Best Ring Light for Hair Salons and Other Lighting Options

If you are a hair stylist or have worked at a hair salon or barbershop, then you have definitely experienced moments when you were proud of your work and you wanted to take a picture of your client’s haircut for your portfolio.



Unfortunately, you realised that the whole process will take a little bit longer than you expected and as a result, you were forced to just take a quick few shots from your camera and thus, were unsatisfied with the outcome of the photos.

The truth is that it can be quite difficult to take quality photos of your customer’s haircut when you are short on time and your next client is waiting on the sideline. Luckily, there are a variety of things that you can do to significantly improve the quality of the photos that you take for your salon in this type of scenario.


spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney


A Good Lense for your Camera or Portrait Mode for iPhones

If you're fortunate enough to have an iPhone 7 Plus, an iPhone 8 Plus, or an iPhone X, then you have probably played around with Portrait Mode, and if you have an iPhone X, then may have tested the portrait selfies and Portrait Lighting. Portrait Mode allows a standard photo of someone into an almost DSLR-quality photo.

Contrary to the belief of others, it is more suitable to invest in good lenses rather than purchasing an expensive camera body. Using fast plain lens will create a nice background blur on your photos and will make the subject of your photos stand out better.

spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney


Use Appropriate Settings for Cameras
Making sure your camera is set to aperture priority mode will enable you to better control the focus of your frame, which allows you to scan through the background of your subject out-of-focus by using a wider aperture.

spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney

Utilise Suitable Items as Your Background
Alternatively, if you don’t want to blur your background out with a wider aperture listing and you just want a solid background for your photos then you can use suitable items in your salon, such as the portable hair salon banner that is used for advertising to serve as the background for your photos.


spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney

Make Sure You Have Proper Lighting Available
Lighting is important when taking photos and while we always prefer to use natural lighting, it just isn’t always possible in every scenario. Having the  Spectrum Aurora ring lights available in your salon will definitely provide you with the perfect light that you need to take your beautiful photos.

To give you more ideas on how to use lighting properly, here are some guidelines that you can follow when using a Spectrum Aurora ring light.

  • Position your subject away from the wall or your background to avoid shadows and to provide more details for the shoot.
  • Bring the subject ears forward into the light to produce a slimming effect on the subject’s face and neck
  • Pose the subject’s hair by smoothening flyaway, spacing it evenly, and filling in thin spots
  • Before taking the shot, remember to keep still and give the camera time to focus before shooting
  • Use a ring light diffuser to soften and evenly distribute the light on the subject
  • Always take multiple shots so that you can capture the highlights of the subject’s best features

spectrum aurora led ring light australia hair salons stylist dresser sydney

In addition to the guidelines mentioned above, here are other tips that you can follow when taking photos in your hair salon.
  • Keep your light focused on the subject
  • It is advisable to shoot wide and just crop the photo later so that you won’t miss any good details
  • Focus your shot on the nearest eye and not on the hair for a more sharper and professional look on your photos.

By following these simple steps and guidelines when taking photos for your hair salon, you can rest assured that you can dramatically improve the photos that you take and therefore increase your hair salon sales from these enticing photos that you can add to your portfolio.

What is a Ring Light - Spectrum Aurora

Have you ever wondered how most of the beauty photographs and videos that you have seen lately are well lit and of high quality? Well, if you thought that the reason behind this is because they are using a very expensive type of camera then you are definitely wrong. Most of these photographers and video creators are able to produce these high-quality videos and photographs simply because they utilised a piece of unique lighting equipment called the ring light.


Typically, a ring light is an easy-to-use multipurpose lighting tool that enables users to obtain a source of uniform light that comes directly from the point of view of their cameras. This lighting device is usually made from a single circular fluorescent bulb or several connected small LED lights that form the shape of a circle.

The Spectrum Aurora ring light is perfect for emphasising details, photography, filming, make up application, macro photography or generating colour effects.



Ring lights were originally developed for medical and dental purposes. However, due to its wide potential capabilities, the ring light was adapted for various commercial usages that include the following:

1. For Emphasising Details

Due to its design and structure, ring lights are perfect for emphasising details on photographs and videos. The ring light's circular design allows users to use their cameras in between the hole of the ring light enabling them to focus on specific details of the shoot.


