Spectrum Aurora Firefly Selfie Phone Ring Light Comparison: What’s the Difference?

How do you get amazing, virtually shadow-free, and even lighting without everything looking dull and one-dimensional?


A ring light, of course!


Our Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights have become a key part of many YouTubers and vlogger’s lighting setups, and they are also beloved by photographers and makeup artists.


The simplicity of a ring light is part of its beauty – it’s a circle of light with an open centre through which you point your camera lens. There are also selfie phone ring lights that are specially created for mobile phone photos and videos, and that’s what this article is going to look at today.


Why Choose A Selfie Phone Ring Light?

spectrum aurora firefly selfie phone ring light


The simple answer is because they’ll make your selfies look so much better. Ring lights reduce harsh shadows and even out your skin tone while reducing the look of blemishes. The also give your eyes a spectacular catchlight in the iris – a perfect circle of light that really opens up the look of the eyes.


If you’re a selfie-holic, an influencer who always needs to look their best on camera, or you need to show off your makeup or hair artistry, there’s a Spectrum Aurora Firefly Selfie Phone Ring Light that will suit you. No longer will you have to rely on natural daylight to shoot, or the flash on your phone camera that makes you look washed-out and highlights every little blemish.


These little lights pack enough of a punch to give you perfect portrait lighting, whatever the surrounding conditions, and they are small and lightweight enough to fit in a handbag or pocket.


Here is a Spectrum Aurora Firefly Selfie Phone Ring Light comparison, so you can see at a glance what each one can do and decide which will suit your needs best.



Spectrum Aurora Diamond Luxe Firefly (Winter White)

Spectrum Aurora Diamond Luxe Firefly (Gold Rush)

Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Firefly (Winter White)

Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Firefly (Gold Rush)


spectrum aurora diamond luxe winter white selfie phone ring light

spectrum aurora gold rush diamond luxe selfie phone ring light

spectrum aurora winter white gold luxe selfie phone ring light

spectrum aurora gold rush gold luxe selfie phone ring light

General Description

Great for selfies on the go, this mobile phone selfie ring light stores easily in your handbag

Great for selfies on the go, this mobile phone selfie ring light stores easily in your handbag

Great for selfies on the go, this mobile phone selfie ring light stores easily in your handbag


This ring light also features an adjustable cool-to-warm colour temperature for natural daylight shots or giving a golden glow to skin

Great for selfies on the go, this mobile phone selfie ring light stores easily in your handbag


This ring light also features an adjustable cool-to-warm colour temperature for natural daylight shots or giving a golden glow to skin

Great For

Selfies in low light, eyebrow/ eyelash/makeup clients, Instagram stories and Facebook Livestreams

Selfies in low light, eyebrow/ eyelash/makeup clients, Instagram stories and Facebook Livestreams

Selfies in low light, eyebrow/ eyelash/makeup clients, Instagram stories and Facebook Livestreams.


Adjustable colour temperature suits all skin types and lighting conditions

Selfies in low light, eyebrow/ eyelash/makeup clients, Instagram stories and Facebook Livestreams.


Adjustable colour temperature suits all skin types and lighting conditions

Adjustable Colour Temperature



Yes – warm orange to daylight white

Yes – warm orange to daylight white

Adjustable Brightness Levels



3 for warm orange, 3 for daylight white

3 for warm orange, 3 for daylight white

Power Supply

USB Cable


USB Cable


USB Cable


USB Cable


Use in Low Light Conditions





Luminance at 1 Metre

40 Lumens

40 Lumens

40 Lumens

40 Lumens


8.5 x 8.5 x 3cm


8.5 x 8.5 x 3cm


8.5 x 8.5 x 3cm


8.5 x 8.5 x 3cm



60 grams

60 grams

60 grams

60 grams

Compatible Smartphones

iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and other Phones.

iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and other Phones.

iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and other Phones.

iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and other Phones.


spectrum aurora gold luxe ring light


You may be wondering which selfie ring light will suit you best – the answer is to look at what you need or want to use your ring light for, and if you would be best suited with one colour temperature or would need the adjustable colour temperature version.


make up artist selfie phone ring light


If you’re a makeup artist, for instance, you may be shooting in different lighting temperatures, or working with different skin tones, so a variable colour temperature would probably suit you. If you’re someone who loves taking selfies for social media, you might be happy with the daylight balanced selfie phone ring light.


spectrum aurora firefly selfie phone ring light


Remember, selfie phone ring lights do what they were designed to do brilliantly, but if you try to use them for a different lighting purpose they won’t do so well. If you like what a ring light can do, but want to light a larger area, you would be better off looking at the Spectrum Aurora Ring Light range that features larger, more powerful versions.


Whatever ring light you eventually choose, you’ll have made a great choice, and will join the growing ranks of photographers and videographers who have discovered how awesome ring lights can be.

Spectrum Aurora Ring Light Comparison: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for the best lights for enhancing portraits, selfies, make-up or hair shots, macro and product photographs, look no further than our Spectrum Aurora ring lights.


The soft and even light given off by ring lights lets you illuminate your subjects in a variety of ways, and there are different sizes of lights – from large studio ones that need stands, to the compact types that you can attach to your phone.


Ring lights give a slick and professional look to your images and video, but they do have some limitations – they’re great for lighting single subjects or small and medium objects, but not so good for group shots or larger items.



before and after using a ring light


LED ring lights are one of the most versatile lighting tools that you can buy, and the quality of light, as well as their portability and convenience, makes them worth the cost. Because they give continuous lighting, you can see what your image is going to be lit like before you press record or click the shutter.


Unlike traditional flash head units and softboxes, ring lights don’t get in the way of your camera – you can shoot right through the centre of the ring, as well as move the lights to the side.


You can also team two or more of our Spectrum Aurora ring lights together to create a totally unique and different lighting aesthetic for your work, as well as team them with reflectors to lift any small amount of shadow.


Portrait photographers love them because their circular shape gives the subject’s eyes that beautiful ring of light around the iris. (If you want to know how a portrait was lit, just look at the model’s eyes – you’ll see a reflection called a catchlight there, which shows what type of lighting modifier was used).


They don’t heat up like conventional tungsten lights, which means you can pack up straight away at the end of a shoot without waiting around for your light to cool down.


This article is going to look at the Spectrum Aurora Ring Light Comparison table, so you can see which one of the new range of ring lights suit you best.


spectrum aurora 13" mini pearl ring light
spectrum aurora 14" mini pearl II ring light
spectrum aurora 19" diamond luxe ring light
spectrum aurora 18" diamond luxe II ring light
spectrum aurora 19" Gold Luxe Ring Light
spectrum aurora 19" Gold Luxe II Ring Light
Light Source
180 SMD individual LED lights
240 SMD individual LED lights
240 SMD individual LED lights
512 SMD individual LED lights
240 SMD individual LED lights
512 SMD individual LED lights
Colour Temperature
5400K (natural daylight)
5400K (natural daylight)
Approx. Lifespan
80,000 hrs
80,000 hrs
80,000 hrs 80,000 hrs
100,000 hrs
100,000 hrs
CRI+ Colour Rating 
95+ 95+
Power Cable Australian Plug
Australian Plug (Also UK, US & EU Available)
Australian Plug
Australian Plug (Also UK, US & EU Available)
Australian Plug (Also UK, US & EU Available)
Australian Plug (Also UK, US & EU Available)
Ring Light Diameter
18"/44.5cm 19"/50cm 50cm
Dimmable Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Colour Temperature Control No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Luminance @1m
2600 LM
3000 LM
4200 LM
6000 LM 6000 LM 6000 LM
Attachable Mirror Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes – Included Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes - Included
200cm Light Stand Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes – Included Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes - Included
Phone Bracket Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes – Included Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes - Included
Camera Bracket Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes - Included
Goose Neck No
No Yes - Included
Yes – Included
Yes- Included
Carry Bag Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes – Included Yes – Included
Yes – Included
Yes - Included
Diffuser Panels Yes – Included Yes - Built In Yes – Included Yes – Included
Yes - Built In
Yes - Included



Colour Temperature
Daylight White ONLY
Warm Orange, Daylight White, Warm Orange + Daylight White
Brightness Levels 3
3 for Warm Orange, 3 for Daylight White, 3 for Warm Orange + Daylight White
40 LM
40 LM
Smartphone Compatibility
iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony and other Phones.
iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony and other Phones.
Physical Colour
Gold Rush, Winter White
Gold Rush, Winter White
Power Supply
USB Cable
USB Cable



spectrum aurora ring light range


As a general rule, the larger the area you want to light, the bigger the ring light you’ll need. If you’re just starting out, the Spectrum Aurora 14" LED Pro Ring Light Kit - Mini Pearl II is a budget-friendly choice, as well as being a compact size for travelling. MUA’s will find it great for lighting brows or lips.


spectrum aurora diamond luxe ring light


Photo booths require a larger, more powerful ring light like the Spectrum Aurora 18" Diamond Luxe II Ring Light , which is also great for MUA’s and beauty professionals, as it provides flawlessly lit images that show off your work to the best advantage, as well as keeping the colours true to life


spectrum aurora gold luxe ii ring light

The Spectrum Aurora 19" Gold Luxe II Ring Light certainly doesn’t come in cheap, but it’s an investment in your future. If you are looking to move up from entry-level or mid-range ring lights, then this is the one for you. It provides enough light to illuminate flat lays, and also to give shadowless light for interior design photographers, MUA’s, vloggers, social media influencers, portrait photographers, still life and food photographers etc.




