6 Tips for Starting a Youtube Gaming Channel or Twitch Live

You love video games. You play video games every spare moment that you have, and when you’re not playing them you’re thinking about them. You start watching a gaming video and fall down a YouTube rabbit hole. All of a sudden, it’s 3 am and you realize that you’ve watched every single video on a YouTube gamer’s channel.


If this sounds like you, It might be time for you to start your own gaming channel. Maybe you’re entertaining like pewdiepie or funny like markiplier. Or maybe you’re the kind of gamer who can nail every tricky bit in just about every game.

It’s exciting to think about all of the possibilities. So, where do you start and what are the tools you’ll need to have a successful and entertaining channel?


If you are thinking of starting a Youtube gaming channel (or Twitch, if that's what you prefer), you are in good hands! Here, we’ll go over 6 tips that can help you get your new gaming channel up and running.


Think and Plan

computer set up for starting a youtube gaming channel


It isn’t very exciting, but the first thing you need to do when starting a gaming channel is to think about it. Take out a pen, or open a document, and start brainstorming about what you want your channel to be like. Some key questions to ask yourself include:

Will I be funny or informative?


What will make my channel unique?


Am I creating this channel as a hobby, or do I want to make money from it?


After you’ve figured out your main goals, start breaking those goals down into actionable steps. Think of your channel like it’s a business. You want it to be successful, you have to have a plan in place. It is also a good idea to make a budget so that you have an idea of what you’ll need to spend.


Create A Brand

starting a youtube gaming channel or twitch live stream


Branding yourself is incredibly important. If you’ve branded yourself right, people will know what your channel is about. They’ll also be able to find it easily.


Figure out what type of content you’re going to be creating. Will you be doing live Fortnite videos or specialising in reviews of indie games? Do you prefer playing combat games or peaceful farming simulations?


Whatever your chosen niche is, you’ll want a proper username, logo and graphics for your channel. It’s up to you if you want to create these things yourself or hire a graphic designer to help you out.


Your username and icon are the first impressions potential subscribers see, so make sure they explain your channel and help you stand out. A great, eye-catching image for your icon will make more people click on your page.


On your videos, spend a little time creating a good thumbnail and really focus on the first three lines of your video description. Often, that’s the only part that a potential viewer will see before (hopefully) clicking on it.


It’s a good idea to do a little research into search engine optimization (SEO) and figure out which keywords are best to tag your videos with. That way, search engines, and therefore people, can find you.

set up for starting a youtube gaming channel

Get the Right Gear

Once you’ve figured out the plan for starting a Youtube gaming channel, you need to make sure that you have the equipment required for the ultimate live-streaming set-up.


Of course, you’ll need all the regular items such as a microphone, camera, editing software, and a powerful graphics card. To really look professional and stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need to invest in some of the equipment which pro photographers and videographers use.


To compete with the popular gaming channels you’ll need to have a green screen and decent lighting. You can’t just turn on some lights and hope for the best, otherwise, you’ll end up looking like one of those 13-year-old gamers recording their first ever video.


We recommend the Twitch Kit. This kit makes it easy to reproduce a professional video studio in your home, and it’s been designed with Twitch and Youtube gamers in mind. It includes a green screen background and clamps, an Aurora ring light, and a big backdrop stand.


Create a Schedule




Once you have your channel set up and your equipment ready to go, it’s time to start creating content. This is the fun part! You finally get to record yourself playing video games. It can feel a bit awkward at first but feel free to try new things and do some practice videos before you dive into it fully. Once you’ve got it down, great!


Now you have to edit the video, create a thumbnail and a description, and post it. With all of that work, it can be easy to start to lose motivation. That is why you should create an upload schedule and tell your audience about it.


cribers that you will upload a new video every Wednesday, for example. That way you’ll be sure to keep creating content and people will know when to come back to your channel to find more videos.


Build a Community


If you want people to watch the kind of videos that you make, search for similar videos and leave comments. That way you can start getting your channel seen by the kinds of people who share your interests.


It’s important to leave comments that are encouraging and kind, you don’t want to create issues before you even have a strong viewership. Leave a compliment about something that you liked in their videos, maybe a character customisation you admired, or something they did in the video that you thought was funny.


Remember that you should view other YouTubers and Twitch gamers as a community and not as competition. The only person you should compete against is yourself, to try and make your videos better each week.


If you are positive and focus on building a community of like-minded people, you will see many benefits and may even be able to set up collaborative videos with other gamers to reach even bigger audiences.

Create a Call to Action


At the end of your videos, it’s important that you inspire your viewers to interact with you. Ask your audience a question and encourage them to leave a comment with their response. Remind people to like, comment, and subscribe. This is called a ‘call to action’.


The more people interact on your channel, the more traffic you’ll have on your videos, and you’ll be more successful. If someone leaves a comment be sure to respond to them. If that comment is hateful or just ridiculous, ignore it. Don’t feed trolls.


Use the power of social media. Get people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can let them know when new videos are up.


Gaming channels are super popular right now. While not everyone can be pewdiepie or markiplier, with some hard work and the right equipment you can still create a successful youtube gamer channel.


Make sure to get yourself set up with a green screen and proper lighting. Practice your videos. Come across as genuine and interact with your viewers. Oh, and have fun and be creative. You’ll be counting hits in no time.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer in 7 Easy Steps

No one ever said that becoming a successful Instagram influencer was an easy task, but with the right tools and a good marketing strategy in place, you too could find Insta-glory right at your fingertips. By harnessing the power of social media, just about anyone can become an Instagram influencer.

