Black Pre-Filled Weighted Shot Bag Sandbag 5kg

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    The Spectrum Black Pre-Filled Weighted Shot Bag Sandbags are ideal for weighting or stabilising light stands, backdrop stands or pretty much any other photographic / video equipment. It helps counter balance and stabalise heavy flash heads with softboxes or lighting modifiers, boom arms, c-stands, backdrop stands and sound gear.

    The shotbags are filled with small ball-bearing sized lead shot pieces which allow for flexible mounting onto various objects.

    The bag is constructed from a thick polyester nylon material and features a red handle on one side to hang onto objects such as boom or light stands. The alternate side features two velcro tabs that when opened reveal an opening to access the lead shot ball bearings which you can refill or empty at any time.

    Since there are two compartments to the bag, this allow you to hang over stand legs as compared to flat shotbags. Additionally there are three eyelets present at the centre of the bag for various different mounting options.


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