Spectrum Aurora Ring Light Comparison: Lighting Comparison for Lash, Brow, Beauty & Tattoo Artists

Spectrum Aurora Ring Light Comparison:  Lighting Comparison for Lash, Brow, Beauty & Tattoo Artists

Beyoncé had the right idea when she told us, "If you liked it then you should have put a ring (light) on it!”


In the beauty industry, your best friend is good lighting. It helps you see the client better and keeps the customer fully aware of the tones used for their hair or makeup. The latest advances in lighting technology can help you produce impressive results for your clients. The ring light is one of the most popular items to arrive on the scene. It provides smooth and even lighting around the face while eliminating shadows and minimising glare. These are used by professional hairdressers, in beauty salons, and by producers of social media content. What ring lights are available, and which will work best for your situation? The answers are here in this ring light comparison.


Types Of LED Lights

Woman lightly touching her face and posing in front of a LED ring light


Beauty lighting is when a bright source of uniform light is shining directly from the point of view of a camera or smartphone. It is usually in the shape of a wand or a series of connected LED lights in a circle, and all have their place in beauty treatments and beauty salon photography or videography. An overwhelming array of ring lights are currently on the market, varying in style and price. Some are designed for influencers producing makeup videos, others are for photographers who want to improve their portrait shots, and then there are ones built for professionals in the lash, brow, beauty, and tattoo industries. Here’s a brief beauty lighting comparison showcasing the best ones from Spectrum, Australia’s leading online retailer of innovative lighting techniques.


1. Allurelite Multimedia LED Light

Female makeup artist applying makeup to female model with a LED light positioned next to her


Even though the Allurelite Multimedia LED Light isn’t in the shape of a ring, it’s on this ring light comparison because its flexible double-arm design spreads a generous amount of light to both sides of the face. The bendable arms stretch beyond the normal area of a ring light, making it perfect for beauty technicians working on eyelashes, make-up, and hair styling. The LED panel allows you to control the brightness and colour temperature precisely.

With its natural daylight colour temperature of 5500k, it is ideal for tattoo artists and for taking portraits too. But it also has colour temperature adjustability, so you can change the colour tones from 3000K to 6500K to match your mood. This lighting setup comes with an adjustable stand and a phone mount for videography, selfie, vlogging, or presenting via Zoom. And if you want to go outdoors to add variety to your background, it has battery compatibility to boost the ambient lighting.



2. LunarLite 27” LED Arc Light

Woman laying down in a beauty salon while a female eyebrow artist stands above her with an LED light


Working while leaning over a client is made easier with the LunarLite Beauty Arc. It’s perfect for beauty specialists, brow artists, lash experts, and tattooists. This large, curved light has 320 individual SMD LED light bulbs that loom above the reclining client. With its half-moon shape, you get ear-to-ear lighting that eliminates shadows. It is available in white or black, and these sleek designs with matching stands make your working environment look even more stylish and professional. 


3. Crystal Luxe LED Single Light

Female sitting at a desk holding a makeup brush and eyeshadow palette and looking at a ring light


Ring lights illuminate the face of a blogger or vlogger, but when you want to be more creative with your image, it’s time to use a fill light on the side of the face or behind the head. Extra lighting on the side of the subject creates depth through contour shadows. And when it’s used behind the head, it defines the hairline and separates the subject from the scene behind. You can also use one of these fill lights to brighten the background of your shots to add an extra dimension to the image. The 9" Crystal Luxe LED Single Light has a powerful series of  3200-5500k LED panels on a light stand. Use it in conjunction with a ring light for half-body shots or videography. This is a popular lighting solution for influencers and small businesses who want to promote their wares. It’s an essential piece of equipment for those serious about expanding their fan base on social media, TikTok, and OnlyFans.


4. Illuminate Wands

Female photographer taking photos of a female model in front of a hot pink backdrop with LED lights on either side of her


Need gentle yet powerful lights for your lash, brow, or beauty business? Put light where you need it most with Dual 21 inch Illuminate Wands. This kit features two LED light wands on separate stands to light your subject as you perform your work. With their 180-degree tilt, you can set them at the perfect angle to eliminate harsh shadows. They even have a dimming knob to adjust the intensity of the light. Changing the colour temperature provides a wide range of other applications, including studio photography, videography, product shots, photo booths, and Skype calls.