In no particular order of importance, we are going to share our seven most useful tips on how to become an Instagram influencer. Let's get started:





Before you set out for Insta-stardom, it’s important to figure out what your niche is. Who are you and who are your followers? What are you trying to achieve with your Insta-fame? Get to know yourself and what you’re putting out into the digital sphere.


Are you a high-brow fashionista brand ambassador? Are you a vintage vixen? Are you a sun-kissed beach babe with a sandy bum, salty hair, and a penchant for saving whales? Are you an excellent chef who’s passionate about their dishes? Do you want to promote a zero-waste lifestyle by offering recipes for homemade toothpaste and deodorant?


Whichever it is, make sure you build your base around it. Be true to yourself though, as savvy scrollers will be able to pick out a sham eventually.






Great content is key. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform, the photos you post should always wow your followers. Whether it’s a selfie, a foodie shot, scenery, or a product flat lay, every chosen post should be well lit, perfectly composed, and have a colour scheme that adheres to the overall look of your feed.


For example, just take a look at Sjana Elise Earp’s feed. She’s giving us bright, she’s giving us happy, she’s giving us upside-down inside-out yoga realness. Her seemingly professional-grade photos are thoughtful and clean. You won’t find any sloppy shadows, red-eye, or grainy shots on her feed.


But sometimes the sun doesn’t always cooperate with our dreams of Insta-glory. So for those times when your professional photography team isn’t around, know that it’s still possible to achieve gorgeous photos with a ring light. Our Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights are perfect for everything from selfies and lifestyle shots to product flat lays, and even your Insta-worthy weekend brunch.


Perfect lighting can even be portable with our Aurora Selfie Phone Ring Lights which come in four variations so you’ll always get the right glow. You’ll never miss a shot when you’ve got a ring light in your pocket.


Pro Tip:

Don’t post unoriginal content. Your feed should only consist of photos that you’ve taken or that someone has taken of you, for you. You definitely don’t want to end up like this guy from Singapore who Photoshopped himself into the foreground of stolen photos and fooled over 100k followers for a couple of months. He got caught out eventually, and quite embarrassingly so.






To understand Instagram is to understand the power of hashtags. Hashtags make your posts searchable to Instagram users beyond your followers.


It’s easy to go way overboard with hashtags, so tread carefully. While Instagram will allow up to 30 hashtags per post, marketing experts advise against using so many. Too many hashtags under a post cheapen the overall look.


Three to five well-chosen, popular, and targeted hashtags is usually considered best practice, but we’d go as far to say that up to 10 is generally acceptable. While the ideal number of hashtags is largely debatable, just remember that less is almost always more.






An influencer’s success is based on so much more than just good lighting and well-placed hashtags. There are two key elements to building your following and keeping them interested:


First, be thoughtful with your captions, and try your best to be relatable, candid, and honest. Remember that your followers idolise you, and want to be like you. Get to know your followers, and always respond with grace and sincerity to as many comments and DMs as possible.


Next, to build your following, take the same advice from above and apply it to the people who you’re following, as well as others in your niche. Make sure you like and comment on others’ posts and hit the Follow Back button often.

It’s important to note that buying your followers is a big no-no. By doing so, you put yourself at risk of not only looking like a spam account but also coming off as desperate. You’re not desperate, and Instagram influencers are most certainly not desperate.




View this post on Instagram

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Don’t forget that being an Instagram influencer can be a full-time job, so make sure you’ve switched your profile to a business account and you’ll be privy to all sorts of insights and information about how well you’re doing. Instagram even offers some data covering which times are best to post based on the demographics of your followers.

You can take this step to the next level by running ads as well. This way, you’ll be able to target even more potential followers that your hashtags alone can reach.





Many successful Instagram influencers also support their feed with a blog. For example, a brand ambassador could use their blog as a place to review products in greater detail and share exclusive and behind-the-scenes photos that aren’t in their Insta feed.


A blog is a separate, yet powerful tool for building your network. Many brands look for influencers with a blog to create organic content on the web that hypes up their products. Search engines like Google are hip to this sort of content as well, and it’s quite a lucrative side-hustle for the Instagram influencer.


So, off you go! Work those angles and show the Insta-world what you’ve got!

Top Tips on How to Film a Makeup Tutorial for Beauty Youtubers

If you’re a beauty vlogger and you find yourself constantly swallowed by shadows, then you know just how frustrating it can be to create the perfect make-up tutorial. So, put on your eyeshadow, and grab your contour kit because we’ve got some fabulous lighting and filming tips for all you MUAs that’ll leave you feeling like the queens and kings you are.




Bringing your best to the table doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You know that big bright ball of light in the sky? Well, that is your best friend when it comes to your lighting set up. Find a window that the sun is shining through and use that light to your advantage. Just make sure the light isn't too intense, it should be soft and natural.


Zoella's Lighting and FIlming Youtube Set Up

Credit to Zoella Sugg




If you don’t have a lighting set up that people can see from the street, then we suggest buying some LEDs. You can't be messing around as an MUA when you're flexing 25 ranges of foundation. By surrounding yourself with LED lights you’ll be sure to make those colours pop, but don't forget your reflectors. Reflectors disperse the light evenly throughout the room so that you won't feel hot, or be overwhelmed by the brightness.