As our Spectrum Aurora Ring Light comparison table shows, each ring light has different strengths and capabilities.


It will stand you well in the future if you buy the best ring light you can afford now, and one that will be powerful enough for your needs in a few years’ time without you having to buy a more powerful one.


At the end of the day, the type of ring light you choose will come down to personal preference and the type of photography or videography that you do, but hopefully, this ring light comparison will help make your decision easier.




Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos

Why do you need your lighting for YouTube videos to look the best it can be?
There are several reasons:

  • Good lighting makes you look professional. If you want your audience to keep watching, you need to look like you know what you’re doing. Poor lighting doesn’t just make it hard to see, it gives a bad impression of your skills.
  • If you are demonstrating makeup or doing a tutorial, good lighting is essential for your viewers to see colours and techniques clearly.

  • You want to create a mood that is in line with your message. Different lighting styles and light intensity can give your audience subtle cues, and make them feel how you want them to.

  • Good lighting draws the viewer to what you want them to look at. Contrasty lighting can make people or objects stand out.

This article is going to look at the best lighting equipment to help you create perfect, professional YouTube lighting that will keep your viewers watching time after time – even if you are a complete beginner.

1. Softbox Lighting

Softboxes are translucent boxes that come in different shapes and sizes, and they fit over a studio light.

A softbox is a great tool for YouTube lighting, because they diffuse and filter the harsh glare from the lightbulb inside them. This gives a soft, even and mostly shadowless light on your subject.

Most softbox kits such as the Spectrum ‘Illuminate Mate’ Double Rectangle Softbox Lighting Kit come with two softboxes, so you can position one on each side of your subject for even lighting. These large softboxes are perfect for covering larger areas, and you can add ringlights to your lighting equipment setup for even more control.

If you want a softbox kit with dimmable lights, the Spectrum 'Kreator Kit' Double Rectangle Dimmable LED 3000-6500k Softbox Bi Coloured Lighting comes with three different lighting options: warm, white and daylight lighting temperatures, so you can match your lighting to the mood you wish to convey in your video. This lighting kit also comes with a handy remote control, so you can adjust the lighting without moving from your spot!

Lighting Equipment List

To use softboxes in your YouTube lighting setup, here’s what you’ll need:


  • Softboxes (two is best to start with)

  • Light stands – these are sturdy, adjustable stands that hold your lights and softboxes safely so they don’t fall over.

  • Lights – you need continuous lighting for shooting video. Choose from LED panels or tungsten bulbs.

How to Set Up Your Lighting Equipment 

To get the best, most professional-looking YouTube lighting, you’ll need to know how to set up your lighting equipment.

A good, basic starting point is to have your subject in the middle of the two lights, which should be placed at a slight angle – think of a shallow triangle, with your subject at the head, and the two lights each forming the other point. Here’s a diagram:


This is just a guide, but this should ensure your subject is lit from the front and sides evenly.

Approx. Cost

A good, basic kit with all you need costs from between $200-300 AUD

2. Ring Lighting

This style of YouTube lighting is the go-to setup for beauty and makeup vloggers. The ring light is a lightbulb or panel that is created in a ring shape, and it’s popular because it creates an even, flattering light all around your face. The shape of it also allows for you to point your camera directly through the centre of the ring to film.

Ring light kits such as the Spectrum Aurora 13" LED Pro Ring Light Kit - Mini Pearl, the Spectrum Aurora 19" LED Ring Light Kit - Diamond Luxe V1, and the Spectrum Aurora 19" LED Ring Light Kit - Gold Luxe contain all the lighting equipment you need to get started.

Lighting Equipment List


  • A ring light (you can change the colour temperature of the lights by adding a snap-on filter).

  • A ring light stand. These stands will hold your ring light safely while you film, and some have adjustable goose necks so you can hold the light at the perfect angle for your subject.

  • Softboxes and lights for extra lighting. This is optional, as you can film with just a ring light, but for even, all round lighting you need extra softboxes to give light from the side or back.

How to Setup Your Lighting Equipment

If you have a single ring light, you will need to place it directly in front of your subject’s face, so it casts an even light over the whole face. Don’t have the ring light too far away from your subject.

For a ring light and softbox setup, have the ring light directly in front of the subject as above, but add two softboxes – one on each side, like in the diagram below:


Approx. Cost

Between $200-400 AUD

3. LED Lighting

LED panels like the Spectrum Crystal Luxe 9" Dimmable LED Side Fill Light (3200-5500k), and the Yongnuo YN300 Air Double Colour Adjustable Professional Video LED Light Kit are quickly becoming very popular for YouTube lighting setups.

They consist of a single panel with lots of individual LED bulbs set into it. They are very easy to set up and take down, and can be easily transported. They also have the advantage of staying cool (which tungsten lights do not!) while you’re using them, which is a big bonus.

Lighting Equipment List


  • Two LED light panels.

  • Modifiers. LED light panels are best used with a lighting modifier, such as a softbox.

  • Two light stands. These are needed to safely hold the light panels while you shoot, and can be adjusted to different heights.
How to Setup Your Lighting Equipment

If you have a kit with two LED panels, the best way to light is to do the same setup as you would for a two-softbox kit. (see diagram in the Softbox section).

Approx. Cost

Between $200-400 AUD

4. 3 Point Lighting (Ring Light and LED Lighting)

A good setup for YouTube lighting is called “3-point lighting”, because it’s made up of three lights – the main light, the fill light and the background light.


  • The main (key) light – This light should be stronger than the two other ones, and the one that points directly at your subject’s face, just above eye level.

  • The fill light – this light fills in any harsh shadows left by the key light, to give a more pleasing look.

  • The background light – point this light towards your background, and you will get some light that separates your subject from what’s behind them.

The ring light would be your main light, and the LED panels the fill and background light. The Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Ring Light 3 Point LED 'YouTube Pro Kit', the Spectrum Aurora 13" Mini Pearl Complete Studio Ring Light Softbox Kit, the Spectrum Aurora 19" Diamond Luxe Complete Make Up and Beauty Studio Ring Light Softbox Lighting Kit and the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Pro Ring Light 3 Point Crystal Luxe LED Youtube Kit contain all the lights you need to create professional 3-point YouTube lighting.

Lighting Equipment List


  • Main light – ring light

  • Fill light – LED panel (or Softbox)

  • Background light – LED panel or (Soft box)

  • Light stands

    How to Setup Your Lighting Equipment

    This diagram below shows how to set up 3-point lighting:

    Approx. Cost

    Between $300-$800 AUD

    5. Natural Lighting (With a Reflector)


    Natural lighting is a simple way to get good video lighting (and it’s free!). Use a window as your key light – the biggest window you have that doesn’t get direct sunlight. It creates a beautiful light that wraps around your subject naturally, especially if the glass is frosted.

    Lighting Equipment List

    How to Setup Your Lighting Equipment 


    Set up your camera close to the window, and position your reflector so that it bounces back the window light to fill the shadow areas on your subject’s face:


    Approx. Cost

    Less than $30


    It’s not as hard as you think to create professional YouTube lighting for your high-quality videos. Here’s a few extra tips to help you make your videos the best they can be:

    • Get rid of any and all shadows on your subject’s face for a professional look

    • Spend some time preparing your shoot, and have all your lighting set up and ready to go before you begin

    • Watch out for glasses glare! Glasses have an unfortunate tendency to catch the lights, resulting in reflections in the lenses. This can usually be fixed by moving either the lights or the subject so that you can no longer see reflections in the glasses.