2. Macro Photography

Using a ring light when taking pictures produces perfectly balanced lighting that is evenly distributed on every side of the model or object that the users want to focus on.

Ring lights allow the users to create high-quality photos and videos without the burden of spending a lot of money for the shoot.

3. Generating Colour Effects

Ring lights can be easily used to generate colour effects by simply switching the regular white bulbs with different coloured lights or by applying coloured gels on various parts of the ring light.

Using ring lights to generate the colour effect technique allows the user to create colour washes that flow through various directions of the object of the shoot or video.


4. Video production

When using ring lights as the only source of lighting for a photoshoot or commercial, the ring lights produce an attractive halo shadow that brilliantly outlines the subject of the photograph or video. This provides a dramatic and professional look for filming. For a more professional-looking video, softboxes or sidelights can complement the ring lights such as the Spectrum Aurora Complete ring light kit or the Spectrum Crystal Luxe Side Fill Lights.

Since the growing audience of social media, creating video content has never been so easy with the development of high-resolution quality camera phones. Even more popular is the use of the Spectrum Aurora ring light being used for professional lighting in Youtube videos or Instagram/ Facebook stories.


5. Makeup Application

Since most ring lights can produce a daylight colour rating of 54000k, this source of light is perfect for makeup application especially on an overcast day or when natural light is not available. 

ring light with a 54,000-kelvin rating offers a colour temperature close to daylight and therefore it is perfect for makeup application when natural light is not available. Featuring the Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe ring light. 



If you are planning to purchase a ring light for your personal or business needs then you might have a little difficulty in choosing which type of ring light to buy. 


1. Using a camera? Tablet? Smartphone?

To be able to properly choose the perfect ring light for your needs, you must take into consideration how you are going to use it. If you need a ring light to use for taking selfies on your DSLR camera or iPad then it is advisable that you purchase a ring light that is big enough to fit inside it such as the Spectrum Aurora 19" Diamond Luxe II ring light or the Spectrum Aurora 19" Gold Luxe II ring light


Need to do a selfie video or photo? No worries, the Spectrum Aurora ring light allows for filming and photography with your DSLR camera, smart phone or iPad.

2. DIY ring lights. Worth it?

You will find that there is a lot of "Do It Yourself" ring lights on Youtube videos that can be made on a budget however you will find it will be a tricky task to shop the right materials and put it together. Also you will need to make sure it is safe to use and that the lighting is consistent and can be use for long periods of time.

3. Power and Ring Light Size

The other thing to consider when shopping for a ring light is the size and power of the ring light. The higher the lumens (lm) and colour rending index (CRI) the better the lighting output and colour representation of the object being lit.  This makes a big difference especially those depending on colour accuracy such as: makeup artists, tattoo artists or hair colourists. It is ideal to find a ring light that offers a dimmer knob to control the brightness. This will make your life easier as you find yourself moving the light stand to adjust the brightness. 

The 'gooseneck' allows you to control the direction of the ring light perfect for flay lay photography, tattoo artists, brow or lash specialists and many more. Featuring the Mini pearl ring light. 

4. Warranty

Double-check warranties offered as they vary from retailer to retailer. As a rule of thumb, you would need at least 10 months for a purchase warranty. 


5. Need the ring light to cast towards the floor? 

This is especially important for anyone needing to do flat lay photography, filming artwork or crafts on a table, brow or lash specialists or tattoo artists. For this to function properly the ring light needs a part called a "gooseneck" to allow the ring light to flex as much as you need. Take note of the safety precautions in the video here.

Filming your work at your office table or desk has never been so easy with your phone. Simply use the phone mount provided and film your project and post it on social media. 

6. Colour Temperature of the Ring Light

A warm colour temperature is typically used during photography or filming when a warm and healthy glow is required on the subject. Most ring lights have the option of changing the colour with snap-on orange filters however a more convenient option is a dimmer for colour temperature which is available in the Spectrum Aurora 19" Gold Luxe ring light

7. Included Accessories

Does it come with a carry bag? A mirror? A goose neck? A stand? Phone bracket? Camera bracket? AC Power adaptor compatible with your country to plug? These are the standard accessories that a ring light should come with.

