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'STUDIO PAL' Foldable Product Photography LED Lighting Box (In 3 Sizes)

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    The STUDIO PAL (Available in 31"/ 25"/ 16") Product Photography LED Lighting portable tent box is perfect for all your product photography needs. With minimal shadows or distortions in photos its ideal for product catalogue shots. Recommended for online businesses, eBay ir Amazon sellers!

    Using the 'STUDIO PAL' lighting box for product photography is the latest innovation that is now easing the jobs of modern product photographers! This unique kit will enhance the quality of your photography shots making shadows a thing of the past. Previously, photographers would have to set up a studio which was specifically designed to accomplish such work. If you have only ever used ambient or natural light when photographing, you’d know how inconsistent and unreliable it can be. By using the 'STUDIO PAL', lighting for your shots will stay consistent, so you don’t have to worry about overcasts or shooting only when daylight is available. With the 'STUDIO PAL', you are scaling down the entire process required for a product shoot session. Your working environment is a lot easier and more comfortable to work with, and your lighting options are already provided. It will help you capture products with bright, high-quality photographs every time.

    Superior Portability
    Compact, easy to store and lightweight for the space conscious photographer, no need to worry about bulky gear.

    Set up within seconds
    The collapsible photo box makes set-up a breeze and can have you shooting within minutes, select one of three backgrounds to choose from, pop your product into the tent and away you go.

    Two points of entry
    The Hypop Product Photography LED Lighting Box has not one but two opening points, so you can use the box for product photos as well as flat lays

    Natural colours
    Achieve true colour with the 5500K Colour Temperature Daylight LED panels attached to the inside of the box, 5500k is the Kelvin Colour Temperature which is the closest equivalent to natural lighting, preventing colour aberration – perfect for extremely accurate product photography.

    Updated zipper design
    With continued improvements to the Studio Pal, we have updated the design from the slip on cover to a zipper cover for easier assembly and disassembly.



    Product Photography
    Ebay Sellers
    Small Businesses
    Retail Photography
    Food Photography
    Jewellery Photography




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