    Why Social Media Influencers Are Using A Phone Selfie Ring Light

    Why are social media influencers using a phone selfie ring light? The simple answer is that it gives a beautiful, flattering and professional lighting setup for both images and video shot on a phone camera.


    Advances in technology mean that the photos from bloggers and social media influencers are better than ever before, and this means that the bar is being raised constantly in picture quality.


    It’s not enough these days to simply use natural light or your phone camera flash to create images that are both eye-catching and professional-looking – you need to follow the lead of the social media influencers and start using a phone selfie ring light.

    WHAT IS A PHONE SELFIE RING LIGHT? what is a phone selfie ring light?

    For those of you who aren’t aware, it is a circular LED light that fits around your phone’s camera lens.


    Why should you consider using one? Because, much like a traditional DSLR ring flash, it gives you beautifully, evenly lit images on your mobile phone without any harsh shadows or dark areas, which have always been a problem with built-in mobile phone camera flashes.


    which selfie ring light should you chose?

     Credit: Lana Tarek  /  Instagram / @lanatarekbrows


    There are different colours of LED lights available to match the light temperature to the best one for your subject. For instance, the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Firefly phone selfie ring light is fully adjustable from cool to warm light temperatures and is ideal for low-light situations. Whereas the Spectrum Aurora Diamond Luxe Firefly ring light gives three levels of brightness with LED lights that mimic daylight. We have constructed a comparison below to help you see the differences between these two models of phone selfie ring lights.



    Spectrum Aurora Diamond Luxe  Phone Selfie Ring Light

    Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Phone Selfie  Ring Light

    Colour Temperature

    Daylight White ONLY

    Warm Orange, Daylight White, Warm Orange + Daylight White

    Brightness Levels


    3 for Warm Orange, 3 for Daylight White, 3 for Warm Orange + Daylight White


    40 Lumens

    40 Lumens

    Smartphone Compatibility

    iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony and other Phones.


    iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy Series like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, LG Phones, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony and other Phones.


    Physical Colour

    Gold OR White

    Gold OR White

    Power Supply

    USB Cable

    USB Cable


    This makes both phone selfie ring lights suitable for a wide range of applications in many different lighting situations.


    The Firefly lights are widely used by bloggers, social media influencers, cosmetic technicians and food photographers to light up their subjects in a continuous, even light. Pretty cool, huh?


    There’s a wide variety of uses for the phone selfie ring light:


    using a phone selfie ring light for makeup application and photography

    You can use the ring light to help you apply makeup in poor light conditions, and also for creating that flawless beauty shot afterwards. Ring lights also give your subjects lovely circular catchlights in their eyes (the reflection of the light in the iris of the eyes).


    using a ring light for foodie photography


    Food bloggers can use Spectrum Firefly for taking the perfect art shot of their meal. You can even take the ring light out and about, as it’s small enough to fit in a handbag or pocket, and simply clips onto your phone when you need it.


    ring light for beauty and eye specialists

    Credit: Emma / Instagram / @aestically.luxe


    Lash or eyebrow technicians can use the lights for taking those all-important ‘after’ images.


    phone selfie ring light for selfies or group shots

    Credit: Jasmin Shojai / Instagram / @jasminshojaimodel


    This is what the phone selfie ring light was invented for, after all!


    using a ring light for facebook live or instagram feed

    Use Spectrum Firefly for your Facebook live or Instagram feed. It makes a great light for video as well as still photography. The growing popularity of video content on social media has made good lighting a must when creating videos.

    6. FLAT LAYS 

    how to use a ring light on your phone for flat lay photosflat lay photography with ring lighting


    Use in your E-commerce work for flat lay images. The Spectrum Firefly will give your products an even light and help highlight the small details.


    using a phone selfie ring light for social media blogging

    The ring light has taken the world of social media content production by storm, and the phone selfie ring light has brought the power of the ring light within reach of everyone.


    It may seem dramatic to claim that ring lights can transform your images, and of course, they won’t make a bad photo good, but the truth is that these lights really do lift a well-composed image to the next level.

    Why not try one out and see for yourself?

    Professional MUA Essentials: Creating Tutorials Using A Ring Light With Stand

    When you’re considering in creating MUA tutorials, it’s essential to have the equipment that will help you create professional-looking tutorials to showcase your talents. Let’s look at why and how you should be creating your tutorials with a ring light with stand.


    Why Use a Ring Light?


    creating tutorials with a ring light and a stand


    Ring lights are perfect for makeup tutorials, because they cast an even, gentle light that removes shadows on the face.


    what is a ring light and why does it benefit you?

    There are ring lights with adjustable brightness, like the Spectrum Aurora 19” Diamond Luxe Ringlight, which gives flawless, continuous and flicker-free lighting so you can accurately see the colours you are applying without awkward shadows getting in the way.


    video tutorials used with ring light with flexible stand

    The ring light’s goose neck and light stand is fully adjustable, allowing you to place the ring light exactly at the angle you want it.

    getting the perfect picture of your makeup with a ring light with stand


    This ring light is daylight balanced, to help you avoid unnatural colour casts, and if you wish to warm the light temperature up (for instance to suit darker complexions without the skin looking washed out), you can add snap-on filters to give the light a warmer glow.

    photography with ring light stand


    If you don’t want to mess around with filters, you can get the Spectrum Aurora 19” Gold Luxe Ring light, which allows you to adjust to the colour temperature that you require, from daylight balanced through to warm orange with just a turn of knob – this is the main difference in controls between the two lights.


    This ring light also has adjustable brightness control so you can adjust it to suit the brightness of the place you are creating your tutorial in. Again, it comes with an adjustable ring light stand that is fully portable and sturdy.


    Do I Really Need a Proper Stand?


    vlogs with ring light with adjustable stand


    “Yes” is the short answer! You can’t just prop your ring light up against a wall or book – not if you want it to give you the best light you can get. An adjustable ring light stand is essential to get the best out of your light, and also to hold it safely without the risk of it toppling over.


    ring light with a stand is the best way for mua to display their makeup


    A ring light with stand can be adjusted to any height, and you also have the option of adjusting it so the light is shining straight down. A desktop option is also available that can be placed on your dressing table or desk here.


    You may be tempted to follow one of the many tutorials out there on making your own DIY ring light, but however good they may seem, they are a false economy as they are just not up to scratch, and you will end up with disappointing results and a less-than-stellar tutorial.


    I Want My Tutorials to Look Amazing!


    creating the best tutorial with a ring light


    A ring light with stand is brilliant and essential tools to have, but for the most visually amazing tutorials, why not go for broke and buy a complete “3-point” lighting kit? (“3-point” means there are 3 lighting sources and in this case it’s the Spectrum Aurora ring light and the 2 Spectrum soft boxes”)


    Softboxes are great at providing even, diffused light, and if you place one of the lights in the softboxes to one side of you, and one at the other with the ring light in the middle, you’ll have the most even and beautiful lighting for video or photography.


    a ring light with a stand can help capture the best picture of your subject


    The Spectrum Aurora 19” Diamond Luxe Complete Makeup and Beauty Ring Softbox Lighting Kit includes the Diamond Luxe Ringlight, plus two Rectangle Softboxes.


    This type of “triangular” lighting is often used in beauty tutorials. If you always remember to form a triangle with your lights - put yourself and the ring light in the centre, with the softboxes to the side at an angle to form a triangle (bit of unintentional poetry there!) you’ll master this lighting style in no time.


    The lights in the kit are all balanced at 5500K, meaning that there will be no ugly colour casts on your video or images.


    The heavy-duty ring light stand also has a mounting bracket for your camera or phone, so you can shoot directly through the centre of the ring light for a flawless beauty look every time.


    What About the Tutorial Itself?


    ring light with a stand can help you see your makeup in clear light

    If you’re new to creating MUA tutorials, there are a few things to remember other than lighting.


    1. Planning

    vlog planning with a ring light


    Plan what you are going to do and say before you start filming, so that you always look like you know exactly what you are doing. Download video planning template HERE and a story board template HERE. Determine whether you would like to film with a camera or smart phone. Smart phones are great for beginners and are convenient especially for traveling. It’s really helpful to explain why you are doing something, as it helps your viewers gain a deeper level of understanding. It can also help to explain any possible mistakes that could happen when applying makeup, and how to fix them.


    This is just skimming the surface of how to create a tutorial, but I’ll leave you with one last tip that I’m sure you all follow anyway – make sure your makeup brushes are clean and that your fingernails are too – ring lights show up the smallest details, (which is one reason why they are so popular with beauty vloggers) so be sure they are details that you want your audience to see!


