Top Tips on How to Film a Makeup Tutorial for Beauty Youtubers

how to film a makeup tutorial setup


If you’re a beauty vlogger and you find yourself constantly swallowed by shadows, then you know just how frustrating it can be to create the perfect make-up tutorial. So, put on your eyeshadow, and grab your contour kit because we’ve got some fabulous lighting and filming tips for all you MUAs that’ll leave you feeling like the queens and kings you are.


Find Natural Light


Bringing your best to the table doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You know that big bright ball of light in the sky? Well, that is your best friend when it comes to your lighting set up. Find a window that the sun is shining through and use that light to your advantage. Just make sure the light isn't too intense, it should be soft and natural.


Zoella's Lighting and FIlming Youtube Set Up

Credit to Zoella Sugg


Leds & Reflectors


If you don’t have a lighting set up that people can see from the street, then we suggest buying some LEDs. You can't be messing around as an MUA when you're flexing 25 ranges of foundation. By surrounding yourself with LED lights you’ll be sure to make those colours pop, but don't forget your reflectors. Reflectors disperse the light evenly throughout the room so that you won't feel hot, or be overwhelmed by the brightness.

Check out the Spectrum Aurora Crystal Luxe LED side lights or the Double Rectangle Softbox Lighting Kit the which reduces harsh shadows and justifies the colour of your work.


Ring Lighting


Have you ever seen that small white ring in a beauty Youtuber’s eye while they are applying make-up or styling their hair and you think to yourself "How in the world?!..." Well, this is thanks to this godsend of an invention called ring lights. This light provides a soft, radial glow and with a temperature of 5400K, it’s even capable of mimicking natural daylight. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about flickers or distorts when filming, as the ring provides a continuous stream of light.


Speak Louder!


A rule of thumb is that your voice should be as loud as your makeup. Some cameras have mics, but its best to upgrade if you can to assure quality audio. We recommend finding reliable audio software to amplify your voice or even attaching a mic to one your front facing lights.

The Aputure DSLR Shotgun mic picks up high-quality sound, which makes your content 100% more engaging. 


Desi Perkins Youtube Set up

Credit to Desi Perkins


Position Your Lighting


Your lighting set up should arranged in a way that captures not just your face, but ALL your beauty. You can easily copy three-point lighting by forming a triangle with your lights, and making sure you're in the middle. You'll instantly notice the difference when the lights hit all your best features, and overall, you'll keep a delicate appearance while filming.


Ever seen your favourite makeup guru's backdrop and noticed it has an ombré effect? They're using a backlight to create that effect. You can use an LED continuous light such as the Aputure AL-198 and place it at the centre behind you when you film to achieve that. 


Remember Your Audience


You can't just put makeup on your face, style your hair and end the video. As an MUA and beauty vlogger, you’re an entertainer, so open dialogue is essential when filming. Ask your audience what they want to see, more importantly always remember to ask for feedback. Everybody isn't going to agree with how you used that nightshade when you should've used a jet black.


If you've just started this inspiring journey of becoming a beauty Youtuber then hopefully these tips on how to film a makeup tutorial helped. Be sure to keep your audience posted for that next upload, we’ll be waiting.