Check out the Spectrum Aurora Crystal Luxe LED side lights or the Double Rectangle Softbox Lighting Kit the which reduces harsh shadows and justifies the colour of your work.




Have you ever seen that small white ring in a beauty Youtuber’s eye while they are applying make-up or styling their hair and you think to yourself "How in the world?!..." Well, this is thanks to this godsend of an invention called ring lights. This light provides a soft, radial glow and with a temperature of 5400K, it’s even capable of mimicking natural daylight. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about flickers or distorts when filming, as the ring provides a continuous stream of light.




A rule of thumb is that your voice should be as loud as your makeup. Some cameras have mics, but its best to upgrade if you can to assure quality audio. We recommend finding reliable audio software to amplify your voice or even attaching a mic to one your front facing lights.

The Aputure DSLR Shotgun mic picks up high-quality sound, which makes your content 100% more engaging. 


Desi Perkins Youtube Set up

Credit to Desi Perkins




Your lighting set up should arranged in a way that captures not just your face, but ALL your beauty. You can easily copy three-point lighting by forming a triangle with your lights, and making sure you're in the middle. You'll instantly notice the difference when the lights hit all your best features, and overall, you'll keep a delicate appearance while filming.


Ever seen your favourite makeup guru's backdrop and noticed it has an ombré effect? They're using a backlight to create that effect. You can use an LED continuous light such as the Aputure AL-198 and place it at the centre behind you when you film to achieve that. 




You can't just put makeup on your face, style your hair and end the video. As an MUA and beauty vlogger, you’re an entertainer, so open dialogue is essential when filming. Ask your audience what they want to see, more importantly always remember to ask for feedback. Everybody isn't going to agree with how you used that nightshade when you should've used a jet black.


If you've just started this inspiring journey of becoming a beauty Youtuber then hopefully these tips on how to film a makeup tutorial helped. Be sure to keep your audience posted for that next upload, we’ll be waiting.


How to Create Engaging Social Media Content for Your Small Business

Anyone can make content for their social media. The tough part? Creating content that gets your followers liking, commenting and sharing. Follow these three key points and you’re on your way to putting your small business ahead of the social media curve.





Composition involves directing the viewer to the main star of the image, whether that’s a selfie, client photo, product flat lay or lifestyle post. Composing for selfies can be a little different.


Taking a photo has never been so easy with new smartphones having high quality lenses and cameras built in. The best camera is the one in your pocket. 


• Find the right angle and ensure that the image is centered


• Leave some negative space in the photo. A zoomed up photo can sometimes be unflattering.


• If you’re taking a shot on the iPhone, you can tap to focus then slide up and down to adjust exposure


• Mix things up with your posts – lifestyle shots, flat lays, use different background settings, etc.




Lighting helps greatly with good composition. Our Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights are continuous lights are really popular in the beauty industry but they're also used by professional photographers and videographers.


Influencers like Pia Muehlenbeck, Lily May Mac, Keira Maguire, celebrities and major beauty labels use our ring light. Several have them in-store like MAC USA where they use the ring light to capture the results of their work.


Here’s an example of a selfie before using a ring light, and after using a ring light.


Before and after selfie




• Shadows underneath eyes and chin


• The quality of the photo is dull


• Overall, too dark to see the results of the makeup




•  Even lighting, shadows are filled in


•  Picture quality is high


• Features are defined


• Colour of the work is justified - what you see is what you get!


Additionally, you can use the Spectrum Aurora lights as application lights – portable and easy to take with you on-location wherever there’s less that ideal lighting. Whether if that’s at a client’s house or at a busy fashion show.


If you have a Youtube channel, host Facebook Lives regularly, or take heaps of Instagram stories, then a ring light can upgrade your content game there as well.




Maintaining visual consistency in your images and social feed helps with engagement for your posts. It also helps make your brand look good and aesthetically pleasing to potential customers. For your business to stay fresh in people’s minds, you also need to be consistent in sharing your content.


• Dedicate 30mins to 1 hour a day for social media


• Make sharing high-quality content your point of difference


• Provide transparency and build a personal profile


• If you’re not going to be on social media, your competitor will be.


There you have it. Three points to remember when creating content for your brand’s social media. Check out our range of Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights to see what suits your content.

How to Take the Perfect Instagram Selfie: Dos & Don'ts

Unbeknownst to some, there is an art form involved in taking the perfect selfie for Instagram. Whether you’re an up-and-coming influencer or like doing stuff for the ‘gram, aim high with your selfie game.


We’re here to help you keep your snaps on-point and Instagram-ready with our list of handy tips covering selfie do's and don’ts.


Ready to get snap happy?





We’ve all seem them, selfies by otherwise beautiful women who have caked on so much make-up that it’s hard to see what’s underneath it all.


Don’t be that girl. Instead, let your natural beauty shine through. Keep your makeup natural and minimal. This is particularly important for beach shots. After all, no one really wears a full face of makeup to splash about in the waves – we hope!


Spectrum Aurora Ring Light




You are beautiful and radiant, and your photos should be too. Choose to take your selfies in naturally well-lit areas. But do pay attention to shadows, heavy dark and light areas might make you look older or drawn.