    2. Audio


    portrait photography with a ring light with a stand

    How is your audio sounding? You can have great lighting, but if your sound is letting you down, you should consider upgrading to the best mic you can afford such as the Boya lapel microphone. You’ll also need to remember to speak up, and keep the volume of your voice consistent throughout.


    • Audience Engagement


    To keep your audience engaged, you’re going to have to do more than just apply makeup and style your hair. You need to be able to entertain, so keep the dialogue going when filming or practice beforehand. If you already have a following on Instagram or Facebook you can check your insights and find out the demographic and age of your audience. Also you can check your followers and who they’re following to find out their interests.  This way, you can determine the tone and content that is appropriate for your audience.


    3. Editing


    capturing the perfect image with ring light stand


    If you’re using a smart phone, there is a lot of good quality apps which is especially great for beginners. These can range from free to $5 USD. One free app which has raving reviews is called Inshot that is available for iPhone and Android phones. If you’re using a desktop computer, apps such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere are super user friendly and have many editing options such as cutting, filters, frame transitions and many more.


    When selecting music, it needs to fit the theme of your brand and your audience. Popular ways to find free music is by searching “copyright free” music on Youtube. There are thousands to choose from. Another popular option with a wider range of music is called Epidemic Sound. It’s easy to use interface and quality music is worth doing a free 30 day free trial ( after the 30 days it’s a small fee of $11 USD per month to download and use the music).


    …And there you have it! 

    There are many ways you can level up your vlogging or blogging game by playing around with your ring light with stand – you’ll soon learn to master it and maximise its potential.-

    The improvement in lighting quality will hopefully bring many more views and likes your way. One last thing – practice, practice and practice some more before going live so that your tutorials are as flawless as your makeup and hair!

    How to Get the Best Ring Light Headshots to Show Off Your Makeup

    We all love a bit of natural daylight, but it isn’t always possible to get it for makeup application. If you want to create a great portfolio of your work, you need consistently good lighting – and ring lights are fantastic for this. Here's how to get the best ring light headshots to show off your makeup.


    If you want to create a great portfolio of your work, you need consistently good lighting – and ring lights are fantastic for this. Here's how to get the best ring light headshots to show off your makeup


    Why Use A Ring Light?


    Simple. It’s the best light for the job. The circular design provides an even, soft light that minimizes shadows and shows colours as they should be. It’s the go-to tool of beauty bloggers and vloggers for a reason.


    getting the best image with ring light headshots


    The Spectrum Aurora 13” Mini Pearl Complete Studio Ring Light Softbox Kit is a great compact kit for ring light headshots, ideal for travelling to client’s homes with or moving around a studio or salon. It comes with two softboxes so you can achieve complete three-point lighting.

    It’s daylight balanced which is great for applying makeup, but the kit also contains an orange filter for giving a warm tone to skin. The dimmable switch means you can adjust the brightness according to your surroundings or needs.


    The collapsible softboxes fold away easily, and because the lights don’t heat up you can just pack up and go when you’re finished – no waiting around!


    the best ring light headshots for makeup artists


    For larger areas needing to be lit, the 240 LED light Spectrum Aurora 19” Diamond Luxe Complete Make Up and Beauty Studio Ring Light Softbox Lighting Kit, features a larger light with a fully adjustable gooseneck, which is great for positioning your light at just the right angle. It comes complete with an adjustable 2 metre heavy-duty light stand for added stability and versatility, and two softboxes.


    Again, this lighting kit comes with a dimmer switch and orange filter, and both feature a 12 month Australian warranty.

    Creating the Best Ring Light Headshots


    It doesn’t matter if you use a phone camera or a professional DSLR for your portfolio shots, but there are a few things you can do to create a dramatic improvement in your images.

    1. Positioning Your Light

    It’s vital to position your ring light correctly for makeup shots or videos. Position your light so that it is directly in front of your (or your subject’s) face. If you have it above or slightly below, you’ll end up with shadows that can ruin your makeup application.

    If you are using softboxes, position one to each side of your subject, with the ring light in the middle, like in the diagram below:


    This is called three-point lighting, and defines all of the face. Watch this handy tutorial video for professional tips and advice on lighting for beauty images or videos.

    2. Light Is Not All One Colour 

    how to get the perfect ring light headshot


    Different lights have different “colour temperatures”. Think about how the yellow-orange glow of a tungsten light is different from daylight. The type of lighting you use has a dramatic effect on your finished images. The daylight-balanced Spectrum Aurora ring lights mentioned above are great for showing the true colours of your makeup.


    Fluorescent lighting is perhaps the worst type of lighting to apply makeup in, as it shows up all blemishes and imperfections. This can lead to you over-applying makeup to compensate for what the light shows.


    3. Camera Settings 

    how a ring light can help capture the best headshot


    Even phone cameras have settings you can adjust to get the best photo for your ring light headshots. One of the most important things to do is to set your camera’s white balance to the correct type of light. This ensures you won’t get photos with weird looking colours on them.


    For daylight-balanced lights such as the ones mentioned above, set the white balance to “daylight”. You can usually find the white balance (WB) settings in your camera/phone menu. 

    4. Don’t Place Your Lights Too Far Away 

    showing off your makeup with a ring light

    Because ring lights are made to wrap light around, you don’t want it to be too far away from your subject, or you will lose the advantage of this. Keep your lights fairly close, and experiment with different distances to find the ideal range. If the light is too far away, you also won’t get those cool circular catchlights in your subject’s eyes.

    5. Keep the Light Central

    ring light for headshot photography


    To achieve the best lighting for your ring light headshots, try to keep the subject’s face in the centre of the ring light. This will give even lighting over both sides of the face, and they won’t be too close to or too far from one of the softboxes.

    6. Use Bolder Colours For Photos

    makeup photography with ring light lighting


    Cameras can sometimes “mute” colours, so they don’t look as bright in a photo as they do in real life. Because of this, don’t be afraid to apply bolder colours. Even when you are after a natural look, you can go brighter with the lips and eyeshadows and still look natural.


     7. Use An Image Editor

    MUA ring light headshots for professionals


    Great photos don’t just happen in camera. Most images can do with a little adjustment in image editing software. All you need to do is adjust the saturation/vibrance of the colours, adjust contrast, tweak the exposure and perhaps crop the image to bring out its full beauty.

    You don’t have to spend a lot of money or sign up for monthly subscriptions to find decent, basic editing software. Check out this article by Tech Radar, which lists the best free image editing software you can get for 2019. 


    Tips and Tricks to Publishing the Headshot image

    • Determine how you would like your portfolio to look like. There are two ways:

      i. Publish a variety of images and styles: This will show as a makeup artist your versatility to potential clients such as a natural makeup (e.g. bridal), editorial style makeup (e.g. fashion) or creative/fun makeup

      ii. Stick to your specialty: If you have a niche whether its fashion, editorial, bridal, corporate, film, special effects, TV or runway this should be the theme of your portfolio


    • Before and After photos: If you are focusing on the local market, these are perfect for makeovers, classes or bridal work. This would be a great marketing strategy for potential clients. It's not recommended for fashion or commercial work

    • Popular apps to edit makeup images are Facetune, Instagram’s own filter and editing tools, VSCO, Lightroom CC or HUJI. These apps are either free or a small cost of less than $5USD.

    10 Benefits Of Using A Professional Softbox Studio Lighting Kit

    A softbox is a rectangular, square or octagonal box covered in white diffusion material, and it fits over a light source, such as a flash head or continuous light on a stand. It’s one of the simplest of light modifiers, but one of the most used in professional photo studios. The reason? It’s amazingly versatile and gives a beautiful, soft light.


    A professional softbox studio lighting kit, such as The Spectrum Aurora 13” Mini Pearl Complete Studio Ring Light Softbox Kit, or the Spectrum Aurora 19” Diamond Luxe Complete Make Up and Beauty Studio Ring Light Softbox Lighting Kit contain all the equipment you need to set up and create professional-looking shots or videos.


    The Spectrum Aurora 19” Diamond Luxe kit also has a bendable goose neck on the ring light, so you can adjust it to any angle you need.


    1. Perfect Lighting for Product Photography

    How to use a Professional Softbox Studio Lighting kit


    Product photos need to be clear and bright, and you can use just one softbox to light your product and the background at the same time.


    All you need for shooting jewellery is:


    • A fairly large, shiny surface, such as a black glass table. (If all you have is clear glass, stick a big piece of smooth black card underneath)

    • One softbox

    • A piece of white poster board or thick card

    • A shiny piece of jewellery

    Place your main light over the product and slightly behind it. (This will throw shadows forward just a little to give you an image with more clarity and pop).