The Spectrum Aurora ring light provides the most comprehensive accessories included for every ring light model. This includes the ring light, phone mount, camera mount, gooseneck, stand, mirror, AC adapter and carry bag.

8. Fluorescent Bulbs Vs LED Ring Lights

Fluorescent ring lights are considered old technology and do not have a long life span as LED ring lights. The cons with a fluorescent ring lights are that they become hot when used for long periods of time, it may produce a humming sound or flicker over time, when the bulb is broken you will need to purchase a new bulb to replace it whereas  LED ring lights don't have this issue and emits heat which maybe uncomfortable for make up application. 



If you have an online presence whether it's through social media or a website and you're building a brand - then a ring light will assist in providing perfect lighting for professional-looking photos or videos. You can find every type of ring lights and accessories that can accommodate your various needs and requirement in our Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights page. The Spectrum Aurora ring lights have a CRI of 95+, 12 months warranty, bi-coloured lighting, comes in different sizes (13", 19", 20"), includes all the standard accessories and has an approximate life span of 80,000 hours. With Spectrum Aurora brand you get the best quality ring lights and accessories at the most affordable prices. Here is a comparison video below of the Spectrum ring lights to help you decide which is best for your situation:



The Spectrum Aurora ring light complete video kit with side fill lights is perfect for video production. A professional lighting setup that fits in your bedroom. Now you can create endless content for Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram stories and Facebook Live videos. 

Lana Tarek: Sydney's Leading Feather Stroke Eyebrow Specialist

When we dream of having beautiful and gorgeous eyebrows, one person always comes to mind, the lovely and talented Lana Tarek.




Lana Tarek is one of Australia’s most renowned eyebrow specialists. Her BROWCADEMY has become the top choice for people who want to learn and build their careers in the eyebrow and microblading field. 




We at Spectrum are proud to say that she is one of the first Spectrum Artists and the best in her field, we eagerly decided to visit her BROWCADEMY to interview Lana Tarek and find out what makes her Microblading academy a success.




Realisation of Lana Tarek’s Dream

During our interview with Lana Tarek, she said that it has always been her dream to become an eyebrow specialist. When Lana was young she revealed that she always had a flair for beauty, makeup, and brow shaping. However, it wasn’t until she dropped out from her university where she was studying Law for three years had she realised what she really wanted to do with her life. This incident paved the way for her to enter the beauty industry, which led her to fulfil her dreams of becoming Australia’s leading eyebrow specialist.   




The Secret of Lana Tarek’s Success

When we asked Lana Tarek about how her business and career as an eyebrow specialist became so successful, she said that it was because she always focused on the basic foundation of her business, which is to make sure that they always meet the needs of their customers.




Lana shared that it is important for her and her staff to have the proper skill set needed to produce the most realistic, fluffy-looking feathered brows that every customer demanded and that is why she took the time and effort to learn everything that she needed to know from different academies and workshops in order to develop her own unique technique and style that she can pass on in her BROWCADEMY workshops.




Furthermore, Lana said that social media played a big part in her successful career. She said that a lot of her clients became the source of new customers for her business because as soon as customers are finished with their eyebrow service, they usually take a selfie with her and then tag their friends in social media bringing in new customers and advertising her business to a wide range of people. 




Lana Tarek and Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights

When we asked Lana Tarek about Spectrum Aurora ring lights, she said that she had experimented with a lot of different types of lighting in the past, from natural lights to the light that you get from the flash of your phone. But only when she used the Spectrum Aurora ring lights did she get the great and consistent lighting that she and her students needs for her workshops.




At the end of the interview, Lana Tarek said that they are proud to be the very first microblading academy to use the Spectrum Aurora ring light and added that it has been an honour for them to have their workshops lit up by Spectrum Aurora.