To really take your selfies up a level, harness the power professional photographers have by using a ring light. Our Firefly ring light fits over your mobile phone and gives you the kind of professional-looking results your followers will be jealous of.


Check out what the Daily Mail had to say about the power of our ring lights.



Girl taking photo of herself using Spectrum Aurora Firefly




You know your face and body better than anyone. If you’ve got a definite good side, do play to your strengths.


Remember to angle the camera carefully; you don’t want to give yourself a double chin when you don’t actually have one.


Model against multiple coloured backdrops




Choose interesting colours, textures, and patterns for your next selfie. Take a look around you; inspiration can be anywhere. See that wall of funky graffiti? Perfect for an exciting and edgy shot. Those palm fronds by the beach? Ideal for a nature-inspired selfie.


And a few don’ts...


Set yourself apart from the pack on Instagram by avoiding these serious selfie crimes.


Rihanna doing the duck face




Kissy face, pouty face, duck face, or whatever you prefer to call it, this pose is out. This look had its very brief heyday in the early noughties, and we’ve evolved since then.


Trying too hard to be sexy is never sexy. Try smiling instead, or keep your lips natural.


Overexposed Selfie




We’re not referring to light levels here, although overexposed selfies are also a no-go zone. What we mean is try not to show off every single inch of skin you have in every selfie.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional bikini-clad shot. And we encourage you to celebrate your body, we know you’ve got it, so by all means, work it.


But, there’s a fine line between sexy and attention-grabbing validation tactics. Hit the right balance by posting some selfies of yourself clothed, and some with a bit of skin showing every now and again.




There’s no real need to post 15 versions of the same selfie within the space of 10 minutes. At best you’ll bore your followers, at worst you’ll lose them.
Instead, keep each selfie you post unique and exciting. Your followers will love you for it.





It’s rare that a mirror is perfectly clean and makes for the ideal selfie backdrop. And it’s rarer still that a mirror selfie looks good.


These snaps have also become a bit of a cliché. Yes, we know Kim K did it, a few times. But you can do better. Head outside instead and find something prettier than a splattered mirror to work with!


Want to upgrade your selfie game? Check out our latest range of selfie phone ring lights here including our BRAND NEW Gold Luxe and Diamond Luxe Selfie Phone Ring Lights!

5 Reasons You Should Visit the Sydney Beauty Expo 2018

The Sydney Beauty Expo 2018 – an event that’s a “must” save on your calendar if you’re in any way interested or involved in this sector. Why? Not only is the expo huge and a lot of fun, but it’s also the best place to see everything related to the beauty industry under one roof.


Sydney Beauty Expo ICC 2018


Your time and your ticket will be well worth it for many reasons, including these:




Are you looking for new products or services? Do you want to check you are on track with how to run your own business? Do you need some inspiration or new ideas?


There will be around 250 exhibitors at this year’s expo with everything needed to bring out the best of people from top to toe. It’s all there - products, equipment, accessories, furniture, lighting and backdrops (and yes, that’s us!)


 Sydney Beauty Expo ICC Sydney 2018




Workshops and education sessions are on offer throughout the two days. You can learn new skills or upskill, or get a head start on specific new beauty industry techniques and trends.


If you want to increase your sales and promotions, there are speakers and seminars focused on how to give your brand and your business a boost. Do you love the creative side, but the corporate stuff not so much? You’ll also find people with advice on strategies to maximise people, time and money management.


Sydney Beauty Expo ICC 2018




With a full range of big and small businesses under one roof, the opportunities for developing new contacts are huge. If you’re looking for new suppliers, manufacturers, or people to connect with, you’ll find representatives from both Australian and global brands. You never know what future collaborations may eventuate down the line.


Sydney Beauty Expo ICC 2018



Are you just starting out or looking for some exposure for your own particular brand of creativity? Get some exposure yourself! There are two competitions running over the expo weekend – one is for nail art, and the other one is for makeup artists. Each competition has a range of categories in each craft to cater for different levels of expertise, themes, and specialities. Entries in both competitions are professionally judged, and visible to all other attendees of the expo. 


Sydney Beauty Expo ICC 2018




No expo experience is ever complete without the inclusion of a few expo-only exclusive offers. You’ll be able to save on a range of products and equipment and try out services on offer. Exhibitors not only give onsite demos to understand how items are developed for use; many will sometimes launch new product samples at expos.


As for us, Spectrum Aurora products offer lighting solutions for hair and makeup artists, background effects, photography, and video creation. We will have a team on hand to help you over the two days - Alyssa, Patrick, Heloise, Roberto and Christine.


 Sydney Beauty Expo ICC 2018


Come and see us for professional advice on which of our types of ring lights or sidelights will be best for your needs.



The Sydney Beauty Expo 2018 is on the weekend of 8-9 September 2018 from 9.00am-5.00pm each day at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney, Darling Harbour. We’ve got a fantastic spot near the centre of the venue – stand I137.


See you there!

How to Take Photos of New Tattoos and the Best Ring Light for Tattoo Artists?

Everybody knows that it can be quite a challenge to take good quality photos of fresh tattoos. The reason behind this is because the skin where the new tattoo was created will become swollen, forcing it to give off a red throbbing glistening shine all over the tattoo design, which makes it difficult for anyone to capture the real beauty of the tattoo with their camera.


