'Illuminate Mate' II Double Rectangle Softbox LED Lighting Kit (50cm x 70cm)

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The "Illuminate Mate" II Double Rectangle Softbox Lighting Kit is the perfect  double lighting package is ideally suited for taking the perfect product catalogue, glamour, model, professional photos and videos.

Key Features

  1. Optimal Lighting Control: The included 50x70cm softbox is designed to remove shadows and diffuse light, providing a soft and even illumination that enhances the details of your subject. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and hello to the perfect shooting environment.
  2. Highly Reflective Material: The softbox is crafted from highly reflective material, maximising the efficiency of light diffusion. This feature ensures that your subjects are bathed in a natural, flattering light, allowing you to capture stunning, true-to-life images.
  3. Adjustable and Portable Stand: The lightweight and portable stand, with an adjustable height ranging from 50cm to 190cm, offers unparalleled flexibility. Set up your lighting equipment effortlessly and achieve the desired angle for your shots. The portability of the stand makes it ideal for on-the-go shooting, ensuring that you can capture great moments wherever inspiration strikes.
  4. Powerful LED White Light: The 50W LED white light source delivers powerful yet energy-efficient illumination. Illuminate your subjects with a natural and clean white light, perfect for achieving a professional look in your photos or videos.
  5. Convenient Design: The buckle unfolding umbrella design makes setup quick and straightforward. Adjust the softbox to your preferred angle with ease, allowing you to focus on your creative process without the hassle of complicated equipment.



  • Studio Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Headshot Photography
  • Professional Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Food Photography 
  • Portable studio video and photography set-ups (access to a standard 220-240V Australian Socket is essential)


*Please Note: Lifestyle Photos used for demonstration purposes only. Please refer to 'What's Included' section for kit details.


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