    The lighting diagram below should give you an idea of how to place the object and light:


    getting the best lighting with a softbox studio lighting kit


    For food photography, you can use your softbox to light from the back or side, with a white reflector opposite to the light:


    using a professional softbox for lighting your studio

     2. Portrait Photography

    portrait photography with a softbox studio lighting kit


    With one light and a small, white reflector, you can take a variety of portrait images. For a typical beauty shot, you need your main light high up, directly in line with the model’s nose. This will stop any shadows that may appear on either side of the subject’s nose.


    Have someone hold, or place, the white reflector down below the model’s face, so that it will bounce light back onto the shadow areas under the chin, nose and eyes:


    how can a studio lighting kit make a better image

    You may be surprised that your white background comes out grey in your images – this is because the softbox is lighting your subject, not the background. The grey background look is an effective one, and popular for corporate and other types of headshots.


    3. Professional Online Videos 

    Professional Softbox Studio Lighting Kit for video 

    A professional softbox studio lighting kit is a must for producing high-quality videos for your vlog, YouTube video, website marketing video or tutorial.


    The kits mentioned above are ideal for this, as they have a ring light to use as your key light, and the two softboxes provide even fill light from both sides, as in the diagram below:


    benefits of using a lighting kit for professional studio photography


    Your softboxes should be positioned slightly above and to the side of the subject, unless you want a “surreal” effect, then you would place the lights below your subject. The ring light should be straight in front of your subject’s face, and not too far away. You can shoot directly through the centre of the ring light.


    4. Beauty Portfolio

    makeup artists professional softbox lighting kit


    Lighting is a big issue with many make up photos. You spend a lot of time on your work, and you want it to look amazing in photographs.


    A professional softbox studio lighting kit is ideal for make-up artists, hair stylists and eyelash/brow technicians. The Spectrum Aurora lighting kits mentioned above contain a ring light and two softboxes for perfect, shadowless light.


    The set-up is the same as for video lighting:


    how to get the best light with a professional studio kit



    It is advised to not have the ring light too far away from your subject’s face – within a few feet is ideal. Both the Spectrum Aurora 13” Mini Pearl and the Diamond Luxe 19” kits have dimmable lights so you can adjust to whatever lighting conditions you are in. They also come with snap-on orange filters to give a warmer glow to skin.

     5. Mood Lighting

    Professional Softbox Studio Lighting Kit for beginners and experienced photographers


    Softboxes are very versatile, so you can create moody lighting as well as clean, clear lighting. Why not experiment with “monster lighting”? This is a popular choice for movie posters, but it has to be photographed at the right angle to bring out the beautiful angles of the face.


    You need just one light, and it should be placed down in front of your model. To get the best effect, get the model to lean forward a little over the light. Watch how the shadows change as the model shifts position, and look for the most eye-catching play of light and shadows.


    You can also create striking silhouettes by having your main light as a background, and your model standing in front of it:


    why do you need a professional lighting kit


    You can even use your softbox as part of the design element if you are shooting something reflective, such as a bottle. Simply by putting strips of black tape over your softbox, you can make its reflection in the glass look like a window instead of a softbox!


    6. Lighting A Group

    better images with softbox studio lighting 

    Lighting a group of people (or pets) can be hard, as you want the light to be exposed evenly across them all.


    It’s not really possible to shoot them all with only one light, but you could use two softboxes – one to the front on each side of the group if it’s not too large.


    You can also use a bit of trickery if you’re proficient in Photoshop and compositing images. All you have to do is pivot your light so that it lights one person at a time. Take a photo of that person, then turn the light to the next one in line and take another image, and so on. You can then composite them to make a perfectly lit group image in post-production.


    The Spectrum professional softbox studio lighting kits are also great for using in photo-booths at parties or weddings etc.

     7. Photography for Interior Design

    getting the best photograph with a professional Softbox Studio Lighting


    Although a couple of softboxes won’t light a huge room properly, you can use them to effectively light small spaces or part of a room to create beautiful interior photographs.


    You can experiment with having the softboxes at different heights and angles to accentuate certain features and to play with shadows.


    This diagram is just one example of how you can light small spaces with a professional softbox studio lighting kit:


    bettering your photography with a softbox lighting kit


    8. Social Media

    professional photographers using softbox studio lighting kit


    You can create amazing selfies with a professional softbox studio lighting kit, especially by using the skin-enhancing light that the circular shape of the ring light gives you. Use the ring light alone, directly in front of your face, or add the two softboxes to each side to give a lighter, brighter feel.


    You can shoot flatlays with just one softbox too, by tilting it downwards on the stand so the light is coming down from above, and using white card propped all around the object to bounce light back onto it:


    buy softbox studio lighting kit


    9. Live Streaming



    If you want to create great live streaming for Instagram or Facebook Live, you really need a professional softbox studio lighting kit.


    67% of viewers say that quality is the most important factor when it comes to live video (according to Livestream Learn), so you need professional lighting to attract more engagement.


    The classic pre-recorded video lighting mentioned earlier is ideal for this, as is three-point lighting. This requires an extra light behind your subject, to give them light from all sides, as in this diagram:


    how to use a softbox lighting kit


    10. Perfect Lighting Anywhere, Anytime

    Photos and videos with Softbox Studio Lighting


    Softboxes are awesome!


    The Spectrum Aurora professional softbox studio lighting kits are fully portable, and the softboxes fold down easily for transport. The lights are also designed to run cool, so there’s no waiting around at the end of a shoot for the lights to cool down before packing up.


    This means you can take your lighting kits anywhere there is a power source – client’s homes, studios, salons or even on a trip away.


    …And Here’s A Few More Tips


    I hope you found some inspiration from this article and are keen to try out a professional softbox studio lighting kit for yourself.


    • If you can only afford one softbox, make it the biggest one you can afford. You can always block part of it off with black fabric, but you can’t make a small softbox larger!

    • If you need more diffusion, or you want to experiment with putting your softbox behind a diffusing sheet, a plain white bed sheet stretched out a few feet in front of your softbox will do the trick.

    • Don’t have a reflector? Use white card or fabric, scrunched up tinfoil or even a mirror – anything white or with a reflective surface will work.


    How a Fill Light Can Improve the Quality of Your Subject

    The lighting you use in any style of photography or videography dramatically affects the overall feeling of the final product. For a more brilliant final product, it’s important to understand how a fill light works, and why you should always be using it.

    Hang on, what is a fill light anyway?

    A fill light does exactly what you’d expect it to based on its name. Its purpose is to literally fill in the shadows.

    If you use a main light source, also known as a key light, alone, you will inevitably create very dark shadows on the side of the subject that is not directly lit up by the main light. These dark shadows lack detail and lead to images or videos that appear unpolished, dull, and lacklustre. That even applies when the main light is placed right in front and centred on your subject.

    Even if the exposure on your main light source is excellent, content creators that forget about the importance of fill light end up selling themselves short. Fill light adds so much depth and character to the final product.

    How Do I Use a Fill Light?

    fill light

    Since harsh shadows happen when you only use a key light, many people go for one of the oldest lighting techniques in the book. You may have heard of it—it’s called three-point lighting. This tried-and-true technique involves your main light (or key light), of course, a backlight, and a fill light. The approach is simple, yet the results it yields are impressive.


    The Mechanics Of A Three Point Lighting Setup

    three point lighting set up

    In a three point lighting set up, fill light creates a more even light distribution. A general rule is to set up the fill light opposite the main light. By illuminating your subject with fill light on the opposite side that they’re illuminated by the main light, you’re filling in the shadows on the side that the main light doesn’t touch.

    For example, if your main light is the sun, and you’re shooting at high noon, your subject will have shadows under their eyebrows, nose, and chin. Even natural light needs to be manipulated to create stunning portraits. By using the opposite-of-the-main-light rule at midday, you’ll want to place your fill light below your subject, to counter the harsh light that’s coming from above. While the fill light will be significantly weaker, the shadows on the face will no longer be so severe.

    Three Point Lighting for Beauty Photography

    On the other hand, in beauty photography, it’s common to place the main light directly in front of the subject. This lighting position creates symmetry in the shadows on the face while accentuating the cheekbones, giving the face a much slimmer look. But, as we mentioned earlier, when lighting the subject from the front without a fill light, there are still going to be shadows coming in from every other direction.

    A Good Tip To Follow

    fill lighting before after

    A good rule of thumb to follow is that your fill light should never be as strong as your main light. The three-to-one classic lighting ratio is the most popular—meaning the main light source should be three times as powerful as the fill light.