Tips on How to Take Photos of Fresh Tattoos

Although it may be tough to take good quality photos of fresh tattoos due to the swollen skin and the accompanying glare that it produces, the problem can be easily remedied by adopting the following simple techniques and tips mentioned below.

1. Clean the Tattoo to Eliminate or Minimise the Swelling and Redness of the Skin

Before taking photos of the newly created tattoo, soak a few paper towels with Bactine or any topical antiseptic and place them on the fresh tattoo. Allow the paper towel to sit on the fresh tattoo for a while.  After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the soaked paper towel and clean the tattoo with a bit of soap and water and then wipe the tattoo dry with clean wipes.

spectrum aurora ring light for tattoo artists and tattooist

Cleaning the fresh tattoo and wiping it dry will help in getting rid of the redness in the tattoo and swelling of the skin, making it easier for you to eliminate any glares on the photo that you are going to take and enabling you to capture the real beauty of the tattoo design.

2. Adjust Your Camera to the Appropriate Settings

Even though we reduced the redness and swelling of the fresh tattoo by cleaning it with a topical antiseptic, we still need to make sure that our camera settings are set appropriately in order to take the best quality photos possible.

To help you out in accomplishing this task, here are a few tips on how to set and use your camera properly when taking photos of new tattoos.

  • It is advisable to learn the settings that are available on your camera. You can do this by taking lots of pictures while experimenting with different settings so that you can find the perfect blend that you need to produce quality photos of the tattoos that you create.

  • Utilise low aperture settings in order to focus your frame on the actual tattoo and minimise the focus on any unwanted background on your photo.

  • If you are using a cheaper camera, you can take the photo from a distance and just “zoom” the lens as far as allowable in order to produce the same effect as utilising low aperture settings in more expensive cameras.

  • Use aperture priority settings when available so that your camera would automatically handle the shutter speed when you take photos of your tattoos.

spectrum aurora ring light for tattoo artists and tattooist

3. Make Sure You Have Proper Lighting Available

The most important aspect when taking photos of fresh tattoos is your lighting setup. Your lighting source can be the natural light that you get from your window or the spotlight that you installed in your ceiling. It really depends on the style and the feel that you want to bring into your photos. Some tattoos look better with natural lights and others with more dramatic lights. The key is to find the perfect balance of lighting so that the pictures that you take will come out bright and crisp.

To give you some ideas on how to use light sources properly when taking photos, here are a few guidelines that you can follow.

  • It is always a good idea to adjust the position of your light source into different angles in order to eliminate shadows and glares that may affect the quality of the photo that you are taking.

  • Utilising softbox lighting allows you to shoot forward light that bounces back into a reflective surface, producing a diffused light that is pleasant and soft.

  • Position your lighting source closer to the subject so that the light emitted can wrap around the tattoo more efficiently, thus producing better quality photos.

By following the tips and guidelines stated when taking photos of new tattoos, you can easily solve the glare and swelling problems that can ruin the photos that you take from the tattoos that you have created, enabling you to produce beautiful pictures of fresh tattoos that you can use to make your business more successful.

spectrum aurora ring light for tattoo artists and tattooist

Dental Photography - Taking Photos for Your Social Media Portfolio

Nowadays, building a portfolio for your dental practice is critical to the success of your career as a dentist. Gone were the days when you just have to establish a dental clinic and clients will flock from everywhere in order to obtain your services. Competition among dentist has been tight these past few years and the only way to stand out among the rest is to create an outstanding clinical portfolio that you can use to advertise your skills and competence in the field of dentistry.

Despite that fact, some of the skilled dentists in the field are having a hard time in their career just because they do not have the knowledge in taking quality pictures of their work and thus are unable to properly showcase their talent and expertise in their field.

How to Take Dental Photos for Your Social Media Portfolio

Taking photos for your social media and clinical portfolio should not be difficult if you have the right equipment and the proper knowledge to use them in order to obtain high-quality pictures that you can use to correctly represent your work.

The basic equipment that you need in order to take quality photos are the following:

  • A plain blue or black background board that you can hang on your wall (for taking patient’s profile photos that you can use for your presentations)
  • A camera or a phone that takes high-quality pictures
  • Dental mirrors
  • Retractors
  • Dental contrasters
  • A good lighting source

Make sure that all your equipment and gear are properly sanitised for the safety and hygiene of your patients.

Taking a Patient’s Profile Photo

To take a patient’s profile photo for your presentations and clinical portfolio, make the subject stand against the black or blue background board and use your lighting source to provide lighting for the photo shoot. Adjust the position of your light (Spectrum Aurora ring light, softbox or any other lighting source) to ensure that the subject is well lit.


Adjust the angle of your camera and compensate for any glares or shadows that you may see on your camera screen. Take multiple shots from your camera and adjust your camera settings and angle if needed until you get the shot that you are looking for.

spectrum aurora ring light dental whitening teeth photography

Taking Photos of Your Patient’s Teeth

Now for taking the actual photos of your patient’s teeth, instruct your patient to sit comfortably in the dental chair and position your light above the subject’s mouth. You can use a cloth, a paper or a clear plastic bag to cover your light source if you want to diffuse the light coming from it.




