Pro Makeup & Beauty 13" Lighting Portable LED Light Kit - "SLAY LIGHT"

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Want to get rid of ring light reflection in eyes or not a fan of the circle light in eyes when taking photos? Introducing the compact and portable "SLAY LIGHT" Makeup & Beauty 13" Crystal Luxe Portable LED Light Kit. 

All beauty professionals, whether they are makeup artists, lash or brow technicians or hairstylists, agree that good lighting is key to quality beauty applications. It also ensures you take radiant and glowing portrait shots like a pro.

 Investing in quality lighting should be the first thing in building your business or brand. Without proper lighting, your makeup will be spoilt by shadows and colour distortion. Having the right lighting can dramatically improve your makeup application skills. 

Pro Makeup & Beauty 13" Portable LED Light Kit Features

- Powerful 3200-5500k LED panels

- Light stand

- Up to 60° degree vertical tilt and 360° degree horizontal tilt

- Optional portable battery pack (sold separately) for outdoor lighting 


- No distracting ring light reflection in eyes

- No cool down period - pack it up as soon as you finish

- Doesn’t generate heat - so you can keep your cool under the bright lights - no sweat!

- No annoying humming or flickering which is common with fluorescent bulbs

The Pro Makeup & Beauty 13" Portable LED Light Kit solution is super popular among Vloggers, Influencers, Film Makers, Product Photographers, Small Businesses, Professional Makeup Artists, YouTube Content Creators, Professional Tattoo Artists, Hair Stylists/Salons/Colourists, Professional Aestheticians, Brow and Lash Specialists, Online Influencers, and Selfie Lovers. It’s ideal for Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Professional Photography & Video, Periscope, Event Photo Booths, Conference Calls, TikTok, FaceTime or Skype Calls.

Are you ready to step up your makeup and beauty game? Get the Pro Makeup & Beauty 13" Portable LED Light Kit today!




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