Makeup by Ariel Sydney Masterclass at The Concourse

Spectrum had the privilege of providing the official lighting for the talented and highly acclaimed makeup artist Ariel Tejada during his exclusive and very first Sydney masterclass held at the The Concourse in Chatswood.

make up by ariel masterclass

We sent in two of our lighting experts to make sure everything was perfect for Ariel on his big day.  Here’s their account of the whirlwind:

“The train ride into the venue was crazy, nothing new for the Sydney peak run – this was just a little taste of what were in for. Singing in backstage, we could feel the excitement building, we were about to attend a masterclass from the one and only Ariel Tejada, makeup artist to the stars, but not just any stars – The Kardashians! In saying that, with Ariel being the official makeup artist for Kylie Jenner, we knew we were in for a very special treat. We were about to be in the presence of a makeup titan.

 Make up by ariel tejada kardashian masterclass sydney

Walking on stage to setup our lights, the first thing we noticed was the luxurious setup, Zena Bechara and George Khouzame Group really delivered the goods. Stunning gift bags boasting products from cosmetic powerhouses Giorgio Armani, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Bobbi Brown and Benefit to name a few. Gorgeous flowers sprawling the stage, a gifting suite and VIP section backstage to die for, as cliché as it sounds, no detail was too small, everything was beautiful.

Make up by ariel tejada kardashian masterclass sydney flower cake

Setting up our LED panels was a breeze, we were briefed as to what Ariel wanted, a nice clean lightings setup– he wanted to make sure you could see every detail, so important for his work and his students, after all, it was all about bringing across the accurate colours, making everything pop. 

Make up by ariel tejada kardashians sydney masterclass 

As Ariel was busy backstage preparing himself for the masterclass, immediately you could pick up his attention to detail, everything was to be perfect. Just like his art.

The masterclass kicked off with a surprise, Ariel was gifted a stunning makeup brush with more than 50 carats of Diamonds, handmade from white gold from the talented designers at Nader Jewellers. The look on Ariel’s face was priceless, a “small” gift to mark the occasion. Amazing!

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

We were then introduced to the model for the day, who was none other than the one and only Lana Tarek from Lana Tarek brows. A familiar face! (the team at Spectrum have collaborated with her before, such a kind soul, her work and talent speaks for itself).

Ariel’s masterclass focused on his signature striking red carpet look, popular with Kylie & Kendall Jenner. Watching him work was like being in the presence of a master painter, soft strokes and light layers, gradually building up the work of art. An absolute perfectionist. Something worth noting, Ariel swore on not using any primer! Another point he emphasised, was not to worry about mistakes, as they were easy fixes, it was make up after all.

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

During the application, Ariel took questions from the eager students, here we discovered his humbleness and warm, fun personality. We were also treated to tidbits and makeup tips relating to some of his most famous clients, including Shay Mitchell.

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

Right before our eyes we witnessed Lana’s face transform. The highlight was definitely the look on her face when she finally saw herself in the mirror, exquisite!

After the class, Ariel held a meet & greet photo op with his students. The media wall was lit by our Gold Luxe Pro V2 3 Point LED kit. The selfies were on tap, lighting is everything after all.

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

What a day we had, learning so many tips and tricks, watching how our lights illuminated the transformation before our eyes, it was magical. At just 22 years old, Ariel showed talent beyond his years through his effortless style and impressive portfolio. A pure talent”. 

make up by ariel sydney masterclass tejada kardashians

Colour of Lighting and Make Up - The Facts

Have you ever checked the car mirror and realised your make up is just not right? It's most likely the lighting colour in the bathroom could be too yellow or red. Creating the right lighting environment is achievable and you don’t need to be an expert in lighting or makeup. If you're a beauty blogger/vlogger, a make up artist or a photographer it is a good idea to understand the scientific aspects of lighting to achieve the result you need from film or photography. 

A hue that is too warm or cool will result in applying the wrong shades of colour.
  1. Yellow Light: will make you look tired causing to over apply concealer
  2. Red Light: will cause a pseudo healthy glow and therefore you could be under applying concealer
  3. Fluorescent lighting: It will cause your skin tone to look washed out and over application of bronzers or blush will result


    The left image is lit under 6500K (Kelvin) which is a whitish/blueish light whereas the right image is lit under 4200K which is a more yellow light. The higher the Kelvin the whiter the light is and therefore the better the conditions for make up application. 