    Using a ratio in which the fill light is less strong than the main light, you will still have some shadows. However, there will be much more detail within those shadows. To play around with more or less detail in the shadows, just adjust the exposure of the fill light to achieve your desired results. With the perfect ratio, fill lights aren’t going to have a negative impact on the main light source.

    What Kind of Lights Can I Use?

    three point lighting setup for applying makeup


    There are several options to choose from to create the perfect fill light for your photos and videos. Let’s take a look at a few here:

    Side Lights

    three point lighting setup for applying makeup


    You can create proper fill light with side lights such as the Yongnuo YN300 Double Colour Adjustable LED side lights from Spectrum. These side lights come in twos and are the perfect accessory to go along with your main light source. You can place both of the Crytal Luxe LED Side Lights opposite your main light, and they’re easily adjustable both vertically and horizontally so you can get the perfect angle. Try placing them close to your subject, and then far away to see the differences in the shadows in your photographs.

    Softbox Lights

    dog and owner portrait with softbox lighting

    Using a softbox to create fill light is a very popular choice for photographers, bloggers, YouTubers, and videographers alike. Softbox lighting creates beautifully diffused brilliance, without glare that’s perfect for placing opposite the main light source to counter the dark shadows. The Spectrum Double Rectangle Softbox Lighting Kit also comes in a pair and is popular among portrait, fashion, and even product photographers. No photography studio is complete without a softbox or two.

    A Fill Light for Video

    Spectrum Aurora Platinum Pro Side Fill Photo Video LED Light

    YouTubers, this one is for you. To not only look better on camera, but also create high-quality footage, you really ought to be using fill light in addition to your main light source. Using a product such as a Spectrum Aurora Platinum Pro Side Fill Photo Video LED Light will soften the harsh shadows your key light plays on your face.

    YouTubers, influencers, and vloggers live for this light, but it’s also great for photography. With this Spectrum Aurora Platinum Pro Side Fill LED Light, you can really get creative and play around with the soft white and orange colour filters. The nifty barn door feature is great for controlling the amount of light you let out.

    Step Into the Light

    owner and dog portrait with fill lighting

    In both photography and videography, fill lights plays a super important role in the overall lighting setup, and of course, the final product. It creates depth and detail on your subject where there would otherwise be very dark, even severe, harsh shadows. Not to mention, employing fill light gives you a much wider range of options and more room to play in the shadows.

    Make your subject, whether that’s you or a model, really pop with the right tools and a proper technique. You’ll find it’s actually quite easy, even an amateur can create gorgeous content!

    When Should You Use Three-Point Lighting

    The traditional three-point lighting technique is considered to be one of the most reliable lighting arrangements in photography and video.

    The approach and configuration are both relatively simple. By adding layers of light to your primary source at the right ratio and at the right angles, your subject (perhaps that’s you) will have much more depth, dimension, and clarity.

    The three-point lighting technique is essential and dependable, having its debut in the theatre, which is why it’s one of the foundations of studio lighting.

    Why Should I Use Three-Point Lighting? 

    three point lighting set up

    Such a lighting scheme isn’t necessary for real life where natural sunlight and other artificial light sources around us adequately light up our lives. However, in photography and film, a single light source can only illuminate your subject from one side—whichever side it’s shining on.

    With three-point lighting, you add life to your photos and videos with dynamic shadows. These shadows can be heavy or light, but your final product is guaranteed to have dimension and depth.

    What Are the Basics of Three-Point Lighting?

    Obviously, in a three point lighting set up, you’ll have three main components—the key light, or main light, a fill light, and your backlight (also known as a rim light or hair light). What roles do each of them play and why are they individually significant? Let’s take a look.


    Key Light

    key light portrait

    The key light is the most crucial element in any lighting configuration. This light is often the strongest light of the setup; it’s your exposure. 

    Depending on the desired style of the final product, it’s common to see the key light set just to the side of the subject, shining at an angle of about 45 degrees. On the other hand, vloggers and YouTubers will pretty much want the key light to be placed right in front and centred on the star of the show. The Spectrum Aurora 19" Gold Luxe ring light's high intensity LED lighting makes it a great key light to have under your toolbelt.


    backlight portrait

    A backlight’s purpose is to boost the dynamic depth of an image.  By creating a kind of separation between your subject and your backdrop, you create dimension. Without a backlight, your subject can seem to almost blend into the background, and you don’t want your photographs or videos to appear dull and two-dimensional. 

    It’s good to play around with the positioning of the backlight to eliminate shadow. We recommend using one light to light up your background to make it clean and crisp. You can use side lights such as our Yongnuo Double Colour Adjustable LED Light Kit to light up your background to reduce harsh shadows. This creates a total separation between your subject and the backdrop or background.

    The other option is to shine your backlight directly on your subject from behind. This position can create a sort of halo effect behind your subject.

    When using your backlight, make sure it’s not too bright and that it’s not bulldozing your key light. The magic point is just dark enough not to be overpowering and just bright enough to add separation between your backdrop and your subject.


    Fill Light

    three point lighting setup


    Your fill light is there to lessen the harsh shadows that your key light creates. You see, the key light will shine a beautiful, bright glow on your subject, but only coming from one direction. All the other parts of your subject that don’t get hit with your key light will have heavy shadows. With the fill light, you can control these shadows.

    The fill light illuminates the parts of your subject that the key light misses. The most common placement of the fill light is directly opposite the main light, and it’s important to get this lighting ratio correct. Many photographers swear by the 3-to-1 ratio, which means that your key light should be approximately three times stronger than your fill light.

    You can choose from a variety of lights to use for fill. It can be a softbox or side lights. The fill light does not necessarily need to be a light, actually, it can also be a reflector.

    Where Should I Start?

    Ready to get lit? These kits have everything you need for your three-point lighting configuration and your online presence is going to start shining much brighter. Shine on; you’re a star.


    three point lighting setup

    Popular among beauty and fashion influencers, as well as YouTubers, the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe 3-Point YouTube Kit comes complete with everything you need to get started with a three-point lighting arrangement. This professional lighting kit is useful for both photography and filming in half-body frames. The set includes a mirror, which comes in handy when you’re both the subject and the cameraman/camerawoman.


    three point lighting set up


    There’s also the Spectrum Aurora 19” Diamond Luxe Complete Makeup and Beauty Studio Ring Light Softbox Lighting Kit which is perfect for entry-level vlogging, helping to create high-quality content for those just starting. The key light in this kit is a gorgeous ring light, particularly useful for makeup and beauty shoots. It creates an even spread of bright light that never flickers.

    Amateurs and professionals alike will see a significant improvement in the overall look of their content with these lighting schemes. Your Instagram followers are going to love it!

    There You Glow

    portrait key lighting

    The three-point lighting set up is not a rigid rule, there’s plenty of room for artistic freedom and creativity. You can adjust the ratios and brightness of all three lights, and play around with the distance between them and your subject. You can also move your camera closer and further away as well, and test out different lenses.

    Of course, there are also light filters and colour gels that you can incorporate too, which will undoubtedly add even more variation to the classic three-point lighting configuration. You’ll find that tweaking one or more settings on each light and their positions will render you entirely different results each time.

    Remember that three-point lighting is a foundation, where you take it from there is up to you. Stay true to your style—or if you don’t quite know what it is yet, we hope these tips will help you find your groove!

    What is the Best Selfie Light for iPhones, Androids and Other Smartphones?

    Are you keen to make the close-up pictures you capture on your smartphone better and brighter? We’re talking about your selfies, shots of others, and videos, here. Just because they are taken on a smartphone doesn’t mean they have to be poor quality.


    The Spectrum Aurora LED Selfie Phone Ring Lights are perfect for exactly this kind of job. Being one of the best selfie lights in the market, they give your smartphone photos and videos that 'studio-quality' look.


    These small ring lights are literally a miniature version of the larger Spectrum Aurora Pro ring lights that you can clip on and off your smartphone and take anywhere you go. While these are the mini-me version, when it comes to this light’s uses, being small is just one advantage!

    spectrum aurora firefly selfie ring light

    Why Would I Want a Ring Light?

    So, what is a ring light for a phone and what does it do? You may be wondering why you even need one. Many phones these days have excellent cameras with high-res lenses, right? This is true to an extent, but even the best phone camera can struggle in low or dim lighting conditions, especially the front-facing camera which you usually use for selfies.


    Ring lights for smartphones add light. This helps to improve the already outstanding images you can take with your phone.