Use the retractors to widely open the subject’s mouth, so that you can take accurate shots of the teeth that you want to take a photo of. You can alternatively cut a plastic retractor at 45 degrees angle to make it easier to use.


spectrum aurora ring light dental teeth photography whitening


Position your camera above the patient’s mouth and adjust your angle in order to capture the teeth that you want to take a photo of. Use mirrors and dental contrasters to get a better shot of the teeth and adjust your lighting and camera accordingly to avoid glares and shadows. Review the photos that you take every time that you take a picture and retake the photo if needed.


spectrum aurora ring light dental teeth photography whitening


Taking photos for your clinical and social media portfolio should not be difficult as long as you have the proper gear and knowledge to accomplish it.

One important thing to put into mind is that the secret to taking quality photos of your patient’s teeth is not always about the gear and equipment that you use but the lighting that you get when you take your photo.



Best Ring Light for Hair Salons and Other Lighting Options

If you are a hair stylist or have worked at a hair salon or barbershop, then you have definitely experienced moments when you were proud of your work and you wanted to take a picture of your client’s haircut for your portfolio.



Unfortunately, you realised that the whole process will take a little bit longer than you expected and as a result, you were forced to just take a quick few shots from your camera and thus, were unsatisfied with the outcome of the photos.

The truth is that it can be quite difficult to take quality photos of your customer’s haircut when you are short on time and your next client is waiting on the sideline. Luckily, there are a variety of things that you can do to significantly improve the quality of the photos that you take for your salon in this type of scenario.


spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney


A Good Lense for your Camera or Portrait Mode for iPhones

If you're fortunate enough to have an iPhone 7 Plus, an iPhone 8 Plus, or an iPhone X, then you have probably played around with Portrait Mode, and if you have an iPhone X, then may have tested the portrait selfies and Portrait Lighting. Portrait Mode allows a standard photo of someone into an almost DSLR-quality photo.

Contrary to the belief of others, it is more suitable to invest in good lenses rather than purchasing an expensive camera body. Using fast plain lens will create a nice background blur on your photos and will make the subject of your photos stand out better.

spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney


Use Appropriate Settings for Cameras
Making sure your camera is set to aperture priority mode will enable you to better control the focus of your frame, which allows you to scan through the background of your subject out-of-focus by using a wider aperture.

spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney

Utilise Suitable Items as Your Background
Alternatively, if you don’t want to blur your background out with a wider aperture listing and you just want a solid background for your photos then you can use suitable items in your salon, such as the portable hair salon banner that is used for advertising to serve as the background for your photos.


spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney

Make Sure You Have Proper Lighting Available
Lighting is important when taking photos and while we always prefer to use natural lighting, it just isn’t always possible in every scenario. Having the  Spectrum Aurora ring lights available in your salon will definitely provide you with the perfect light that you need to take your beautiful photos.

To give you more ideas on how to use lighting properly, here are some guidelines that you can follow when using a Spectrum Aurora ring light.

  • Position your subject away from the wall or your background to avoid shadows and to provide more details for the shoot.
  • Bring the subject ears forward into the light to produce a slimming effect on the subject’s face and neck
  • Pose the subject’s hair by smoothening flyaway, spacing it evenly, and filling in thin spots
  • Before taking the shot, remember to keep still and give the camera time to focus before shooting
  • Use a ring light diffuser to soften and evenly distribute the light on the subject
  • Always take multiple shots so that you can capture the highlights of the subject’s best features

spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney

In addition to the guidelines mentioned above, here are other tips that you can follow when taking photos in your hair salon.
  • Keep your light focused on the subject
  • It is advisable to shoot wide and just crop the photo later so that you won’t miss any good details
  • Focus your shot on the nearest eye and not on the hair for a more sharper and professional look on your photos.

By following these simple steps and guidelines when taking photos for your hair salon, you can rest assured that you can dramatically improve the photos that you take and therefore increase your hair salon sales from these enticing photos that you can add to your portfolio.

What is a Ring Light - Spectrum Aurora

Have you ever wondered how most of the beauty photographs and videos that you have seen lately are well lit and of high quality? Well, if you thought that the reason behind this is because they are using a very expensive type of camera then you are definitely wrong. Most of these photographers and video creators are able to produce these high-quality videos and photographs simply because they utilised a piece of unique lighting equipment called the ring light.


Typically, a ring light is an easy-to-use multipurpose lighting tool that enables users to obtain a source of uniform light that comes directly from the point of view of their cameras. This lighting device is usually made from a single circular fluorescent bulb or several connected small LED lights that form the shape of a circle.

The Spectrum Aurora ring light is perfect for emphasising details, photography, filming, make up application, macro photography or generating colour effects.



Ring lights were originally developed for medical and dental purposes. However, due to its wide potential capabilities, the ring light was adapted for various commercial usages that include the following:

1. For Emphasising Details

Due to its design and structure, ring lights are perfect for emphasising details on photographs and videos. The ring light's circular design allows users to use their cameras in between the hole of the ring light enabling them to focus on specific details of the shoot.


2. Macro Photography

Using a ring light when taking pictures produces perfectly balanced lighting that is evenly distributed on every side of the model or object that the users want to focus on.

Ring lights allow the users to create high-quality photos and videos without the burden of spending a lot of money for the shoot.

3. Generating Colour Effects

Ring lights can be easily used to generate colour effects by simply switching the regular white bulbs with different coloured lights or by applying coloured gels on various parts of the ring light.

Using ring lights to generate the colour effect technique allows the user to create colour washes that flow through various directions of the object of the shoot or video.


