How to Take the Perfect Instagram Selfie: Dos & Don'ts

how to take instagram worthy selfies

Unbeknownst to some, there is an art form involved in taking the perfect selfie for Instagram. Whether you’re an up-and-coming influencer or like doing stuff for the ‘gram, aim high with your selfie game.


We’re here to help you keep your snaps on-point and Instagram-ready with our list of handy tips covering selfie do's and don’ts.


Ready to get snap happy?




Let Your Natural Beauty Show

We’ve all seem them, selfies by otherwise beautiful women who have caked on so much make-up that it’s hard to see what’s underneath it all.


Don’t be that girl. Instead, let your natural beauty shine through. Keep your makeup natural and minimal. This is particularly important for beach shots. After all, no one really wears a full face of makeup to splash about in the waves – we hope!


Spectrum Aurora Ring Light


Light Up Your Life with The Perfect Lighting


You are beautiful and radiant, and your photos should be too. Choose to take your selfies in naturally well-lit areas. But do pay attention to shadows, heavy dark and light areas might make you look older or drawn.


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Girl taking photo of herself using Spectrum Aurora Firefly


Pick Your Angles


You know your face and body better than anyone. If you’ve got a definite good side, do play to your strengths.


Remember to angle the camera carefully; you don’t want to give yourself a double chin when you don’t actually have one.


Model against multiple coloured backdrops


Mix Things Up When It Comes to Your Backgrounds


Choose interesting colours, textures, and patterns for your next selfie. Take a look around you; inspiration can be anywhere. See that wall of funky graffiti? Perfect for an exciting and edgy shot. Those palm fronds by the beach? Ideal for a nature-inspired selfie.


And a few don’ts...


Set yourself apart from the pack on Instagram by avoiding these serious selfie crimes.


Rihanna doing the duck face


The Duck Face


Kissy face, pouty face, duck face, or whatever you prefer to call it, this pose is out. This look had its very brief heyday in the early noughties, and we’ve evolved since then.


Trying too hard to be sexy is never sexy. Try smiling instead, or keep your lips natural.


Overexposed Selfie


Overexpose Yourself


We’re not referring to light levels here, although overexposed selfies are also a no-go zone. What we mean is try not to show off every single inch of skin you have in every selfie.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional bikini-clad shot. And we encourage you to celebrate your body, we know you’ve got it, so by all means, work it.


But, there’s a fine line between sexy and attention-grabbing validation tactics. Hit the right balance by posting some selfies of yourself clothed, and some with a bit of skin showing every now and again.


Repetitive Shots


There’s no real need to post 15 versions of the same selfie within the space of 10 minutes. At best you’ll bore your followers, at worst you’ll lose them.
Instead, keep each selfie you post unique and exciting. Your followers will love you for it.



Bathroom Mirror Selfies


It’s rare that a mirror is perfectly clean and makes for the ideal selfie backdrop. And it’s rarer still that a mirror selfie looks good.


These snaps have also become a bit of a cliché. Yes, we know Kim K did it, a few times. But you can do better. Head outside instead and find something prettier than a splattered mirror to work with!


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