    Never mind getting a bang for your buck – with the way we look at things, you are adding and getting a bit of extra brightness for your buck. This product is a relatively cheap, affordable mini ring light to use in conjunction with the camera on a smartphone or other electronic device. The Spectrum Aurora Selfie Phone Ring Lights definitely do not lack in quality in any way.


    These selfie lights are portable and easy to carry. Ring lights are ideal if you are out and about and want to take a sneaky selfie; are mobile and always working on the go; are short on space, or travelling. They are also great to have on hand if you want to add to the ambience and lighting effects when you are taking pics on a night out.

    ring light for iphone


    Just Clip One to Your Phone (Or Laptop or Tablet)

    The Spectrum Selfie Phone Ring Light in both the Gold Luxe and Diamond Luxe is fitted with a universal clip that will attach to all the major smartphone brands. This includes iPhone, Samsung, LG, Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and more. The clip fitting will also mount the ring light nicely around the lens of the camera on a laptop or tablet.


    For the fashionista that likes to colour coordinate their accessories, the Spectrum Aurora Selfie Phone Ring Light range is available in a diamond luxe, gold luxe, or white finish. These ring lights are compact, and lightweight - not much bigger than your phone. The light itself weighs just 60 grams and is 8.5 centimetres in diameter. This means when not attached to your phone, the ring light will easily fit into a pocket or your handbag.


    Ring lights can also be attached to laptops and tablets, meaning that the media you capture with your larger devices is going to be of a much higher quality. Late night Skype call with another country? Clip on your ring light and show that you mean business. Digital nomads and remote workers swear by our ring lights.

    selfie ring light clipped on laptop


    Adjust Your Brightness

    Once you have clipped them on to your device, Spectrum Selfie Phone Ring Lights are simple and easy to use. There is just one button at the back to power these flicker-free continuous lights on and off. You tap the same button to select from three different brightness settings.


    These mini ring lights are made up of 36 individual LED light bulbs. The design and circular shape of ring lights spreads and disperses light from the individual bulbs evenly, making them ideal for a range of situations.


    The colour temperature is adjustable to suit the mood and/or set the tone of the image you want. At one end of the scale is a natural daylight setting of 5400K. This brightness level will help you capture images true and accurate to their natural colours. At the other, is a mellower and more subdued softer golden candlelight glow of 3000K.


    Spectrum Aurora selfie phone ring lights are 40 lumens and have a luminance of up to one metre. This makes them the perfect tool for adding illumination for your selfies, portrait, and even product shots.


    selfie ring light before and after

    Light Up Your Life

    There are plenty of uses for a Spectrum LED mini ring light related to both professional and play pursuits. These little baby ring lights can help you to bring out the best of a person, product, and place. Situations to use a mini ring light with your phone include:

    - Products and people: Beauty professionals such as hairstylists and makeup artists find the Aurora Spectrum Firefly ring lights perfect for capturing images of their clients and their creative work. They are not just great for portfolio shots, though. These lights also work pretty well attached to your phone as an aid for makeup application in general! Eating a dish that is way too good not to share? The addition of a ring light will make your food photography even more appetising and Insta-fab – instantly.

    - Live streaming: Whether you’re uploading a feed to Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, or blogging for vlogging to another platform – attach a small light to your phone and you’re good to go, anywhere, anytime. Adding just the right balance of light can make your content more enjoyable to view, and add that touch of polish and professionalism.

    selfie ring light for iphone


    - Video chats and calls: Are you lucky enough to enjoy the flexibility of remote working? Or do you regularly speak face to face via your phone with family, friends, or colleagues in other locations? Attaching this little LED ring light to your phone or laptop will help you put your best face forward to clinch that deal or assure folk back home that you are well. These lights make excellent lighting for Skype calls, and that all important interview, meeting, tutorial, or catch up with family and friends.

    - Night time selfies: Ever been taking a nighttime selfie and found yourself in the shadows because of low or no lighting? It doesn’t matter whether you’re clubbing, camping, or cozied up in bed - you can be faced with low light. Add a Firefly ring light to your phone for your nighttime selfies, or any other low-light conditions and you will never look like you are lurking in the dark again!

    ring light for night time selfies

    Power Options

    There are two models of Spectrum Aurora Selfie Phone Ring Lights. The first is the Diamond Luxe model that provides daylight white light in three different intensity settings. The other is the Gold Luxe model that provides three different colour temperature settings in daylight white, warm orange and daylight white and orange together in three different light intensities each. Both models are fitted with an internal rechargeable battery and come with a USB charging cable. Just plug the USB cable into your laptop or other USB charger adaptor into a power socket to keep your ring light charged and ready to go.


    The addition of a Spectrum Aurora mini ring light for your phone is a win-win. You’ll find you enhance the camera features on your phone – not to mention promoting your own best features in your selfies!


    Attaching one of these lights to your phone also opens up possibilities for getting great pro-like shots in lower light conditions – all at an affordable price.

    selfie ring light for iphone

    Choosing the Best Lighting for Makeup Application

    All beauty gurus, whether they are makeup artists or hairstylists, agree that good lighting is at the forefront of their operation. As such, a lot of their business budget is invested in quality lighting.


    You should consider makeup application lighting as a key tool in your makeup skill set. Without proper lighting, your makeup will eventually be blotted out by shadows and the colours will lose their intensity. Having the right lighting can dramatically improve your makeup application skills.


    As Mariah Carey once said, “Bad lighting is toxic”. She wasn’t wrong. Here, we go over some of the ins-and-outs to choosing the best lighting for makeup application.

    How to Apply Makeup Correctly

    The best way to put on makeup is to first follow the proper prep procedures. These preparation steps involve cleansing, moisturising and priming. Applying perfect face makeup can take a bit of practice but in time, things become easier. Lighting featuring the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Ring Light


    First, you want to make sure your face is cleared of any impurities, dirt and residues To do this, simply wash your face with water and be sure to moisturise. Priming is optional, but it is highly recommended if you want your makeup to last for an extended period. Applying a primer to your face before makeup application can prevent runoff from sweating or heat.


    After the initial cleansing and preparation, you can start layering your makeup step by step.


    1. Foundation
    2. Concealer
    3. Lashes
    4. Eyeshadow
    5. Mascara
    6. Eyebrows
    7. Cheeks
    8. Lips
    9. Touch Up

    The Science Behind Good Lighting 

    Quality lighting is crucial when applying makeup. Believe it or not, the best way to apply makeup is to make sure you see the makeup!


    Good lighting means that you're able to apply the perfect face makeup without having to worry about those pesky shadows. You will be able to select the best lipstick and the ideal eyeshadow. Also, makeup tutorials often involve a complex combination of different shades and foundations, to the untrained eye poison ivy green can easily look like forest green.


    Unfortunately, finding the right lighting for makeup application isn't as easy as it seems. Fiddling with too much light can cause heat and excessive sweating, while not using enough light can blot out the true beauty of your makeup. Mirror wise, you might score a 10 but step outside and you’ll be lucky to score a 6.


    So, what is the best type of light? Firstly, we need to view light as a spectrum of colours and not just as “light”. Focusing on the even distribution between red, green, and blue, will dramatically improve your judgement on shades and foundations.

    prism light rainbow

    Visible light (also known as white light), when passed through a triangular prism, refracts into 6 main colours i.e red, blue, orange, green, violet and yellow. The separation of the white light into different colours is called dispersion.


    Natural Light Is the Best Light

    Let’s be honest, nothing really beats natural light. It’s clear, soft and delicate – all the things you want in your makeup arsenal. Always be sure to look for the nearest window to take full advantage of natural lighting. Your makeup will end up looking vibrant and perfectly matched to your skin tone.

    natural light window studio

    Natural light through a window is commonly used in fashion and lifestyle photography as it is evenly diffused, just like a studio softbox light.

    LED Continuous Lighting

    What happens if natural light is not available? The alternative is to use a white light produced via LED (light-emitting diode) like the Spectrum Aurora ring light or if you are not fan of ring lights then the Spectrum Crystal Luxe LED Slay Lights are perfect for hair and make up application. These lights provide a steady stream of light, but they can get quite hot when not managed properly.

    This lighting solution has been popular amongst bloggers or vloggers, influencers and small businesses. It can also be used for product photography for ecommerce sites. Featuring the Spectrum Crystal Luxe LED Light Panel. 

    Try using a set of reflectors to evenly spread the light while reducing the emitted heat. When shopping for a light, find one with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or higher, the closer to the index of natural light, the better.

    Compact, lightweight, bright and portable - it's perfect for any creative professional on the go! Featuring the Featuring the Spectrum Crystal Luxe LED Light Panel. 

