Top 6 DIY Home Lighting Setups for Professional Product Photography

Top 6 DIY Home Lighting Setups for Professional Product Photography

If you ask any photographer out there what is the best tool for photography, you'll get a resounding answer, regardless of whether it has just started or someone who's a pro, they'll preach about the importance of quality lighting in photography. You may have the best cameras and top-notch lenses, but if you don't have a reliable lighting kit, you're going to struggle with delivering high-quality shots. Having the correct lighting setup is critical, whether it's food photography or product photography.

At Spectrum, we have the best range of lighting equipment for every genre. What's more, we know all about the best lighting setups for home studios. On your next photoshoot, along with your food styling props and product photos setup, you'll need the perfect lighting gear too! Let's get started with the best picks for each genre!



Beauty Queen

Do you frequently get skincare and makeup product photography assignments? You need to invest in our
'Bright Spark' DIY Starter Fashion Lookbook Lighting Kit right away! In beauty photoshoots, you need to have a bright yet balanced light to highlight skin tones and help achieve stunning images. 

The flattering and accurate lighting delivered by the 'Bright Spark' DIY Starter  Lighting Kit is adjustable and modified depending on the shoot's requirements. You also have a remote for wireless control, so you can adjust the lighting as required without any hassles.

Content marketing is the primary purpose of beauty photography. That's why you need to capture shots that are perfect for Instagram, Pinterest and worthy of other social media trends. Of course, the images will also look respectable enough to feature on websites and product brochures. Our 'Bright Spark' DIY Starter Lighting Kit is sure to help you nail the perfect results needed for your skincare and makeup product photography.


For the Foodie

These days, food needs to taste great and look delectable. It's the only way it stands out on Ubereats, Doordash, Easi, Deliveroo, and any other online food websites! And let's be honest – food doesn't always look great in photos. However, with the right lighting equipment, you'll make any dish look great in photos too.

We recommend the Illuminate Mate Softbox Lighting Kit for food photographers. It will help you capture drool-worthy food photographs every time. You can set up the Illuminate Mate Softbox Lighting Kit in minutes, saving you a lot of time and effort (crucial in food photography). The softbox in this kit enhances the food images with just the right amount of even, balanced light. It's the perfect way to prevent highlights and glare on photos and reproduce accurate colours and textures.


Fantastic Flat Lays

Flat lays are a fantastic photography technique and deliver amazing photographs if executed well. It helps you create valuable, shareable, and eye-catching content. If you love flat lays, you need to invest in our
22" Ring Light LED Portable - Platinum Pro II. Our recommended kit is perfect for on-the-go shoots, thanks to its compact, battery-powered design.

The fantastic 22" Ring Light LED Portable - Platinum Pro II radiates a light that's as good as sunlight - giving a warm, natural look to your subject. The ring light is perfect for a product photography setup and is well-suited for making skin tones and product details pop in any lighting conditions. You can also control the light remotely, adjusting the brightness and colour temperature from afar. We also stock an impressive range of flat lay backdrops that are easy to position and achieve perfect product placement. Your content creation and Instagram game will elevate instantly!


Fashion Forward

Fashion lookbooks and catalogues are filled with photographs of different bags, shoes, eyewear, and seasonal clothing. Therefore, you need to ensure that your product stands apart from the rest. Stunning lighting plays a crucial role in achieving outstanding results. We recommend the DUO 'S-Beam 150' LED Softbox Advanced Fashion Lookbook Lighting Kit - Spectrum-PRO to nail the perfect look. 

The DUO' S-Beam 150' LED Softbox Advanced Fashion Lookbook Lighting Kit - Spectrum-PRO suits beginners while keeping the requirements of professional photographers in mind. Every piece of equipment in this kit will help you inch closer to capturing picture-perfect, fashion-lookbook worthy fashion photography. While your creative ideas work most of the magic, you need to rely on high-quality lighting, just like the DUO 'S-Beam 150' LED Softbox Advanced Fashion Lookbook Lighting Kit to take it a notch higher Spectrum-PRO.


All that Glitters and Gold

Have you had trouble making jewellery shine and pop in photographs? We have the solution to ensure the lighting is even-toned and perfect! We love the
'Sun Creator' DIY Flat Lay Lighting Kit for Instagram & Pinterest, the best lighting kit you should use for jewellery photography.

The 'Sun Creator' DIY Flat Lay Lighting Kit for Instagram & Pinterest features a continuous light that you can adjust from 10% to 100%, depending on the shooting requirements. Accurate colour replication is critical in jewellery photography, and this light will help you get that right too.

Considering the bling already in the frame, the 'Sun Creator' DIY Flat Lay Lighting Kit for Instagram & Pinterest is not too harsh – it is subtle yet effective and will surely bring out the best of the jewellery in the shot. Plus, it won't create excessive highlights that often make these shots fail. You don't need any complex setups to create stunning jewellery photos – our kit is more than enough!


Tech Wizards

Different tech and electronic gadgets require you to use variable lighting equipment and techniques. The one piece of lighting equipment that will present the power of your tech is the 9" LED Photography Video Studio Lighting Kit - 2x 'DUO' Crystal Luxe. The kit helps you capture detailed photographs of your best tech gadgets so that viewers can glimpse even the minutest specifications.

An overbearing light will steal the show – which is why you need to invest in a subtle yet effective lighting setup. We highly recommend the 9" LED Photography Video Studio Lighting Kit - 2x 'DUO' Crystal Luxe to help you illuminate the devices for stunning tech shots.


Summing Up

Lighting can make or break your imagery – irrespective of the genre you pursue. You always need to make sure the lighting is just right. Whether a beginner or professional, allocate the necessary budget to set up your home studio with high-quality lighting equipment. We have a fantastic range of home studio lighting gear to suit every budget, studio pace and genre of content creation. The lighting kits recommended in this article are among the best of a growing range of setups available right now. Grab your essential home studio lighting kit today, or hit us up online if you have any questions about the best lighting for your home studio.