    Kelvin is a unit of measurement to describe the hue/colour of a light source. This cannot be confused with temperature measurement . The higher the Kelvin value the whiter the light source is i.e sun light. For makeup application, 4800K-5000K is recommended as it is not too warm or too cool.


    Kelvin (K) is a unit to describe the colour temperature of the light. 2700-3000K is a soft warm light and suitable if you would like a healthy glow for photography and not make up application. 3500K-4100K is a neutral white light and its good for photography. 4800K-5000K is recommended for make up application and photography as it is not too warm or too cool. 


    1. Less than 2000K: dim glow similar to a candle light
    2. 2000K - 3000K: soft white glow, suitable for living rooms and outdoor
    3. 3100K - 4500K: a bright white light; suitable for kitchen, bathroom or work places
    4. 4600K - 6500K: a bright blue-white light, similar to daylight; suitable for working conditions such as doing brows or lashes
    5. 6500K and up: a bright white hue of light, suitable for museums, retail spaces



    Lumens is the total output of light in other words the brightness output of the light.  The more lumens, the brighter the light and the lower the lumens the dimmer the light. Lumens are to light as:

    1. Kilograms is to apples
    2. Litres is to water


    So what are the best lighting sources if natural light is not available. Below listed is 3 lighting products best for make up application and photography. 


    1. Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Ring Light

    spectrum aurora make up ring light

    The Spectrum Aurora ring light has an adjustable colour temperature of 3000k to 5500K, you can choose if you want a warmer light or to mimic daylight. It features 240 individual LED light bulbs. The ring light emits 3850 lumens per metre and CRI (colour rendering index) of 95+. If you would like to learn more about Colour Rendering Index visit this link)

    2. Glamcor Light


    The Glamcor light is HD Adjustable colour temperature from 2,700K to 5,600K. 


    3. The Make Up Light

    the make up light

    The Make Up Light has a CRI of 96+.  

    Red Dela Cruz, the UFC Octagon girl from the Philippines

    Red Dela Cruz is the gorgeous UFC octagon girl who recently celebrated Spectrum Aurora's 4th year anniversary with ring lights at the Hilton Hotel suite in Sydney, Australia. This was during the same week at the Sydney UFC Fight Night on the 19th November.



    She was in a shoot featuring the transparent large round balloons with peach coloured tassels, the Spectrum Aurora Platinum ring light,  3 tiered peach coloured cake by "Cakes by Alixe" and the new beautiful Spectrum Aurora packaging.


    Red Dela Cruz is from the Philippines in Quezon City and now spends her free time keeping her fans posted on her daily activities when of course she is not doing her duties in UFC. She hopes and aims to be among the main models in UFC.



    In a quote she said she’s been working with UFC for the last two years now and perhaps one day she is going to be one of their main models.

    The ring light featured in Red Delacruz's photo shoot is the Spectrum Aurora ring light. In this video, you can see how you can best use the light for applying makeup or taking a photo of your make up work. 


    Roxy Jacenko, The Public Relations Queen from Sydney

    On her Instagram Roxy Jacenko, the popular Australian PR agent posted a picture of herself using the Spectrum Aurora ring light to take a selfie. Most of her followers thought that this product, manufactured and retailed by Spectrum was an amazing invention that is a must have for the modern girl.



    The Spectrum Aurora ring light having received such positive public interest may very soon see a boost in sales. It is already being used by renowned beauty and make-up artists. We all know Roxy is a fan of quality stuff and this ring light seems to have caught her attention.



    On her Instagram page, some of her fans claimed to have used the Spectrum Aurora ring light. Others were quick to state how they should get one. One of the drawbacks however, was that you couldn’t carry it with you in your purse. But who needs to carry a ring light? It is a great product for girls with a taste for makeup art, good looks and style. Considering it costs from $328 AUD, the Spectrum Aurora ring light is well within the grasp of most people.  


    Yesterday Roxy was celebrating with Paris Hilton at Birkenhead Point to launch her new fragrance.   

    The Spectrum Aurora ring light provides a 'wrap around effect' light resulting in a shadow free illumination. It is perfect for facial film and photography. 


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