Best Photo Booth Lighting Setup Kits for Events, Weddings and Parties

Best Photo Booth Lighting Setup Kits for Events, Weddings and Parties


Are you looking for the best photo booth lighting kits for weddings or events? We’re going to have a look at different photo booth options to suit your needs and your budget.

Photo booths are a great idea for any social gathering, and allow people to get their photos taken quickly but with the benefit of professional lighting and backdrops. Whether you’re looking for a wedding photo booth or an all-purpose photo booth, we’ve got you covered with a range of lighting kits for every occasion.

Spectrum Aurora 47” (120) Aurora Max Ring Light

spectrum aurora 47" aurora max ring light

The Spectrum Aurora 47" / 120cm AURORA MAX Ring Light is the biggest ring light on the entire planet! You can’t get larger or more powerful than this beauty. 

Its size and huge light output make it ideal for large events, weddings, awards ceremonies, workshops, and parties. 

The Spectrum Aurora Max has an adjustable colour temperature from 3000K to 5500K, which covers a range of lighting temperatures from warm candlelight to daylight. This means you can shoot in any lighting conditions and adjust the colour temperature to suit - much less white balance work for you to do in post-processing!

This lighting kit comes complete with two heavy-duty stands for maximum stability and safety, and the space inside the large ring provides a versatile shooting area for your camera.

Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe II YouTube Video Lighting Kit

spectrum aurora gold luxe II three point lighting kit

Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe II YouTube Video Lighting Kit contains the Gold Luxe II ring light as well as two Crystal Luxe sidelight panels. 

This trio is great for shooting your own YouTube videos with the ring light as the main light, and the LED panels as side or fill lights. It’s also ideal for group photos at parties, or a wedding photo booth. In fact, this lighting kit is so versatile it can be used for e-commerce/product photoshoots too.

Both the Gold Luxe and Crystal Luxe are colour adjustable, and the Gold Luxe has an iPhone bracket to attach your phone for flawless selfies.  If you want a separate tablet bracket, the Advanced Multi Device Smartphone Tablet Bracket is an ideal companion for this lighting kit. You can also download a photo booth app!

Spectrum Aurora Crystal Luxe Trio

spectrum aurora crystal luxe led trio lighting kit

This nifty
Spectrum Crystal Luxe 'TRIO' LED 3-point lighting kit is perfect for media walls or events. It’s also great for e-commerce/product photography and filming video. It’s popular with bloggers, vloggers, influencers and small businesses.

The ball head attachment allows for up to 60 degrees of vertical tilt and 360 degrees of horizontal tilt, and the kit comes with diffusion filters and stands for full versatility.

Another feature is the external batteries that give you the ultimate wireless convenience for moving the setup around at an event.

Spectrum Aurora Ultimate DIY Photobooth Ring Light Kit for Events and Weddings

spectrum aurora ultimate photobooth kit

Spectrum Aurora Ultimate Photobooth Kit has a Diamond Luxe ring light and two Illuminate Mate softbox lights. This makes it a perfect setup for a wedding photo booth or party groups. 

The ring light provides beautiful, even lighting when used as the main light, and the two rectangular softbox lights can be used as fill lights to give you a gorgeous, diffused light that will flatter everyone.

This lighting set comes with an adjustable colour temperature between 3000K - 5500K so you can adapt it to all kinds of venue lighting from tungsten to daylight.

Spectrum DIY Photobooth Lighting ‘Hollywood’ Kit

Spectrum DIY Photobooth Lighting ‘Hollywood’ Kit

If you’re looking for an entry-level photo booth lighting kit, then the
Spectrum DIY Party "Hollywood Photo Booth" Lighting Kit is an ideal choice.

Spectrum DIY Photobooth Lighting ‘Hollywood’ Kit

This competitively-priced photo booth lighting kit comes with 2 white diffuser umbrellas and 2 silver reflective umbrellas. The kit also comes with a heavy-duty backdrop stand for use with the Spectrum Half Size Paper Roll range, or the Full-Size Paper Roll range, which you can buy separately.

This great value kit is the perfect selfie photo booth for weddings, parties, and events of every type. The white umbrellas provide a good spread of soft, diffused light, and the silver umbrellas reflect light outwards, which gives a more contrasty, crisp type of light.

Budget kits are great when you are starting out, but if you have the cash to invest in your lighting, then why not give the Spectrum Aurora 47" / 120cm AURORA MAX LED Ring Light some serious consideration? 


spectrum aurora 47" ring light

We’ve looked at different photo booth lighting packages to suit different uses and budgets, so hopefully, this article has been of help and has given you some pointers on which photo booth lighting to buy.

Before you go, here are a few more handy tips about photo booth lighting that may come in useful:

  • The height your light is at is very important to get a flattering shot. You want the light source to be level with, or slightly above the subject’s head. If you have it above head-height, then angle it slightly downwards towards the subject at about 45 degrees.

  • Don’t light from below the subject - it’s not a good look!

  • Ring lights can be used directly in front of your subject’s face as they surround the face with even light, but umbrellas and softboxes should be angled off to either side of the subject(s). If there’s no room for that, place your lights high, angled down and in the center

  • Place the lights around 5-6 feet from the backdrop. This will give you consistent lighting regardless of whether the subject is up against the backdrop or nearer the camera.

  • If you have a plain paper roll backdrop, add some party streamers, metallic fringes or balloons to jazz it up according to the occasion. If you prefer fabric backdrops, look out for wide lengths of sequinned cloth or glitter material in cloth and haberdashery shops.

  • Put a box of photo booth props together. Get a basket and fill it with all kinds of fun props like comedy glasses and mustaches, hats, feather boas, inflatable musical instruments, etc.