4. Video production

When using ring lights as the only source of lighting for a photoshoot or commercial, the ring lights produce an attractive halo shadow that brilliantly outlines the subject of the photograph or video. This provides a dramatic and professional look for filming. For a more professional-looking video, softboxes or sidelights can complement the ring lights such as the Spectrum Aurora Complete ring light kit or the Spectrum Crystal Luxe Side Fill Lights.

Since the growing audience of social media, creating video content has never been so easy with the development of high-resolution quality camera phones. Even more popular is the use of the Spectrum Aurora ring light being used for professional lighting in Youtube videos or Instagram/ Facebook stories.


5. Makeup Application

Since most ring lights can produce a daylight colour rating of 54000k, this source of light is perfect for makeup application especially on an overcast day or when natural light is not available. 

ring light with a 54,000-kelvin rating offers a colour temperature close to daylight and therefore it is perfect for makeup application when natural light is not available. Featuring the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe ring light. 



If you are planning to purchase a ring light for your personal or business needs then you might have a little difficulty in choosing which type of ring light to buy. 


1. Using a camera? Tablet? Smartphone?

To be able to properly choose the perfect ring light for your needs, you must take into consideration how you are going to use it. If you need a ring light to use for taking selfies on your DSLR camera or iPad then it is advisable that you purchase a ring light that is big enough to fit inside it such as the Spectrum Aurora 19" Diamond Luxe II ring light or the Spectrum Aurora 19" Gold Luxe II ring light


Need to do a selfie video or photo? No worries, the Spectrum Aurora ring light allows for filming and photography with your DSLR camera, smart phone or iPad.

2. DIY ring lights. Worth it?

You will find that there is a lot of "Do It Yourself" ring lights on Youtube videos that can be made on a budget however you will find it will be a tricky task to shop the right materials and put it together. Also you will need to make sure it is safe to use and that the lighting is consistent and can be use for long periods of time.

3. Power and Ring Light Size

The other thing to consider when shopping for a ring light is the size and power of the ring light. The higher the lumens (lm) and colour rending index (CRI) the better the lighting output and colour representation of the object being lit.  This makes a big difference especially those depending on colour accuracy such as: makeup artists, tattoo artists or hair colourists. It is ideal to find a ring light that offers a dimmer knob to control the brightness. This will make your life easier as you find yourself moving the light stand to adjust the brightness. 

The 'gooseneck' allows you to control the direction of the ring light perfect for flay lay photography, tattoo artists, brow or lash specialists and many more. Featuring the Mini pearl ring light. 

4. Warranty

Double-check warranties offered as they vary from retailer to retailer. As a rule of thumb, you would need at least 10 months for a purchase warranty. 


5. Need the ring light to cast towards the floor? 

This is especially important for anyone needing to do flat lay photography, filming artwork or crafts on a table, brow or lash specialists or tattoo artists. For this to function properly the ring light needs a part called a "gooseneck" to allow the ring light to flex as much as you need. Take note of the safety precautions in the video here.

Filming your work at your office table or desk has never been so easy with your phone. Simply use the phone mount provided and film your project and post it on social media. 

6. Colour Temperature of the Ring Light

A warm colour temperature is typically used during photography or filming when a warm and healthy glow is required on the subject. Most ring lights have the option of changing the colour with snap-on orange filters however a more convenient option is a dimmer for colour temperature which is available in the Spectrum Aurora 19" Gold Luxe ring light

7. Included Accessories

Does it come with a carry bag? A mirror? A goose neck? A stand? Phone bracket? Camera bracket? AC Power adaptor compatible with your country to plug? These are the standard accessories that a ring light should come with.

The Spectrum Aurora ring light provides the most comprehensive accessories included for every ring light model. This includes the ring light, phone mount, camera mount, gooseneck, stand, mirror, AC adapter and carry bag.

8. Fluorescent Bulbs Vs LED Ring Lights

Fluorescent ring lights are considered old technology and do not have a long life span as LED ring lights. The cons with a fluorescent ring lights are that they become hot when used for long periods of time, it may produce a humming sound or flicker over time, when the bulb is broken you will need to purchase a new bulb to replace it whereas  LED ring lights don't have this issue and emits heat which maybe uncomfortable for make up application. 



If you have an online presence whether it's through social media or a website and you're building a brand - then a ring light will assist in providing perfect lighting for professional-looking photos or videos. You can find every type of ring lights and accessories that can accommodate your various needs and requirement in our Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights page. The Spectrum Aurora ring lights have a CRI of 95+, 12 months warranty, bi-coloured lighting, comes in different sizes (13", 19", 20"), includes all the standard accessories and has an approximate life span of 80,000 hours. With Spectrum Aurora brand you get the best quality ring lights and accessories at the most affordable prices. Here is a comparison video below of the Spectrum ring lights to help you decide which is best for your situation:



The Spectrum Aurora ring light complete video kit with side fill lights is perfect for video production. A professional lighting setup that fits in your bedroom. Now you can create endless content for Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram stories and Facebook Live videos. 

Lana Tarek: Sydney's Leading Feather Stroke Eyebrow Specialist

When we dream of having beautiful and gorgeous eyebrows, one person always comes to mind, the lovely and talented Lana Tarek.




Lana Tarek is one of Australia’s most renowned eyebrow specialists. Her BROWCADEMY has become the top choice for people who want to learn and build their careers in the eyebrow and microblading field. 




