Photography Styling Props Comparison: Ways to Elevate your Product Photography 2023

Photography Styling Props Comparison: Ways to Elevate your Product Photography 2023

 In the dynamic world of content creation, merely capturing photos isn't enough. You have to go a step ahead and invest in top-notch equipment to let the world see your creative ideas. As always, our emphasis as photographers is on high-end cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. But it doesn't stop here. To create class-apart imagery that instantly stands out from the rest, you need to add styling props to your studio kit.

Now the question is - what are styling props? They are nothing but simple objects that photographers use to add value and depth to the image. Many photographers want the subject to be the star of the photograph, so they don't prefer props. But here's the truth - styling props can instantly enhance a product shoot when used the right way. And the result is eye-catching imagery that's perfect from all aspects.

The best part about styling is there are no rules or restrictions; you can let your creativity flow into the frame before capturing it with your camera. These props may not be the photographer's main subject, but they do a great job improving your picture, adding character, interest, and context to the scene.


How Can you Incorporate Styling Props in your Photoshoots? 

Different genres of photography demand different types of prop styling setups. And while you can use all the creativity you want, all you need to keep in mind is not to clutter the frame or steal the show away from the main subject.

For example, you can add little touches of ingredients you've used to cook up the dish regarding food photography. The small props would add some colour to frame and enhance your subject without taking away the issue's importance. Just like this, you can think of out-of-the-box ways to strengthen your frames, irrespective of the genre you pursue. And yes, you don't require expensive props; you can add all the magic you want in the frame with simple, elegant and sophisticated-looking props, too!


Types of Styling Props

Now that we've told you why and how to add props to your shooting scenes let's help you with some prop recommendations that we love! These props look cool, add value to the frame, and most importantly, come at reasonable prices. So let's have a look at the best photography styling props for beginners:


Geometric Props

Apt for product photographers, geometric props are just what you need to create stunning content. At Spectrum, we understand the requirements of product photographers. You're always in a fix about how to glam up a bottle or a box without taking attention away from the main details.

But we're here to help - our stellar range of Geometric Foam Styling Props and Geometric Coloured Acrylic Sheet Styling Props will help you get the job done. And yes, both these ranges of products come in Different Colours; you can pick whichever suits the frame best and nail those product shots!


Greenery Props

A little splash of green always works. Whether it's product photography, food photography, studio photography or anything else, greens go with them all. Spectrum has three artificial (but very realistic) greens that subtly and effectively add colour to your frames.

Our greenery props have three top-selling products: the Eucalyptus Leaf Stem, Palm Leaf Stem, and the Monstera Plain Leaf Stem. While we've suggested ways you can add these to the frame, you can go all out. You can either use any one of them, a combination of two, or whatever works best with your frame.


Mirror Props

While colour is commonly added to the frame, you can take it a notch higher and add Mirror Props. While these props are simple, they add a touch of elegance to a photo. The Mirror Props are apt for portrait, product, or at-home photography. No matter what you use, mirror props blend perfectly with the frame. All you need to do is use them wisely, and you're good to go. To add a tinge of gold to the scene, you can also use the gold acrylic mirror, which works wonders for flat lays.


Transparent Props 

Our range of Spectrum styling props also includes transparent props. The variety and features of these props make them suitable for cosmetics, skincare, jewellery, and other product photography. When you arrange your products with the help of these props, you get a chic, minimalist, yet impressive look in the frame.

We have coloured, ribbed, transparent props in different shapes and sizes. If you're looking to invest in a kit, we have perfectly curated sets  for you too!


Shadow Props

Shadows add depth to the frame while keeping the focus intact on the subject. You can use our shadow props to create dramatic effects in the scene. Shadows can fill large areas of negative space. When used correctly, these shadow props  help direct attention to a specific point in the composition.

If you love to experiment with shadows to add a touch of uniqueness to the frame, we highly recommend these for your next shoot.


Stone Props

Add unique chicness to the frame with our stone props. Apt for product and jewellery photography, these stone props have a soft earthy tone that blends with your products perfectly. The stone props come in different sizes and shapes (square and rectangle), and you can use them creatively to place the products and enhance the frame.

There's no shortage of creative ideas for stone props; you can use one or a combination of two - whichever brings out the best of your products. So, invest in Spectrum stone props to create scroll-stopping content right away.


Lens Balls

Photographers often use a lens ball to give an image a unique perspective through refraction. When they place the lens ball in front of a camera lens and focus on the subject through the glass, the result is an inverted reflection of the scene. This gives photos a dreamy and surreal quality. But lens balls can also be used to create pleasing compositions or can be positioned to frame a subject.

Our 7cm lens ball helps add creativity to landscapes, architecture, street photography, and product shots. Three is a crowd unless it’s with lens balls.

Our  triple pack provides extra opportunities to add new levels of professionalism and style to product photography and social media content. Set up the lens balls at varying distances from your product to create a gradient of focus and depth, drawing the viewer’s eye towards the main subject.

Premium Photo Props

Geometric props, such as cubes, spheres, and circular discs, introduce new avenues of composition to product shots. These shapes create visual interest and balance in the overall scene. They are lightweight, sturdy, and made from moisture-resistant resin that is painted white. These props can be repainted to complement or contrast with the products or use editing programs to alter the colour digitally.  

Step props, or riser props, showcase products through a layered setup. When photographing multiple products, use step props to arrange them at different heights, making each product visible and distinct in the frame. Setting step props in a staircase-like formation leads the viewer from one level to another, creating a more dynamic shot. Placing props strategically around the edges of the scene draws attention towards the central subject. Or use arches to frame a product.

Like step props, pillar props can be valuable tools for staging dynamic photos. Pillar props are vertical, cylindrical structures that elevate a subject, drawing attention to it and giving it a sense of importance and prominence. Multiple pillars of varying heights can add dimension and depth to a scene.


Styling Prop Comparison Table







Recommended Uses

Approx. Cost


Foam & Acrylic

10cm - 18cm

White, Primary & Secondary Colours

Square, Rectangle, Circle & Arches

Product Photography


Greenery Props


58cm - 74cm


Leaf Stem

Product & Fashion Photography


Mirror Props



Gold & Silver


Jewellery and Product Photography


Transparent Props



Clear, Primary & Secondary Colours

Circular, Square, Rectangle & Triangle

Product Photography

$20 - $70

Shadow Props

Plastic & Timber

40cm - 58cm 

Green & Beige

Leaf Stem & Square

Portrait Photography

$10 - $35

Stone Props


10/20cm - 10/15cm

Cream, Pink & Beige

Square & Rectangle

Product Photography

$23 - $25

Lens Ball



7 cm Clear Sphere Product Photography
Street Photography

Lens Ball Trio Pack


4 cm, 7cm, 10 cm

Clear Spheres Product Photography
Street Photography


Summing Up

With affordable styling props for photography, you can make creative ideas real. You can pick the props that work best with the genre of the photography you pursue. Once you start using props, we’re sure there’s no turning back; you’ll always find ways to incorporate them into your craft!