Photography & Videography Backdrops Comparison: What’s the Difference?

Photography & Videography Backdrops Comparison: What’s the Difference?


Simple, effective, affordable backdrops for photography and videography can elevate your photos and footage to new heights. Photographers and videographers can use backdrops to create visual effects such as chroma key for YouTube, movies or video conferencing, music videos and portraits and product shoots within the studio. While these are just some of the use cases, there are many more. This article will explore some of the most popular backdrops we sell while explaining their benefits and who they are made for.


Paper Roll Backdrops

Paper roll backdrops are studio-grade backdrop rolls made from top quality materials. Thanks to their flexibility, you can use them for photography and videography. The best part about paper roll backdrops is that they are available in a wide range of colours, so bringing your creative ideas to life will be easy for these vibrant backdrops. Spectrum offers two varieties of paper roll backdrops (full and half paper backdrops); you’ll find them on our site categorised based on their size.

We also offer a plethora of colours, so if you’re looking for brighter ones, you can opt for Paradise Pink, Tequila Sunrise Red, Blue Lagoon, and Queen Bee Yellow. On the other hand, you can settle for pastel shades such as In The Nude Beige, Cherry Blossom Pink, Smashed Avocado Green, and Mint To Be Green shades for a subtle, mellowed look.


Cotton Muslin Backdrops

Are you looking for a more textured, flowy backdrop? You need to check out Spectrum’s range of cotton muslin backdrops. Well-suited for portrait, product and beauty photography, these cotton muslin backdrops come in various colours. Our wide variety of cotton muslin backdrops will surely leave you spoilt for choice!

We have bright coloured backdrops that can instantly glam up your frame and have many subtle, lighter backdrops. We also have the standard green, black and white backdrops available in different sizes. Many photographers utilise these for food, product or portraiture work.


Flat Lay Backdrops

As content creators, we strive to create content that’s not just visually appealing but also unique. Unfortunately, thanks to social media apps and their features, we’re often compelled to settle for the same backgrounds every other person uses. But not anymore - if you want to create unique content, you have to go out of the way to make it happen. So put those typical backdrops aside and invest in our fantastic flat lay backdrops.

Perfect for food and product photography, these flat lays work wonders for your Instagram shots! These backgrounds are visually appealing, making all your content appear super cool, relevant and chic. We have different sets of flat lay backdrops available - so if you’re a food blogger or chef, you can pick our Foodie Blogger Basics set. The flat lay backdrops come in various sizes, colours, and textures, so you’re free to pick ones that best fit your shooting requirements.


Pull Up Backdrops

Spectrum’s Pull Up backdrops are packed with excellent features, making them well suited for professional use in the studio. They are portable and versatile but come in larger sizes than Pop Up backdrops. We have different types of pop up backdrops in green, black, white and blue colours. Green is certainly one of the most popular choices for videographers and YouTubers due to its compatibility as a green screen for Chroma key. The backdrops also come in various sizes, giving you the flexibility to pick the best-suited one. 

The Pull-Up backgrounds are tough and built to last, made of durable material. You will be able to carry them from room to room or outdoors; however, ensure your vehicle can handle a longer length screen for transportation.


Pull Down Backdrops

Just like pop-up backdrops, we also have a variety of Pull Down backdrops. Easy to use and apt for professional use, the Pull Down backdrops, too, are made of rigid material. Available in a couple of colours, you can easily add these backdrops to add a creative edge to the frame.

We also have double-sided backdrops, which feature different colours on both sides. These two-in-one backdrops are all the more convenient for professional photographers and videographers. Many are designed to be wall mountable, meaning you can keep the studio floor clean and only utilise them when needed.


Pop Up Backdrops

Spectrum’s range of pop-up backdrops is made from thick and non-reflective cotton muslin, making them suitable for outdoor usage. We offer Pop Up backdrops in white, black, green, and blue, offering different backdrop effects. Our range of Pop Up backdrops also includes the ones equipped with the stand and peg, making them ideal for smaller studio spaces. You’ll find them lightweight and portable, making them ideal for photographers on the go.



