What is the Best Selfie Light for iPhones, Androids and Other Smartphones?

What is the Best Selfie Light for iPhones, Androids and Other Smartphones?


Are you keen to make the close-up pictures you capture on your smartphone better and brighter? We’re talking about your selfies, shots of others, and videos, here. Just because they are taken on a smartphone doesn’t mean they have to be poor quality.


The Spectrum Aurora LED Selfie Phone Ring Lights are perfect for exactly this kind of job. Being one of the best selfie lights in the market, they give your smartphone photos and videos that 'studio-quality' look.


These small ring lights are literally a miniature version of the larger Spectrum Aurora Pro ring lights that you can clip on and off your smartphone and take anywhere you go. While these are the mini-me version, when it comes to this light’s uses, being small is just one advantage!

spectrum aurora firefly selfie ring light

Why Would I Want a Ring Light?

So, what is a ring light for a phone and what does it do? You may be wondering why you even need one. Many phones these days have excellent cameras with high-res lenses, right? This is true to an extent, but even the best phone camera can struggle in low or dim lighting conditions, especially the front-facing camera which you usually use for selfies.


Ring lights for smartphones add light. This helps to improve the already outstanding images you can take with your phone.


Never mind getting a bang for your buck – with the way we look at things, you are adding and getting a bit of extra brightness for your buck. This product is a relatively cheap, affordable mini ring light to use in conjunction with the camera on a smartphone or other electronic device. The Spectrum Aurora Selfie Phone Ring Lights definitely do not lack in quality in any way.


These selfie lights are portable and easy to carry. Ring lights are ideal if you are out and about and want to take a sneaky selfie; are mobile and always working on the go; are short on space, or travelling. They are also great to have on hand if you want to add to the ambience and lighting effects when you are taking pics on a night out.

ring light for iphone


Just Clip One to Your Phone (Or Laptop or Tablet)

The Spectrum Selfie Phone Ring Light in both the Gold Luxe and Diamond Luxe is fitted with a universal clip that will attach to all the major smartphone brands. This includes iPhone, Samsung, LG, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and more. The clip fitting will also mount the ring light nicely around the lens of the camera on a laptop or tablet.


For the fashionista that likes to colour coordinate their accessories, the Spectrum Aurora Selfie Phone Ring Light range is available in a diamond luxe, gold luxe, or white finish. These ring lights are compact, and lightweight - not much bigger than your phone. The light itself weighs just 60 grams and is 8.5 centimetres in diameter. This means when not attached to your phone, the ring light will easily fit into a pocket or your handbag.


Ring lights can also be attached to laptops and tablets, meaning that the media you capture with your larger devices is going to be of a much higher quality. Late night Skype call with another country? Clip on your ring light and show that you mean business. Digital nomads and remote workers swear by our ring lights.

selfie ring light clipped on laptop


Adjust Your Brightness

Once you have clipped them on to your device, Spectrum Selfie Phone Ring Lights are simple and easy to use. There is just one button at the back to power these flicker-free continuous lights on and off. You tap the same button to select from three different brightness settings.


These mini ring lights are made up of 36 individual LED light bulbs. The design and circular shape of ring lights spreads and disperses light from the individual bulbs evenly, making them ideal for a range of situations.


The colour temperature is adjustable to suit the mood and/or set the tone of the image you want. At one end of the scale is a natural daylight setting of 5400K. This brightness level will help you capture images true and accurate to their natural colours. At the other, is a mellower and more subdued softer golden candlelight glow of 3000K.


Spectrum Aurora selfie phone ring lights are 40 lumens and have a luminance of up to one metre. This makes them the perfect tool for adding illumination for your selfies, portrait, and even product shots.


selfie ring light before and after

Light Up Your Life

There are plenty of uses for a Spectrum LED mini ring light related to both professional and play pursuits. These little baby ring lights can help you to bring out the best of a person, product, and place. Situations to use a mini ring light with your phone include:

- Products and people: Beauty professionals such as hairstylists and makeup artists find the Aurora Spectrum Firefly ring lights perfect for capturing images of their clients and their creative work. They are not just great for portfolio shots, though. These lights also work pretty well attached to your phone as an aid for makeup application in general! Eating a dish that is way too good not to share? The addition of a ring light will make your food photography even more appetising and Insta-fab – instantly.

- Live streaming: Whether you’re uploading a feed to Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, or blogging for vlogging to another platform – attach a small light to your phone and you’re good to go, anywhere, anytime. Adding just the right balance of light can make your content more enjoyable to view, and add that touch of polish and professionalism.

selfie ring light for iphone


- Video chats and calls: Are you lucky enough to enjoy the flexibility of remote working? Or do you regularly speak face to face via your phone with family, friends, or colleagues in other locations? Attaching this little LED ring light to your phone or laptop will help you put your best face forward to clinch that deal or assure folk back home that you are well. These lights make excellent lighting for Skype calls, and that all important interview, meeting, tutorial, or catch up with family and friends.

- Night time selfies: Ever been taking a nighttime selfie and found yourself in the shadows because of low or no lighting? It doesn’t matter whether you’re clubbing, camping, or cozied up in bed - you can be faced with low light. Add a Firefly ring light to your phone for your nighttime selfies, or any other low-light conditions and you will never look like you are lurking in the dark again!

ring light for night time selfies

Power Options

There are two models of Spectrum Aurora Selfie Phone Ring Lights. The first is the Diamond Luxe model that provides daylight white light in three different intensity settings. The other is the Gold Luxe model that provides three different colour temperature settings in daylight white, warm orange and daylight white and orange together in three different light intensities each. Both models are fitted with an internal rechargeable battery and come with a USB charging cable. Just plug the USB cable into your laptop or other USB charger adaptor into a power socket to keep your ring light charged and ready to go.


The addition of a Spectrum Aurora mini ring light for your phone is a win-win. You’ll find you enhance the camera features on your phone – not to mention promoting your own best features in your selfies!


Attaching one of these lights to your phone also opens up possibilities for getting great pro-like shots in lower light conditions – all at an affordable price.

selfie ring light for iphone