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Why Social Media Influencers Are Using A Phone Selfie Ring Light

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Why are social media influencers using a phone selfie ring light? The simple answer is that it gives a beautiful, flattering and professional lighting setup for both images and video shot on a phone camera.


Advances in technology mean that the photos from bloggers and social media influencers are better than ever before, and this means that the bar is being raised constantly in picture quality.


It’s not enough these days to simply use natural light or your phone camera flash to create images that are both eye-catching and professional-looking – you need to follow the lead of the social media influencers and start using a phone selfie ring light.

What is a Phone Selfie Ring Light?

which selfie ring light should you chose?

For those of you who aren’t aware, it is a circular LED light that fits around your phone’s camera lens.


Why should you consider using one? Because, much like a traditional DSLR ring flash, it gives you beautifully, evenly lit images on your mobile phone without any harsh shadows or dark areas, which have always been a problem with built-in mobile phone camera flashes.

Which One Should I Choose?

which selfie ring light should you chose?

 Credit: Lana Tarek  /  Instagram / @lanatarekbrows


There are different colours of LED lights available to match the light temperature to the best one for your subject. For instance, the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Firefly phone selfie ring light is fully adjustable from cool to warm light temperatures and is ideal for low-light situations. Whereas the Spectrum Aurora Diamond Luxe Firefly ring light gives three levels of brightness with LED lights that mimic daylight.

This makes both phone selfie ring lights suitable for a wide range of applications in many different lighting situations.


The Firefly lights are widely used by bloggers, social media influencers, cosmetic technicians and food photographers to light up their subjects in a continuous, even light. Pretty cool, huh?

How Is It Used?

There’s a wide variety of uses for the phone selfie ring light:


1. Makeup Shots and Makeup Application

using a phone selfie ring light for makeup application and photography

You can use the ring light to help you apply makeup in poor light conditions, and also for creating that flawless beauty shot afterwards. Ring lights also give your subjects lovely circular catchlights in their eyes (the reflection of the light in the iris of the eyes).

2. ‘Foodie’ Photography

using a ring light for foodie photography


Food bloggers can use Spectrum Firefly for taking the perfect art shot of their meal. You can even take the ring light out and about, as it’s small enough to fit in a handbag or pocket, and simply clips onto your phone when you need it.


3. Beauty and Eye Specialists

ring light for beauty and eye specialists

Credit: Emma / Instagram /


Lash or eyebrow technicians can use the lights for taking those all-important ‘after’ images.


4. Selfies or Group Shots

phone selfie ring light for selfies or group shots

Credit: Jasmin Shojai / Instagram / @jasminshojaimodel


This is what the phone selfie ring light was invented for, after all!


5. Facebook Live or Instagram Feed

using a ring light for facebook live or instagram feed

Use Spectrum Firefly for your Facebook live or Instagram feed. It makes a great light for video as well as still photography. The growing popularity of video content on social media has made good lighting a must when creating videos.

6. Flat Lays

how to use a ring light on your phone for flat lay photosflat lay photography with ring lighting


Use in your E-commerce work for flat lay images. The Spectrum Firefly will give your products an even light and help highlight the small details.

Well, Here We Are!

using a phone selfie ring light for social media blogging

The ring light has taken the world of social media content production by storm, and the phone selfie ring light has brought the power of the ring light within reach of everyone.


It may seem dramatic to claim that ring lights can transform your images, and of course, they won’t make a bad photo good, but the truth is that these lights really do lift a well-composed image to the next level.

Why not try one out and see for yourself?

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