    Spectrum ring lights and all Spectrum Crystal Luxe LED panels have a CRI of 95. Because of this, they are often used by top-end professional makeup artists. The ring lights have an adjustable colour temperature and brightness setting. And if you leave a Spectrum ring light on for a long time, the light doesn’t get too hot.


    Ring Lights for Makeup Application

    Ring lights are ideal for both applying your makeup and taking photos of the finished product. If you’re a beauty blogger to vlogger, a ring light is worth its weight in gold.


    Because they evenly spread light, ring lights get rid of sneaky shadows and highlight your features perfectly. You might have noticed a sparking, halo-like reflection in a beauty guru’s eyes before - that’s a ring right.


    These lights come in a variety of models, including a selfie ring light. These lights are small and compact in nature, designed to clip on to smartphones. Although these lights are smaller, they still produce the same effect as a full-sized Spectrum Aurora ring light.



    The Spectrum Aurora ring light is an LED light perfect for makeup artists, hair salons, brow specialists, lash specialists and tattooists. It is used during studio or salon work and photography, too. It creates a wrap-around effect eliminating any unwanted shadows for full glow.


    If you are interested in a makeup mirror with bulbs, a 75-100-watt bulb is recommended. It illuminates a golden colour which will prevent the over-application of powder, bronzer, and foundation.


    colour rendering index comparison

    The CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is a scale from 1 to 100 that measures the ability of a light source to accurately show the true colours of an object compared to a natural light. The higher the CRI number the better the representation of colours of the object being lit.

    Makeup Lighting Dos and Dont’s

    Light Positioning Matters

    Lighting should be placed directly in front of your face. If the light is placed above you it will cast a shadow. Shadows are your enemy, you may end up applying much more makeup than you intended.


    standard lighting vs spectrum aurora ring light for makeup applicationThe best way to light up your face for makeup application is positioning the light right in front of the face (not above or below). A white light, like the Spectrum Aurora ring light with a CRI of >95, is best. This is shown in the right image.


    Avoid Yellow Lighting

    Yellow light simply lacks the clarity and brightness needed for a beauty video or photograph. Since yellow lighting tends to be duller it can make you look tired or ill. Applying makeup in this kind of light is bound to backfire, the worst part is that you won’t realize it until you step outside into the natural light.

    Avoid Rose Coloured Lighting

    Rose light tends to give off a bit of heat which will warm up your skin and appear vibrant and healthy. While this sounds like a good trade-off, there is such a thing as “too flawless”.

    Due to this healthy glow you get in this lighting, you may miss some spots and blemishes and forget to apply concealer to those areas. Your final result may seem fine at first but if you look over your makeup once more, you may find some uneven patches.


    Fluorescent Lighting Is A Big No, No

    As quoted by lighting expert, Sarah Knight “I would say the fluorescent lighting is the worst. The imperfections on your face all show up”. This type of lighting is unflattering and overly bright. It results in over applying your foundation, bronzer, powder or blush.


    clueless gif bad lighting meme

    Cher (Alicia Silverstone) from the 1995 cult film, Clueless, quotes bad lighting as the reason for her misfortune.


    Above we’ve covered a few of the reasons why decent lighting can take your makeup game from so-so to star quality.


    Ideally, we would all have perfect natural light to work in at all times. The sun doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. And if applying a full face of makeup in the middle of the street doesn’t sound like something you want to do, a ring light is definitely your next best bet. 


    How To Use A Spectrum Aurora Ring Light

    Great photographs and video are well-lit. You’ll never find grainy shots in a portrait photographer’s portfolio. Nor would you find dark shadows lingering in the foreground (or background, for that matter) of a successful beauty vlogger’s latest haul-unboxing video. This is not all thanks to fancy, expensive cameras. More important is the proper use of good lighting. Great lighting can change the entire dynamic of a photograph or video. More specifically, learning how to use a ring light to its fullest potential will have you creating content that’s vivid, bright, and professional looking—even if you’re an amateur. With any of the Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights, you’ll find that creating the proper luminescence for your media is incredibly easy. It’s a must-have tool for content creators, bloggers, vloggers, Instagram influencers, portrait photographers, designers, artists, and so many more.



    The standard set up for a ring light involves mounting the light in such a way that the camera is right in the middle of the ring. This creates an even halo of light around your subject. This technique will help you to achieve optimal results in both photo and video. For a tutorial on how to set up the Spectrum Aurora Ring Light, check out the video above to see how set up our Gold Luxe Ring Light. While using the ring light in the way it was intended is always recommended, we know that an artist’s job is to get creative.


    Do you film makeup and beauty tutorials for Youtube or the ‘gram? Are you using a Spectrum Aurora ring light yet? If not, let us tell you why you should be: The competition for online content is steep in Australia, with so many influencers and beauty vloggers and bloggers generating high-quality photos and video to be viewed and shared. To compete, you need to up your lighting game.


    Ring lights are particularly useful for beauty vloggers because of the way the light wraps around its subject—in this case, you. This effect casts a soft halo of light around the face, subsequently boosting your skin’s natural glow while reducing the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. In fact, it’s kind of like becoming instantly youthful!


    How to Use a Ring Light For Portrait Photography (Do's and Dont's)

    Portrait photographers are aiming to capture their subject in the best light possible. With just one ring light, the face of your subject will be perfectly illuminated; making it easy for you to get that money shot. The diffused, warm light will make your subject really pop. And since a ring light enhances the look of the skin and features, much less editing will need to be done. 


    Do: Position ring light directly in front of subject. Don't: Positioning the ring light at an angle will cause shadows (however if this is the effect you're after then play around with angles).

    Depending on the size of the subject and the surrounding environment,  it's best to take a test photo first with your phone or camera and then adjust the brightness accordingly. When it is overexposed or underexposed, a lot of fine detail is lost and it is more difficult to edit the image too. 


    6000 Kelvin mimics natural daylight and therefore allows for a natural glow whereas 3000 Kelvin provides an orange sunlight glow which gives a bronzy and healthy skin glow perfect for a summer inspired look. 


    We recommend an arm's length from the face to the ring light for the subject to receive an even output of light.


    To achieve the best results from the Spectrum Aurora ring light, all ambient light will need to be eliminated by turning off all lights and blocking the light from the window. 

    How to Use a Ring Light For Beauty Tutorials

    how to use a ring light for beauty tutorials



    To create the perfect glow around your face with a ring light during a makeup tutorial, set up your camera—be it a mobile phone, tablet, or digital camera—using the mounts that come with your ring light. The mount will hold your camera firmly in place in the centre of the ring light. This keeps the light distributed ever so evenly and beautifully around your face.


    Pair the Spectrum Aurora ring light with a half paper backdrop to add extra impact to your video. These paper roll backdrops come in 24 gorgeous colours and are high-quality, studio-grade backdrops that are perfect for any indoor ring-lit videography session. The paper roll backdrop is easy to set up with the Spectrum Backdrop Stand.


    How to Use a Ring Light For Twitch Livestreams

    how to use a ring light for twitch live-streaming

    Ring lights are also helpful for brightening up a Twitch live stream. Professional gamers might be able to relate to the allure of gaming in the dark, which certainly helps to block out all other visual distractions in order to focus on the game properly. However, a darkened live stream on Twitch won’t garner as many viewers as a well-lit live stream will. With the adjustable brightness on the Spectrum Aurora ring lights, your eyes won’t have to suffer, and your live stream will be bright for your followers to enjoy.


    The LED continuous lighting provided by the professional ring light never flickers and it stays cool. You won’t be adding unnecessary heat to your gaming station. The ring light and your camera will have to be set up behind your gaming station, facing you. Your background should be plain and non-distracting. A solid-colour wall or paper backdrop behind you is ideal.


    Use a Ring Light to Supercharge Your Portfolio

    how to use a ring light for your portfolio


    Makeup artists, brow and lash technicians, nail technicians, visual artists. and even tattoo artists should always photograph their work to add to their portfolio. Using a professional ring light will create studio quality lighting anywhere. Plus, the handy gooseneck that comes with the Spectrum Aurora ring light allows you to bend and adjust your light to photograph images at different angles.


    For example, a nail technician can photograph their work with the model’s hands on a table by bending the gooseneck into a horizontal position. Tattoo artists will also find this feature quite convenient for capturing their ink work done on even the most obscure and hard-to-photograph places of the body.


    Whether you’re a portrait photographer, influencer, vlogger, blogger, or a gamer, you’ll find that adding a ring light to your treasure chest of content-creation tools incredibly useful.

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