Choosing the Right Props and Styling for Stunning Wedding Flat Lay Photography

Choosing the Right Props and Styling for Stunning Wedding Flat Lay Photography

Wedding flat lay photography is a top-down perspective style of photography that has become increasingly popular. It’s an immersive technique that captures details like wedding rings, bridal accessories, and invitations. Through appropriate styling, it weaves the narrative of a couple’s special day. Flat lay’s social media appeal and creative potential make it essential to modern wedding albums.

Photo Credits: All photos used with permission and courtesy of Steffy Marcella (@steffymarcella).


Essential Props for Wedding Flat Lays:

To craft a captivating wedding flat lay, styling props play an important role. Necessary items include wedding rings, cufflinks, and watches. Another flat lay option featuring custom stationery and save-the-date cards displays the wedding’s style and theme. Monogrammed items or sentimental mementos add a personal note. A jewellery box displaying jewellery worn by the bride and bridesmaids adds a touch of elegance. Make sure you include any other relevant items that hold sentimental value for the couple.


Making Your Props Fit the Wedding Vibes:

Ensuring that the props seamlessly fit the wedding’s style is vital for creating a cohesive and visually pleasing series of images. To achieve this, you must understand the vibe of the wedding. Is it vintage, modern, bohemian, or traditional? The props should align with this overarching theme. Once this is ascertained, remember to match the colour scheme of the props with the wedding’s primary palette. This creates harmony and consistency in the visuals.


Photo Credits: All photos used with permission and courtesy of Steffy Marcella (@steffymarcella).


Crafting a Beautiful Flat Lay


Picking the Perfect Background:

An ideal background for a wedding flat lay is fundamental for a visually captivating composition. While considering the wedding’s colour range, neutral or muted tones are often preferred for the background because this allows the props to be the main focus of the shot. Patterns, if used, should be subtle and unobtrusive, ensuring they do not overwhelm the props and details. The chosen background material should echo the theme while adding depth and texture to the composition. Stone props offer a unique and timeless backdrop that can elevate jewellery photos. The earthy tones of stone props provide an interesting texture and contrast in photographs, which is vital to making items stand out. The visual elements are more pronounced when the background and props differ effectively. 

Our flat lay Instagram backdrops provide an exceptional base for wedding-themed shots. These backdrops are meticulously crafted from premium materials like durable coated foam core board or 300 GSM thickened PE-coated paper that will withstand the demands of repeated use. There is an extensive array of designs, ranging from solid colours to textured surfaces, wood grain patterns, marble, and delicate floral prints. These backdrops not only provide visual allure but are also easy to clean. Their portability and ease of storage make them a practical choice for on-location wedding shoots and small studios. Regardless of the type of chosen background, ensure enough space to accommodate all the props without being cluttered. 


Nailing the Right Lighting Setup:

Lighting plays a pivotal role in showcasing the background’s texture and colour. The best lighting setup for flat lay photography hinges on diffused lighting that minimises harsh shadows and provides even illumination. When using artificial lighting, diffusers like softboxes and umbrellas are valuable tools to create a soft, even light spread. Reflectors can also be employed to reduce shadows and enhance details. Position daylight-balanced artificial sources at varying angles to control the direction of light. For a cohesive look, maintain consistent lighting within a series of flat lay shots.


Photo Credits: All photos used with permission and courtesy of Steffy Marcella (@steffymarcella).


Building Your Styling Toolkit



For creative flat lay photography of wedding items, it’s crucial to select backdrops that evoke a sense of romance, elegance, and sophistication. Delicate lace or tulle fabric can create a soft and romantic background. This is particularly suitable for showcasing bridal accessories like veils, garters, and jewellery. A cream-coloured backdrop is classic and timeless. It highlights wedding rings, invitations, and other intricate details. Wooden surfaces add a rustic and organic touch, which can complement items belonging to the groom. A marble background offers a sophisticated feel, making it suitable for highlighting premium wedding items like designer shoes. And stone is the perfect backdrop for wedding invitation flat lay photography. 


Photo Credits: All photos used with permission and courtesy of Steffy Marcella (@steffymarcella).



Besides the props contributed by the bridal couple, wedding photographers often augment their styling toolkit with items to elevate their wedding flat lay compositions. Among these styling props for a flat lay setup are ribbons in various colours and textures to secure rings, add flair, or craft charming bows. Decorative trays and plates serve as elegant platforms for smaller items like jewellery, while vintage props, such as antique books, cameras, or keys, infuse a sense of nostalgia and timeless allure. 

Mirror props are a captivating addition to wedding flat lay photography. These reflective surfaces beautifully accentuate bridal accessories, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings, by creating elegant visual symmetry. Photographers can play with reflections by carefully positioning mirrors, enhancing the overall aesthetic and emphasising the couple’s cherished items. Mirrors in wedding flat lay photography bring an element of artistry, romance, and charm to a scene.

Transparent props in wedding ring flat lay photography offer a unique and ethereal quality to compositions. Transparent props are ideal for showcasing delicate and personal items like rings or handwritten vows. They add a touch of transparency that symbolises the couple’s openness and vulnerability as they embark on their journey together. Transparent elements bring a minimal and contemporary quality to wedding flat lay photography while crafting compositions that showcase the items that play an essential part in their big day.


Photo Credits: All photos used with permission and courtesy of Steffy Marcella (@steffymarcella).



In wedding flat lay photography, the right lighting equipment is essential for creating impressive compositions that go beyond standard product photography. To have consistent, adjustable lighting, a good option is LED panels, which come in various sizes and can be fine-tuned for brightness and colour temperature. When using speedlight flashes or strobes, it’s essential to use softboxes or umbrellas to diffuse and soften lighting setups. Reflectors are another indispensable item to have in your styling kit for bouncing light onto the scene, reducing shadows, and enhancing details.


Photo Credits: All photos used with permission and courtesy of Steffy Marcella (@steffymarcella).


Final Thoughts

Flat lay photography is a popular and integral part of wedding photography, as it adds depth and dimension to the storytelling aspect of this important occasion. It allows for a unique and artistic representation of the wedding’s details and emotions.