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'Twitch Kit' Chroma Key Green Screen Gaming Ring Light Setup

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Level up your gaming setup with the SPECTRUM Complete "Twitch Kit" comprising of a green screen and the Spectrum Aurora ring light setup. 

Have you ever wondered how your favourite gaming professionals produce quality videos? The secret is the green screen effect and professional lighting! Green screening (aka chroma key) is when you replace the real background with a digital background via an editing software. You may have seen these used in a movie production setup or by a weather presenter! This technique is becoming increasingly popular in the video gaming industries. The Spectrum green screen cotton muslin and background stand hangs flat and the Spectrum Aurora Mini Pearl 13" ring light casts an even halo light eliminating shadows on your face. If you are looking for a professional setup and increase followers, look no further and order the Spectrum "Twitch Kit" today!

The "Twitch Kit" is so versatile consider it next time you record videos such as presentation slides, Youtube, screenshots, photos or animated elements.

Spectrum chroma key green cotton background muslin 1m x 1.45m 
Green screen has your back! The Spectrum Green Chroma Key 1M x 1.45M background muslin is perfect for online streaming/gaming/youtube videos. Spectrum muslins are made from 100% high quality studio grade cotton (no pocket rod - fasten with 4 pegs provided). They also feature a seamless one piece design and are all finished along the edges of the material to prevent from tearing. They're guaranteed to work with all types of reflectors and/or lighting set-ups. All muslins are machine-washable.


Spectrum Aurora Mini Pearl 13" ring light complete kit
Shhhh.. the secret hack to flawless photos and videos. Featuring powerful LED lights, the Spectrum Aurora Mini Pearl ring light provides a professional-quality, soft, nearly shadowless and clean spread of light emitting 1300 lumens per metre and a RA of 95+ (these specs are important for photographers). As a result, it helps eliminates skin imperfections such as blemishes and wrinkles normally seen in poor lighting. So how does it do this? It’s all in the design, the unique circle shape creates a ‘wrap around effect’ casting a soft halo of light on the subject’s face. The dimmable control allows you to adjust the brightness to your desired output and effect. 

We all know that the best lighting is natural sunlight but sometimes we don’t always have access to it? Low light, shooting at night, early morning clients? No worries! That’s where the Mini Pearl ring light comes in. With a colour temperature of 5500k, it mimics natural daylight perfect for professional make-up artists and beauty portraits.

If you would like a warm, bronzed and healthier skin glow in your photos, you can use the orange coloured filters that are included in the kit! Effortlessly transform the space in which you are working and adapt to any lighting condition that’s thrown your way. It’s that easy.

Australian Safety and Compliance
As sellers of Spectrum Aurora LED lighting products we are required by law to ensure all of our products are safe and compliant with Australian and International Standards. As a registered business and importer we also offer full product warranty and public liability. Our main product compliance requirements include the following key electrical safety standards and EMC standards. Where necessary our products meet the electrical safety requirements of the Electrical (Consumer Safety) Act 2004 (regulated by NSW Fair Trading). This typically pertains to all products known as declared items such as power supplies and LED drivers. Also known as SAA approval, C-tick or RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark).

    • 1x Spectrum chroma key green cotton background muslin (1m x 1.45m)
    • 4x 16cm Spectrum backdrop peg clamps
    • 1x Spectrum heavy duty backdrop stand featuring an adjustable height and width (3.1m x 3m)
    • 1x Spectrum Aurora Mini Pearl 13" ring light complete kit. See full specifications here.

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