Cyclorama backdrops are easy to set up and effortlessly blend into the frame. To add to the convenience, you also have the Easiframe Curve Cyclorama Backdrop Stand Frame, which allows you to set up and change backdrops as required quickly. The accessible setup is very time and energy saving, especially during professional photo and video shoots. The custom-built aluminium frame is lightweight and durable and efficiently sustains the backdrop fabric. 

The Cyclorama setup is excellent for product, commercial, fashion photography and videography assignments. When in use, a Cyclorama will reduce any shadows thanks to its curved design as it hands from the wall and onto the floor.


Comparison Table

Type Of Backdrops

Paper Roll


Sand Dune Beige Paper Roll Photography Studio Backdrop Half Length (1.36 x 10M)

Cotton Muslin Backdrops

'Pastel Palette' Cotton Muslin Backdrop 3M x 3M - Clean Slate Grey

Flat Lay Backdrops

Flat Lay Instagram Backdrop - Duo 'Blushing Rouge' (56cm x 87cm)

Pull Up Backdrops

'Live Stream Master' Pull Up Chroma Key Green Screen Backdrop for Video (148cm x 210cm)

Pull Down Backdrops

'Instant Studio' Mountable Pull Down Backdrop Screen - White

Pop Up Backdrops

White / Black Double Sided Collapsible Pop Up Backdrop (1.5 x 2.1M)


Easiframe® Curved Cyclorama Backdrop Stand Frame and Background Set




Thickened PE coated paper

Polyester anti-wrinkle material

Polyester anti-wrinkle material


Wrinkle free Poly-cotton blend 


Half length (1.36 x 10M) Full length (2.7 x 10M), custom cut size option available 

3 x 6M, 2.5 x 6M, 3 x 3M, 2.5 x 3M, 1.8 x 2.8M

56cm x 87cm

148cm x 210cm

180 x 200cm

1.5 x 2.1M

2.5 x 3.8 M


Primary and secondary colours. Available in over 40+ colours

Plain and Mottled

Plain and textured

white, chroma key green

white, chroma key green

Black, white, chroma key green, blue

Plain, Print, custom design 

Approx. Cost


$80- $140







Fashion, portrait, product photography/ videography

Fashion, portrait, product photography / videography

Food/ product, editorial, beauty photography, ecommerce, 

Headshots, video conferencing, TV/ film

Headshots, video conferencing, TV/ film, twitch streaming

Headshots, video conferencing, TV/ film, twitch streaming 

Fashion, portrait, product photography / videography


Quick set up, non-reflective, seamless finish

Seamless finish, machine washable, quick set up

Durable, portable, versatile, semi-waterproof 

Quick setup, adjustable, portable 

Streamlined design, quick setup, protective case included

Reversible, portable, lightweight  

Fully customisable, lightweight, quick set up 


Needs a large space for storage, requires a stand

Requires steaming/ ironing for a completely smooth backdrop, requires a stand

Small size – not good for large projects or objects 

Limited colour options

Requires wall mounting 

Limited colour options, only works for single person setups 

Requires a large space to setup 


Summing Up

As creators, we are constantly on the move for different types of assignments, both indoors and outdoors. Both styles come with challenges of their own, but as we’ve discussed, there’s something that can make your shooting experience effortless: the right gear and accessories. Investing in suitable accessories for both indoor and outdoor shoots is vital. Every photographer and videographer must consider supporting one such essential piece of equipment: backdrops.

Throughout this article, we’ve listed the different types of photography and videography backdrops, each of which comes in various sizes and colours. We encourage you to pick a backdrop that matches well with the genre of photography or videography you’re pursuing. There are no limitations as to the creative applications of any of the backdrops we sell - so go ahead, bring those out of the box ideas into reality!