We at Spectrum are proud to say that she is one of the first Spectrum Artists and the best in her field, we eagerly decided to visit her BROWCADEMY to interview Lana Tarek and find out what makes her Microblading academy a success.




Realisation of Lana Tarek’s Dream

During our interview with Lana Tarek, she said that it has always been her dream to become an eyebrow specialist. When Lana was young she revealed that she always had a flair for beauty, makeup, and brow shaping. However, it wasn’t until she dropped out from her university where she was studying Law for three years had she realised what she really wanted to do with her life. This incident paved the way for her to enter the beauty industry, which led her to fulfil her dreams of becoming Australia’s leading eyebrow specialist.   




The Secret of Lana Tarek’s Success

When we asked Lana Tarek about how her business and career as an eyebrow specialist became so successful, she said that it was because she always focused on the basic foundation of her business, which is to make sure that they always meet the needs of their customers.




Lana shared that it is important for her and her staff to have the proper skill set needed to produce the most realistic, fluffy-looking feathered brows that every customer demanded and that is why she took the time and effort to learn everything that she needed to know from different academies and workshops in order to develop her own unique technique and style that she can pass on in her BROWCADEMY workshops.




Furthermore, Lana said that social media played a big part in her successful career. She said that a lot of her clients became the source of new customers for her business because as soon as customers are finished with their eyebrow service, they usually take a selfie with her and then tag their friends in social media bringing in new customers and advertising her business to a wide range of people. 




Lana Tarek and Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights

When we asked Lana Tarek about Spectrum Aurora ring lights, she said that she had experimented with a lot of different types of lighting in the past, from natural lights to the light that you get from the flash of your phone. But only when she used the Spectrum Aurora ring lights did she get the great and consistent lighting that she and her students needs for her workshops.




At the end of the interview, Lana Tarek said that they are proud to be the very first microblading academy to use the Spectrum Aurora ring light and added that it has been an honour for them to have their workshops lit up by Spectrum Aurora.


Makeup by Ariel Sydney Masterclass at The Concourse

Spectrum had the privilege of providing the official lighting for the talented and highly acclaimed makeup artist Ariel Tejada during his exclusive and very first Sydney masterclass held at the The Concourse in Chatswood.

make up by ariel masterclass

We sent in two of our lighting experts to make sure everything was perfect for Ariel on his big day.  Here’s their account of the whirlwind:

“The train ride into the venue was crazy, nothing new for the Sydney peak run – this was just a little taste of what were in for. Singing in backstage, we could feel the excitement building, we were about to attend a masterclass from the one and only Ariel Tejada, makeup artist to the stars, but not just any stars – The Kardashians! In saying that, with Ariel being the official makeup artist for Kylie Jenner, we knew we were in for a very special treat. We were about to be in the presence of a makeup titan.

 Make up by ariel tejada kardashian masterclass sydney

Walking on stage to setup our lights, the first thing we noticed was the luxurious setup, Zena Bechara and George Khouzame Group really delivered the goods. Stunning gift bags boasting products from cosmetic powerhouses Giorgio Armani, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Bobbi Brown and Benefit to name a few. Gorgeous flowers sprawling the stage, a gifting suite and VIP section backstage to die for, as cliché as it sounds, no detail was too small, everything was beautiful.

Make up by ariel tejada kardashian masterclass sydney flower cake

Setting up our LED panels was a breeze, we were briefed as to what Ariel wanted, a nice clean lightings setup– he wanted to make sure you could see every detail, so important for his work and his students, after all, it was all about bringing across the accurate colours, making everything pop. 

Make up by ariel tejada kardashians sydney masterclass 

As Ariel was busy backstage preparing himself for the masterclass, immediately you could pick up his attention to detail, everything was to be perfect. Just like his art.

The masterclass kicked off with a surprise, Ariel was gifted a stunning makeup brush with more than 50 carats of Diamonds, handmade from white gold from the talented designers at Nader Jewellers. The look on Ariel’s face was priceless, a “small” gift to mark the occasion. Amazing!

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

We were then introduced to the model for the day, who was none other than the one and only Lana Tarek from Lana Tarek brows. A familiar face! (the team at Spectrum have collaborated with her before, such a kind soul, her work and talent speaks for itself).

Ariel’s masterclass focused on his signature striking red carpet look, popular with Kylie & Kendall Jenner. Watching him work was like being in the presence of a master painter, soft strokes and light layers, gradually building up the work of art. An absolute perfectionist. Something worth noting, Ariel swore on not using any primer! Another point he emphasised, was not to worry about mistakes, as they were easy fixes, it was make up after all.

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

During the application, Ariel took questions from the eager students, here we discovered his humbleness and warm, fun personality. We were also treated to tidbits and makeup tips relating to some of his most famous clients, including Shay Mitchell.

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

Right before our eyes we witnessed Lana’s face transform. The highlight was definitely the look on her face when she finally saw herself in the mirror, exquisite!

After the class, Ariel held a meet & greet photo op with his students. The media wall was lit by our Gold Luxe Pro V2 3 Point LED kit. The selfies were on tap, lighting is everything after all.

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

What a day we had, learning so many tips and tricks, watching how our lights illuminated the transformation before our eyes, it was magical. At just 22 years old, Ariel showed talent beyond his years through his effortless style and impressive portfolio. A pure talent”. 

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

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