backdrops are high quality, seamless, studio-grade backgrounds, suitable for almost any shooting space!. Available in full length (2.7m x 10m) or half length (1.35m x 10m) sizes, they are among the most cost-effective studio backdrop options available. Commonly used by photographers, videographers, fashion labels, influencers and media agencies, Spectrum paper backdrops come in endless colours and designs. These versatile backgrounds are quick and easy to change and will instantly improve the look of your photos and videos. Not only that, every Spectrum paper backdrop is 100% recyclable, meaning you’re protecting the environment in the process.

Spectrum Cotton Muslin Backdrops

If you are considering a long-term background solution for your photos and videos, the Spectrum range of cotton muslin backdrops are for you! These reusable backdrops are easy to transport and are incredibly strong and durable. Every Spectrum piece is finished along the edges of the material to ensure they withstand normal wear and tear. Our muslins feature a seamless one-piece design which can be easily folded and stored in your studio, house or car! They also hold onto dyes better than other fabrics, meaning they can be coloured to create vivid and saturated backgrounds for incredible looking results. The perfect addition to your photography tool kit, Spectrum cotton muslin backdrops are machine-washable and work tremendously with all types of lighting setups.

Custom Cut Photography Backdrops Australia

At Spectrum, we understand that every project is different. That is why we are proud to offer an exclusive custom cutting service for our customers. We custom cut our paper rolls to ensure you always have the perfect sized backdrop for your photography or videography project. Simply select the size of your desired background and we’ll cut it for you!


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