5. Mini Pearl 13” Ring Light

Female sitting at a desk, holding a makeup brush and looking at a ring light


Good lighting on your client is required when working on their hair, brows, eyelashes, or when you are doing a tattoo. But you don’t want the distraction of hotspots or shadows. That’s why ring lights are so effective. And when you have completed your work, and the customer is beaming with satisfaction, it’s time to use that ring light for its other main purpose in life, which is photographing the results. Taking professional-style headshots is easy with the Aurora 13” Mini Pearl III 13” (33cm) LED ring light. Share images of your handiwork on Instagram or TikTok and make your client feel like a star!


6. Diamond Luxe 18” Ring Light

Female holding a makeup brush and looking at a mirror attached to a ring light


Bigger is better. The Mini Pearl 13-inch ring light does a fantastic job providing a soft glow that eliminates blemishes and wrinkles commonly resulting from poor lighting, but why settle for a fantastic outcome when you can aim for pure excellence. The Professional 18” LED Portable Diva - Diamond Luxe III ring light is Spectrum’s best seller. It’s become an essential item in beauty salons across the country. Professional makeup artists and hair stylists love the wrap-around effectof the circular light, which casts a halo of brightness onto the subjects face and hair. For photographers and videographers using this ring light for content creation, a phone mount and half mirror (for selfies) are included. It’s the best ring light for makeup lighting.


7. Platinum Pro 22” Ring Light

Female with a makeup brush to her cheek and looking at a mirror attached to a ring light


If bigger is better, then biggest is best. And this is superb. With its 22 inches of bright and flattering light, the Platinum Pro II ring light takes your makeup vlogging or flat lay photography to a new dimension of professionalism. Its 640 individual SMD LED light bulbs make it easy to illuminate yourself for content creation, or they’ll brighten a client’s face in your beauty salon as you work on their hair, brows or lashes. With the adjustable colour temperature range, you can choose whether you want daylight brightness for applying makeup or warmer tones for creative portrait photography. If you need to set up this lighting equipment away from the studio or salon, purchase the double battery pack and have two hours of shooting available. The light and stand can fold to become a portable ring lights package that can go anywhere, anytime. For its versatility and functionality, this is undoubtedly the best option for beauty lighting.


Comparison Table


Mini Pearl III

13" Ring Light LED Beauty Portable - Mini Pearl III

Platinum Pro II

22" Ring Light LED Portable - Platinum Pro II

Diamond Luxe III

Professional 18" Ring Light LED Portable Diva - Diamond Luxe III

Illuminate Wand

21" Youtube & Blogger LED Lighting Home Studio Kit - 'Illuminate Wand'


White 27" LUNARLITE  Beauty Arc Moon Lash Brow Lighting

Crystal Luxe Kit

Spectrum Aurora Crystal Luxe Dimmable Led Side Fill Light (3200-5500K)



Multimedia Pro Beauty Portable Double LED Lighting Kit - Allurelite

Light Source

226 SMD Individual LED Lights

640 SMD Individual LED Lights

512 SMD Individual LED Lights

60 SMD Individual LED Lights

320 SMD Individual LED Lights

240 SMD Individual LED Lights

240 SMD Individual LED Lights

Colour Temperature




3200K – 5500K

3200K- 5500K

3200K- 5500K

3000K – 6500K

CRI+ Colour Rating








Power Cable

AC 100-240V, 50/60hz

AC 100- 240V, 50/60hz

AC 100-

240V, 50/60hz


AC 110-240V


AC 100-240V, 50/60hz









Dimmable Control








Colour Temperature Control








Luminance @1m

1500 Lumens

4000 Lumens

3000 Lumens


4600 Lumens

23000 Lumens

4600 Lumens



Which One Is Right For You?

Female with a makeup brush to her cheek and looking at a mirror attached to a ring light


With great lighting, flawless selfies and flattering beauty treatments for clients are made easier. Ring lights are a must-have accessory for social media and are essential in modern beauty salons. But they’re not just for makeup and beauty treatments; any task that requires clarity of vision and shadow-free illumination, such as watch repairs and tattoo artistry, needs a ring light. LED wands and small ring lights have the advantage of portability and are great for vloggers and YouTubers. Professional beauty therapists and photographers should consider larger ring lights because they cast the light further while minimising shadows. Look carefully through our lighting comparison to see which one suits your workplace or lifestyle needs, then order your ring lights today to improve the quality of your work and to have a face glowing with satisfaction.